Binion’s Nails It With New Whiskey Licker Up

It’s been a busy few months at Binion’s Gambling Hall.

In July 2019, the downtown casino opened (technically re-opened) the historic Hotel Apache, with a modest 81 old-timey rooms. The original Hotel Apache opened in 1932.

Now, Binion’s has opened a new restaurant, bar and nightlife venue, Whiskey Licker Up. And, no, we honestly never thought we’d use the words “Binion’s” and “nightlife” in the same sentence.

Whiskey Licker Up

Yes, it’s open during the day, too, but “nightlife” just sounds sexier.

Whiskey Licker Up officially opened on Sep. 30, 2019, with some perfunctory hoopla, which is the best kind of hoopla in our humble opinion.

Where to begin? With the bar, naturally! Do you know this blog at all?

The centerpiece of Whiskey Licker Up is a sweet revolving bar. It was inspired by Carousel Bar, a hot spot in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

You’re familiar with New Orleans. It’s like Las Vegas, but stickier.

Whiskey Licker Up

Our newest happy place.

The revolving bar has variable speeds and rotates counter-clockwise. We talked to an engineer who said bars that rotate clockwise can cause people to feel woozy. We honestly have no idea what difference that would make, but we are a blog, not an engineer.

Here’s a look at the revolving bar during construction.

Whiskey Licker Up Binion's

Heavy drinking precludes us from sharing any fun facts about the revolving bar, sorry.

The bar takes 15 minutes for a complete revolution.

Here’s a badass time lapse video of the revolving bar at Whiskey Licker Up.

It’s downtown, so the venue has a back-up bar, of course. This one doesn’t rotate, but the long pours are still in effect.

Whiskey Licker Up

Proof a person can have more than one happy place.

Video poker players will note that Whiskey Licker Up has none. Video poker, that is. You’ll survive. We were surprised about that, too, but the bars were built so they can accommodate video poker machines should they be installed in the future.

For now, it’s just food, hooch and a section of the restaurant that can be used as a dance floor.

Whiskey Licker Up Binion's

Everyone asks where one can go to dance downtown. This will apparently be that.

The food we’ve tried has been delicious, including the wings, beef sliders and meatballs. The pork sliders were a disappointment, but the chicken tenders more than made up for them as they are some of the best we’ve had in Vegas.

Here’s a look at the meatballs.

Whiskey Licker Up Binion's

These meatballs are far better than they have to be.

The fact Binion’s gets meat right shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve have the hamburger in the Binion’s Cafe. It’s also one of the best in Las Vegas, possibly because they use meat trimmings from their steakhouse, and that often means your burger is made from filet mignon.

Here’s a look at the Whiskey Licker Up appetizer menu. Please don’t strain your eyes, click here or possibly here for a larger image of the full food menu.

Whiskey Licker Up Binion's

Please don’t call them “tapas.” Downtown hates that pretentious crap.

The liquor is ample at Whiskey Licker Up, which probably wasn’t difficult to predict given “whiskey” is right in the name of the place.

The signature cocktails are $12 ($18 for a double), and there’s an extensive beer selection. Again, click here (for the cocktail and wine menu) and definitely here (for the beer menu).

Yes, they have Captain Morgan from the bottle. Don’t you ever think about anything else?

The original plan for Whiskey Licker Up was to have a mechanical bull, but apparently it was nixed. Instead, the venue features one of those new-fangled virtual reality machines. Isn’t it funny you never hear about things being old-fangled?

The VR machine is a four-seater. Here’s a look.

Whiskey Licker Up

If you start to freak out, just close your eyes. This isn’t rocket science.

The VR machine, the X World 360, has the option of 89 different rides. We, naturally, chose a mellow one. It was awesome, and we are not even a ride person, virtual or otherwise. Here’s more about the X World 360 if you’re into that kind of thing.

Rides are $15 a pop. The mellow rides last 7-9 minutes, the more intense ones last 3-4 minutes.

On the service front, Binion’s has wisely hired a bevy of model servers. They’re like your typical servers, but are younger, more attractive and less roboty.

The theme of Whiskey Licker Up is a little bit country, but without the bull, they have the flexibility to feature a variety of music styles. We suspect, though, country will be prominent when the rodeo is in town. There’s even a rodeo gate (slash advertisement) for photo ops.

Whiskey Licker Up

It’s hard to beat this bucking chute. Which sounds far more inappropriate than it really is.

Whiskey Licker Up is bigger than you’d think, and there’s tons of seating at tables, at the bars, on the outdoor balcony (enclosed by windows that can be rolled open) and in VIP booths.

Again, never expected to say “VIP booths” in a story about Binion’s, but we’re always open to surprises.

Whiskey Licker Up Binion's

No paper straws for the win.

One of the absolutely best things about Whiskey Licker Up, of course, is it’s at Binion’s, and Binion’s is an iconic part of Vegas history.

Part of that history has been exposed at the street entrance to Whiskey Licker Up. Guests go up a flight of stairs, and can see a wall of petrified wood that dates back to the Mint. It’s downright old-fangled.

The Mint was absorbed into Binion’s in 1988.

Vegas fanatics will enjoy the fact a portion of the Mint’s famous facade has been left exposed. Prepare yourself for engorgement, if you get our drift.

Whiskey Licker Up Mint

Swoon fodder. Which, come to think of it, wouldn’t be a bad band name.

Preliminary hours are 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., except for Friday and Saturday, when the place will stay open until 4:00 a.m.

It’s gratifying to see Binion’s doing this new venue right. We’d love to see some video poker, but the prices are reasonable and the service is perky, so we expect to be back soon and often.

Full disclosure: We work in digital marketing at Fremont Street Experience and Binion’s is one of its member casinos. Opinions are our own.

Of course, we’ve got more photos of Whiskey Licker Up, so mosey on through them or whatever the kids are doing.

Whiskey Licker Up

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27 thoughts on “Binion’s Nails It With New Whiskey Licker Up

  1. Ann Moody

    Looks like outstanding refangled use of the old place. Beautiful, nicely updated with the keeping of the vintage wall. Downtown looks to be the best part of Vegas these days, also gratifying after the arrogant strutting of the Strip all these years, apparently heading in the direction to be a victim of its own hubris.

    1. George

      “the arrogant strutting of the strip” — lol how odd to be so geographically biased to this extent / it’s all just Vegas-baby

      1. LOL

        What you call “geographically biased” others would call “factually correct.”

        Why the aversion to a distinction between the strip and downtown. Such an aversion is truly worthy of a LOL.

  2. Ade

    I’m very impressed with how this has turned out, it looks great and it’s much bigger than I thought it would be. I’m also glad that they decided not to install the mechanical bull.

  3. George

    looks like a fun place to check out – will make a point of it

    I really wish they’d create a link to Fremont Street from the strip (monorail?) to make it much quicker and easier to jump back and forth

    I love it – but usually stay strip center and it eats up a lot of time trying to go over and back so I leave it out of my plans too often

    Linking the two with some fast and cheap would really strengthen the whole Vegas experience IMO

    1. Tim D.

      Why would you make a point to go downtown when you’re already on the strip, which is full of bars, restaurants and attractions, not to mention slot machines. It’s all Vegas. Makes no sense to go out of your way to go downtown for more of the same that’s already at your disposal there at center strip.

      1. George

        well I guess I’m just a dummy then – speak easy, cool bars, container park, neon museum, music, retro casinos – I’m nuts.

        1. Gary

          The SDX (express bus) can get you downtown in about 20-25 minutes. A 3 day bus pass is only $20. I always stay downtown because the gambling is cheaper, the people are friendlier and it offers a lot of food and drink options. I will use the bus to get the strip.

          1. George

            Man what a friendly bunch! -just so you know everyone I associate with (which is a very large group) stay on the strip because of better accommodations/spas/restaurants and then travel to Freemont for a change of pace once in a while… it offers a different vibe. The fact that it costs $50 bucks in tips and car share and takes forever limits these side trips…

            That’s all I’m saying. I’ve made trips there for a couple hours and then spend a long time in traffic one or both ways…

            It limits this dynamic – and there are a ton of us who will never sleep in Old Vegas or just hang out there the whole trip. I realize others feel differently and am respectful of that

          2. Jon

            Tim D. You need to learn something about gambling rules and odds if you think center strip is the same as downtown!

          3. Tim D.

            Tim isn’t the one who thinks the gambling is the same downtown and on the strip. George is the one who likes to minimize the differences between downtown and the strip by saying “it’s all just Vegas.

            Try reading more than one post, Jon. I know it’s hard, but try.

      2. George

        Tim D > you miss the point. It’s “all Vegas” but I don’t hate half of it and love the other. I love the differences. Not that complicated. Vs. the prior post “the arrogant strutting of the strip” which is exactly the opposite. Please don’t draw false-equivalencies. Thanks.

        1. Tim D.

          So you don’t like the characterization of the strip.

          You seem like a guy who should be able see the arrogance in the way the strip does business. But what, you would rather turn a blind eye? Or you just don’t like the truth?

          It doesn’t matter which it is. But please, tap dance again, if you so desire. I’ve seen enough of your dog and pony show.

    1. Boulder Steven

      There has been little for Binions to boast about the last several years, to be sure. I’m not sure this is a place I want to make a habit of hanging out at, but it’s nice to see some investment in the property. I’ll probably visit some afternoon, before the rowdy cowboys take over.

  4. Gary

    I’m glad to see that they finally finished this. Can’t wait to check it out. Now if they could just do something with the old lobby area.

    1. Tim D.

      You don’t find the charm in a lobby being used to sell cheap, discounted, manufacturer overrun sports apparel? Open your eyes Gary!

  5. Funkhouser

    The view from the inside looks great as well as the appearance inside. The exterior of Whiskey Licker looks like a turd hanging on the side of a toilet bowl. No effort was made to blend it with the existing architecture of downtown. Why not just remove all the neon from the outside of Binions and paint it las vegas strip beige or brown.

    These “enhancements” are destroying the appearance of Las Vegas with ugly design.


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