Bigass Excavator Bites Into Las Vegas Club Casino Towers

The demolition of downtown’s Las Vegas Club casino continues, and we’ve got exclusive photos and video to keep you in the loop on all the glorious carnage.

Las Vegas Club demolition

The housekeeping staff is really falling behind at Las Vegas Club.

North American Dismantling Corp.’s high reach excavator, nicknamed Bronto, has been working is way up and down Las Vegas Club’s southern hotel tower.

Las Vegas Club demolition

“Before” and “after,” all in one photo.

Here’s  the exclusive video thingy.

The best part is you can watch that video over and over again and you won’t go blind or get hair on your palms.

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of demolition photos and video, you’ll want to slide your eyeballs into our Las Vegas Club demolition archive.

While the focus of the Las Vegas Club demolition has been on the hotel towers, additional work has been going on nearby as well.

A portion of the facade has been cut away, resulting in a photo op sure to win us some sort of blogging award.

Las Vegas Club demolition

Or course we blog for awards. And groupies. But mainly awards.

The baseball player statue’s days are winding down, and it’s expected the figure will be taken down with the rest of the facade.

The demolition of the Las Vegas Club is part of a larger project taking down a number of structures at 18 Fremont to make way for a new casino resort.

Stay tuned for more updates.

9 thoughts on “Bigass Excavator Bites Into Las Vegas Club Casino Towers

  1. Annster

    Cutting holes out of facades is pretty exciting, but surely your inside track to a certain Mr. D. S. can get us a better scoop than just a pile of dusty rubble. We really would like to know what’s going in. You know what we mean.

  2. Luis the Misanthrope

    What strikes me as sad is that Vegas could’ve had a great history with baseball. We should’ve had a baseball team, a major league one, a long time ago, and this place reminds me of that future that could’ve been. Anybody know which player it is dipicted in the statue?

    1. JeffinOKC

      I’m guessing it is Mickey Mantle. I think Mel Exber was the primary owner during the expansion phase (Built the hotel towers, enlarged the casino floor, etc.). He grew up in Brooklyn before WW II, and was a huge sports fan, especially Dodgers, Yankees, and Giants. He was also an early sports book operator.
      I recall the baseball player is batting left handed, taking a power swing and wearing short sleeves. The sleeve style fits the 1950s, the swing fits the MIck, and he was a switch hitter.

  3. Scooter

    I was in Vegas this weekend and while wondering around Fremont I was able to catch a glimpse of Bronto. What a massive and impressive machine.


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