Bigger, Better Kiss Mini Golf Opens at Rio Las Vegas

Kiss Mini Golf has successfully relocated from its previous off-Strip location to
Rio Las Vegas resort.

The attraction has taken up residence in the space formerly occupied by the hotel’s
Village Seafood Buffet. The seafood buffet has been integrated into Rio’s Carnival
World Buffet.

Kiss Mini Golf Rio Las Vegas

Historically, being located in this part of the Rio is the Kiss of death. Let’s hope Kiss Mini Golf can defy the odds.

The new Kiss Mini Golf, technically “Monster Mini Golf Presents Kiss” (Monster Mini
Golf is a chain, and this is the chain’s first and only Kiss-themed outpost), is a
whopping 13,000-square-feet.

Fans of the previous location will see many of the trademark interior design
elements, including glow-in-the-dark guitars and artwork.

Kiss Mini Golf

At one time, Gene Simmons’ tongue was insured for $1 million.

Fans of the Rio’s seafood will recognize some elements of the former restaurant,
too. For example, the restaurant’s revolving gelato machine (see below) has cleverly been
turned into a display case.

Kiss Mini Golf Las Vegas

From gelato to guitar picks. Anything can happen in Vegas.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Kiss music plays throughout the menu non-stop.

Kiss Mini Golf also features numerous video displays (playing Kiss videos, of
course) hundreds of pieces of Kiss memorabilia and a sprawling gift shop.

Kiss Mini Golf Rio Las Vegas

What happens on the tour bus stays on the tour bus.

There’s also a “Love It Loud” wedding chapel and a DJ booth.

It’s a lively environment, and the venue adds a much-needed energy to a relative dead zone in the casino at Rio Las Vegas. (To drive home the point, Kiss Mini Golf isn’t too far from a large section of the Rio’s casino devoted to timeshare sales.)

Rio Las Vegas casino

We love this photo so much, we predict Rio will share it without our permission or appropriate attribution at some point in the future. Just a hunch.

The family-friendly Kiss Mini Golf at Rio Las Vegas is open 10:00 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.

Gene Simmons monster boots

This boot is modeled after Gene Simmons’ signature monster boots, created in 1976 for a photo shoot to promote the band’s album, “Destroyer.”

There’s no fee to check the place out, the cost to play 18 holes is $11.95.

Find out more at the official Kiss Mini Golf Web site. Enjoy more photos from the new Kiss Mini Golf at Rio Las Vegas.

Kiss Mini Golf at Rio Las Vegas

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5 thoughts on “Bigger, Better Kiss Mini Golf Opens at Rio Las Vegas

  1. Todd Sterling

    $11.95 ouch! That place must be in Vegas or something like that. I guess if that is your thing then $11.95 doesn’t sound bad but how many people play miniature golf by themselves. Miniature golf can get expensive quick

  2. Jefe

    Let’s hope they have better popcorn at this location. The popcorn at the old place tasted like packing peanuts. No good I tell you.

  3. Troy Swezey

    $11.95 for 18 holes? Awesome. Not to mention there are deals out there to be found making the price even better. Looking forward to playing some rounds here! Never played at the other location though did go in a couple times for other events.

  4. Alex

    Considering the licensing fees related to the theme, I expected the price to be much higher. It’s actually cheaper than Disney World ($14) or Universal ($14.99) in Orlando.


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