Binion’s Announces Whiskey Licker Up Venue and Boutique Hotel Apache

Binion’s Gambling Hall has announced two expansion projects: Whiskey Licker Up and Hotel Apache.

Whiskey Licker Up will be a full-service saloon with a rotating bar as its centerpiece.

The new bar and restaurant will be 6,500-square-feet and will be located on the southwest corner of Binion’s, just above the existing Whiskey Licker Bar.

The new venue will feature drinks, food, dancing, live entertainment and a mechanical bull.

Binion's Whiskey Licker Up Bar

A new place to get bucked in Las Vegas.

While the venue will play up the casino’s western theme, a variety of music will be available, based upon feedback from guests.

There’s already evidence of work being done for Whiskey Licker Up.

Binion's facade

Be gentle with that gorgeous neon, please.

The second floor of Binion’s, formerly The Mint, has been gutted to make way for the new venue.

Binion's Whiskey Licker Up

That entire back wall is going away so guests get a bird’s eye view of the circus that is Fremont Street.

Here’s another shot of the space, just because nobody else has them and that makes us look cool.


A number of the venue’s design elements are built around structural features of the original casino. Yeah, we should’ve taken notes.

And speaking of The Mint, easily one of the best features of Whiskey Licker Up will be the integration of an original wall from The Mint, complete with petrified wood.

Binion's Mint

These stairs will give guests easy access to the venue via a new entrance off Fremont.

Here’s a look at the location of what will be the entrance to the upstairs bar and restaurant and mechanical bullery.


A new entrance will help guests avoid having to navigate their way to Whiskey Licker Up via the casino.

Whiskey Licker Up will overlook Fremont Street Experience’s 1st Street stage.

Here’s the view from the balcony, likely to become a go-to spot for people-watching. This will all be seating, with arena-style levels so everyone can enjoy the views.

Binion's new bar

See more photos from behind the facade in our photo gallery thingy.

In anticipation of your question, yes, the new venue will mean a loss of some drop-dead gorgeous neon, but there’s a matching facade on the east side of Binion’s, so don’t have a freak-out.

Binion's facade

No pain, no gain. You’ll survive.

Construction of Whiskey Licker Up will be completed by the summer 2019.

The second expansion project is the opening of a boutique hotel, Hotel Apache.

The concept was inspired by the colorful history of the casino. The original Hotel Apache opened on the site in 1932.

Benny Binion purchased the Apache Hotel (and Eldorado Club) in 1951, and re-opened them as Binion’s Horseshoe. The rest is history. History we don’t have time to research because we are busy playing Wheel of Fortune, so cut us a break.

During our eight seconds of research, we did determine the hotel at Binion’s closed in 2009. You’re welcome.

Hotel Apache will have a modest 81 rooms, decked out with old-timey decor.

Hotel Apache Binion's

Hotel Apache, where every day is Throwback Thursday.

A unique element of the Hotel Apache project is it will play up rumors of the hotel tower being haunted. Ghost hunters and true believers will have the opportunity to explore a hotel owners claim has a “long history of eerie occurrences.”

Trust us, there are a lot of people who are really, really into this.

As with the new saloon, it’s expected Hotel Apache will be open this summer.

We know how you are: No word yet about whether Hotel Apache will have a resort fee, but its sister hotel, Four Queens, doesn’t have them, so fingers crossed.

The new offerings at Binion’s follow on the heels of a number of projects slated for downtown, including the new Circa Las Vegas resort (on the site of the former Las Vegas Club), as well as new hotel towers at Fremont casino and Downtown Grand.

Binion’s has always been one of our favorite Las Vegas casinos, with some of the best dining (try the BBQ) and drinking (generous pours) values in town, and we can’t wait to check out the new saloon and hotel.

But especially the saloon. Do you know this blog at all?

Whiskey Licker Up Vegas

This rendering is a lot like the other one, but we will never let a rendering fail to fulfill its destiny of being on this blog.

Begrudging props to for ferreting out some of the Binion’s news prior to the official announcement.

Full disclosure: Binion’s is a partner casino of Fremont Street Experience for whom we do digital marketing. Our opinions are our own.

If you’re into historic Vegas architecture, check out the Nevada Preservation Foundation. They have an event coming up that includes a “backstage tour” of Binion’s, The Mint and Hotel Apache.

Whiskey Licker Up and Hotel Apache at Binion's

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25 thoughts on “Binion’s Announces Whiskey Licker Up Venue and Boutique Hotel Apache

  1. Jeff in OKC

    Love visiting Binion’s. Always a good hang, IMO. We have had good luck buying Binion’s logo shirts at the tiny gift shop on the east side of the property near the north end. Found a nice, blue shirt for $30 last week.

    Take a few minutes and walk all the first and second floors that are available to the public and be reminded just how big the property really is. I bet the place was really humming when it netted $18 million in 1984.

    I think owner Terry Caudill is a very good operator, having spent over 30 years building his group of bars, pubs, and clubs that go along with 4 Queens and Binion’s.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      No, I just hate having a story but being scooped. It’s friendly competition with sites with Vegas news. I appreciate when sites take the time to sniff around and dig things up, rather than just giving a recap of what others are doing. All due respect to those folks, of course. “)

  2. Charles Auer

    Guessing because Scott knew a long time ago, but had to wait for an official announcement due to his day job.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Six months ago. I have to balance breaking the story and getting inside access. Sometimes I opt for the former, but in this case, it’s about months of exclusives, so a good trade, I think.

  3. Adam

    I love all of this. I’ve been telling the wife for years they should reopen Hotel Apache as a boutique hotel. I won’t take credit for it, of course. But I know I drunkenly told this to Terry a few years ago at the BBQ joint. But again, not about credit, but rather just thrilled to have more options downtown.

    Honestly, I love staying all over the place. The Golden Gate, Fremont and now Hotel Apache will be another option. Oh wait, I also like the Downtown Grand as well. This is great for everyone downtown. Derek has really made everyone step their game up and the crowds are starting to swell. I can’t wait to get back there.

    1. William Wingo

      And surprise parking charges on departure after spending the whole afternoon there, because the validated parking voucher was only good for 2 hours. Yes, this was years ago; and yes, I might be accused of harping on it–but it pretty much defined the downtown experience for me, and I haven’t been back.

  4. Bill

    I’ve always had good luck with Blackjack at Binion’s. Glad they are making improvements. I like the idea of a bar overlooking Freemont Street.

  5. Adepizza

    Whilst I love Binions I’m not convinced that a western themed venture is a good way to bring them back into the game. And as for a mechanical bull, really?!

    1. William Wingo

      I haven’t been inside Binion’s in some time–as explained in other posts here and elsewhere–but I remember that the original check-in desk for (I think) the original Apache Hotel was on the East side, between the parking deck elevator and the original Binion’s casino, just past the newsstand. A little further along the same wall was the original WSOP hall of fame photo gallery. This was six or seven years ago.
      If the new boutique hotel is in the old Apache building, and from the pictures it certainly doesn’t look like the former Mint tower, that would make sense.
      Good luck and good counting to all.

  6. Tom

    A vintage and historic piece of Vegas reduced to an eyesore, (sigh). Yet another reason to give up on all that was once beautiful Las Vegas.

  7. Whiskey Kitten

    This will be the first stop on our August trip (whether it’s open or not!) to see how wonderful the place is. Broke my heart when they moved WSOP, broke even more when they relocated the poker tables. I do hope they up their whiskey game! Would love to enjoy some cask strength & more difficult to find options!

  8. paul albino

    In the 80s, The ‘shoe was the greatest casino in the world, possibly EVER. Now it is just an Air-Conditioned cut-thru from the Freakmont St. Exp. to the Cal.

    Fantastic BJ tables? Gone.
    *REAL* Million Dollar display? Sold by the ‘ruiner.’
    Quality Video Poker paytables? LONG GONE.
    Free Parking? Not here.
    Benny’s Coffee Shop with awesome food? Ha HA!
    Best Craps Odds? Ummmm No.
    Highest Limits? Not hardly.
    WSOP? Lost it.

    That Casino Manager is doing a Fi-i-i-i-n-e Job. Just walk thru the North End near the old reg. desk…….a storeroom of machines right out in the open? Derek is using their ‘showroom’ for construction workers. Yes, ‘owner Terry Caudill is a very good operator’ (from above comment) he is doing STUNNING work.

    Benny is turning in his grave.

    Binion’s is less than 10 years away from the same fate as the LVC. It is actually already dead and just doesn’t know it yet.

    And their solution is…….another overpriced bar, outdoor seating and a mechanized farm animal? Why not add a vomitorium?

    Please give ME a job in casino marketing. I’ll have gamblers beating down the doors to get in and play
    great VP with cheap drinks, Fast Quality food, and a casino that doesn’t look like it is on the morphine drip.


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