Big Props to Hard Rock for Saying What We’re All Thinking

Visiting a Las Vegas hotel isn’t a family picnic. It’s not a trip to the beach. It’s not a frat party.

Still, hotel guests insist upon lugging or rolling coolers through hotels, making it awkward (and annoying) for everyone.

Which is why it was so refreshing to see this sign at the Hard Rock Hotel recently.

Hard Rock Hotel

Oh, snap!

Hard Rock manages to get the point across without sounding like anyone’s being scolded, and does it in a way that matches the Hard Rock vibe.

Way to rock it, Hard Rock!

13 thoughts on “Big Props to Hard Rock for Saying What We’re All Thinking

  1. PrettyDark

    what’s the story on coffee makers in the rooms in LV? Are they a standard addition just not mentioned on the hotel sites, or are they really not in any rooms?

    1. Steven Brown

      In-room coffee makers in Vegas are getting as common as drink machines on every floor in a hotel. Some properties only offer it in certain upper level room types (or rooms typically reserved for upper level players club members) and other make it a pay option as they have gone with the Keurig K-Cup machines and either include a few cups a day as part of the resort fee or charge you for a pack of them (Typically a 4 pack that runs anywhere from $8-12 depending on the hotel.). I enjoyed having a machine in my room at Vdara back in May; the problem was that housekeeping didn’t always replenish the coffee supplies. The thing about hotels have K-Cup machines is that you can simply buy a 10-12 count pack of them and pack it in your bag and use it in their machine.

    2. vitalvegas

      They’re a standard amenity, so some hotels might not list them. Better to ask if you want to avoid any surprises.

  2. heISmyGspot

    If you want me to spend my money in the casino, then you’ll let me bring my cooler. OR stop screwing patrons at the bar and compete with 7/11. At least I know where I’m NOT staying on my next trip to LV…

  3. goodgamble

    compete with 711? sortve a different overhead in a casino. The dude at 711 is non union and makes 9 bucks an hour. Little different story in the casino. If you want 711 prices, feel free to gamble at 711 which is a real thing you can do in las vegas.

    1. vitalvegas

      We tend to agree. If you’re in Vegas for a vacation, act like it’s a vacation and keep it classy. Pinch pennies back home!

  4. Scott Van Wyk

    If ya dont like the prices go to ur local grocer.. News flash drinks are expensive if ya dont like it dont come.


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