Best Ice Cream Shop in Las Vegas, Lappert’s Ice Cream, Closes at The California for Renovation

Lappert’s Ice Cream at the California casino is our favorite ice cream shop in Las Vegas, and it recently closed for an overhaul.

Lappert's Ice Cream renovation

Just when you thought it was curtains for Lappert’s, it’s only temporary.

Lappert’s closed at the Cal on Feb. 7, 2017, and will open again at the end of March 2017.

Naturally, we stopped by for a security breach of this beloved enabler of our ever-expanding waistline.

Lappert's Ice Cream renovation

This is what it takes to make us stop eating Lappert’s ice cream for a minute.

Lappert’s is a hidden gem downtown. In addition to its stand-out ice cream, the shop also makes the best shaved ice in Las Vegas. Sometimes, the shaved ice is piled so high, it gives the Stratosphere an inferiority complex.

While the specifics of the Lappert’s upgrade haven’t been announced, we have our fingers crossed the renovation will include the return of our favorite flavor, chocolate chip.

If chocolate chip isn’t added back to the list of flavors, we’ll be forced to reduce our visits to a mere five times a week. No pressure, Lappert’s.

Lappert's Ice Cream California

If you ever want to make us weep openly, show us this photo.

The renovation of Lappert’s is the latest in a series of upgrades at the California hotel-casino. The entire casino has been renovated over the past year, as has the Cal’s┬áregistration area, Redwood Steakhouse and Aloha Specialties restaurant, just across from Lappert’s on the hotel’s second floor.

The Cal recently opened two new bars, the Holo Holo Bar and Cal Sports Lounge.

It’s rumored the California has invested more than $40 million in its renovations and new venues, which, coincidentally, is about what we personally spent on ice cream at Lappert’s during 2016.

When Lappert’s Ice Cream re-opens at the Cal, you can rest assured we’ll bring you (wait for it) the scoop.

10 thoughts on “Best Ice Cream Shop in Las Vegas, Lappert’s Ice Cream, Closes at The California for Renovation

  1. RustyHammer

    I’ve heard plenty of people rave about the place, and I’ve walked by it 1,000 times. I have never tried any of their frozen products. Perhaps I’ll put that on the list for my next trip, along with playing Top Dollar and watching that precious light show on Fremont Street.

  2. Gaz

    Darn it. It will be closed when I’m in LV 2 weeks from now. I love their ice cream. What’s a good backup while they’re closed?

  3. Mike L

    Chocolate chip? Shooting for the stars there, eh Scott? Do you have any idea when the room renovations will be complete at the Cal? From what I understand, they renovated one section but there’s no way to book rooms specifically in that section.

    1. Bouldersteve

      I stayed there last week.I booked the room thru the b connected web site and your right you cannot choose a specific room location. The west tower has the renovated rooms while the older east tower does not. I requested a room in the west tower upon check in and was told that it would be a additional $12.00 plus tax per night. Not sure if or when the east tower rooms will be remodeled. This is a change from a couple of months ago when i stayed and there was no extra charge for the west tower.

  4. Sam Novak

    I have an itchy feeling that, with the renovations and decrease of loyalty benefits to tourist seniors, resort fees are right around the corner for California and its sister properties Downtown.

  5. Denson

    Thanks for the heads-up about this. Hope that their construction timetable stays on schedule, as I am going to be in Vegas during the weekend just following the end of March. As I am sure you all know, Lappert’s is a Hawai`i-origin company, so it has always been a “fit” as a part of the Cal’s prevalent “Aloha” theme, and something of a touchstone for us denizens of the islands when we are in Vegas. Besides, where else can we readily get the authentic Hawai`i-style shaved ice that you mentioned when we are in sweltering Sin City? Please do keep us updated on their progress. Thanks again.


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