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Bellagio Conservatory Kicks the Holidays Into High Gear With Lavish Winter Display

If you’re feeling holiday spirit-challenged, we recommend a visit to the free Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.

The Conservatory has unveiled its winter display for 2015, featuring enough creativity and whimsy to warm the heart of even the most die-hard devotee of humbuggery.

Bellagio Conservatory winter 2015

The Bellagio’s Christmas display nearly stunned the snark out of us. “Nearly” being the operative term.

Fans of the Bellagio Conservatory will find a number of familiar elements, but there’s always something new to see at this beloved attraction.

The centerpiece of the Bellagio’s winter display is the 42-foot white fir tree. Don’t get all bent out of shape, it’s faux fir.

Bellagio Conservatory Las Vegas

We kid. The tree is real, shipped in from Mt. Lassen, California. The tree weighs 6,800 pounds, more or Lassen.

The gargantuan tree, easily the most stunning in Las Vegas, has about 2,500 ornaments and 7,000 lights.

Other tried-and-true elements of the holiday display are frolicking polar bears. We suspect the polar bears aren’t going anywhere given the sponsorship deal Bellagio has struck with Coca-Cola.

Bellagio Conservatory polar bear

See all the inappropriate jokes we’re not telling? It’s the Christmas spirit!

The Coca-Cola advertising is done with class, however, and nobody going to begrudge Bellagio for finding a partner to help offset the cost of the producing this winter wonderland in the middle of the desert.

The Coca-Cola partnership once again has a philanthropic component. When guests share a Conservatory photo using the hashtag #HollyJollyVegas, Coca-Cola will donate a buck to Toys for Tots (up to $25,000). It’s hard to hate on Capitalism too much when kids get toys during the holidays.

Bellagio Conservatory

Aren’t you feeling super guilty about global warming right about now?

Each of the polar bears is made with thousands of white carnations. The cubs use 5,000 carnations, and the mother has 12,000.

Conservatory veterans will also recognize the 14-foot toy soldiers.

Bellagio Conservatory toy soldier

Dude, lighten up, it’s not Buckingham Palace.

We also love the working toy train running in endless circles.

One of our favorite Easter eggs in the winter display is the pair video screens showing live video from a camera affixed to the toy train. The screens are located elsewhere in the exhibit, and guests are consistently delighted when they realize what the screens are showing.

Bellagio Conservatory

One of the train camera video displays. We probably should’ve said “spoiler alert.” Then again, this whole blog is sort of a spoiler. You’ll live.

A snow tunnel has made its return, perfect for a photo op. The tunnel is constructed so that “snowflakes” move within the tunnel walls.

Bellagio Conservatory Christmas 2015

Sorry, but “Die Hard 2” sort of wrecked icicles for everybody.

Also in the new winter display are a collection of crowd-pleasing penguins, several of which clearly have a better fashion sense than this Las Vegas blog. Then again, just about everyone does.

Bellagio Conservatory

We assume this, too, is faux. Don’t make us cry penguin tears, Bellagio.

Beyond the returning favorites, new surprises abound.

The house made of chocolate is out, but an animated rocking horse is in (see below).

There are also two 12-foot snow globes. Those are huge globes, even by Las Vegas exotic dancer standards. Yes, in fact, we have to ruin everything. Get used to it.

Bellagio Conservatory

National Finals Rodeo is in town, so you can bet some cowboys have been eyeballing that horse, bigtime.

Overhead bells used in previous displays have been replaced by colorful, 10-foot stockings.

There’s also a 12-foot, animated jack-in-the-box.

Bellagio Conservatory

Or, more accurately, a harlequin-in-the-box, because Las Vegas appreciates alternative lifestyles.

While many of the props used in the Bellagio Conservatory’s winter display don’t involve flowers (an intriguing departure from past displays, and one we suspect could be a cost-conserving measure, it’s a Conservatory after all), there are still a lot of flowers.

According to the Bellagio, there are 34,000 poinsettias (our favorite dog, too), azaleas (love her music), cyclamen (our favorite lady part) and Ottowa mums (who raise the most polite kids, ever).

Bellagio Conservatory Christmas 2015

Everyone’s a child again! So, yeah, sort of smelly and loud, but in a good way!

Unless we missed it, it appears the live music component of the display has been nixed this year. Again, the exhibit appears to be trimming more than just its 750 plants and shrubs.

The Bellagio’s holiday display runs through Jan. 3, 2016.

Bellagio Conservatory

Experts believe penguins survived the extinction of the dinosaurs 60 million years ago. Who’s the comic relief now, dinosaurs?

The winter display is one of five seasonal themes at Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens (here’s the official site), with the others being Chinese New Year, spring, summer and fall.

Bellagio Conservatory

On your way out, stop by the hotel lobby where there’s whimsy all year round.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens continues to be one of the great free attractions in Las Vegas, and this year’s holiday display is already drawing huge crowds.

Bellagio Conservatory Christmas

Don’t be surprised if your heart grows three sizes during your visit. It’ll be uncomfortable, but totally worth it.

Walking through the Bellagio Conservatory at this time of year is a magical experience. It’s a chance to reconnect with our childhood, to feel the anticipation of Christmas morning, to be filled once again with the wonder and spirit of the holidays.

And we’re not even going to ruin it with a stupid joke. Because we’re sure as hell not going to risk ending up on anyone’s “naughty” list this late in the game. Sorry, heck. Sure as heck.

More cheer below!

Bellagio Conservatory Christmas 2015

[img src=]94870
[img src=]72990
[img src=]65610
[img src=]61271
[img src=]57800
[img src=]55330
[img src=]52840
[img src=]50730
[img src=]48730
[img src=]46260
[img src=]44730
[img src=]42640
[img src=]41100
[img src=]39310
[img src=]38020
[img src=]36440
[img src=]35000
[img src=]33280
[img src=]32380
[img src=]31030
[img src=]29980
[img src=]28660
[img src=]28040
[img src=]26980
[img src=]26130
[img src=]25360
[img src=]24550
[img src=]23830
[img src=]23120
[img src=]22610
[img src=]21850
[img src=]21601
[img src=]20720
[img src=]20650
[img src=]19880


Bellagio Conservatory Whips Out Its Impressive Autumnal Regalia

It’s fall, and the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens are once again resplendent with all things seasonally-appropriate and whimsical, including pumpkins, mythical and woodland creatures, ample foliage and a big-ass watermill.

Bellagio Conservatory fall 2015

Before we get too far, we should say Autumnal Regalia would not be a bad band name.

The Bellagio Conservatory will sport its fall display through Nov. 27, 2015. The annual holiday display opens Dec. 3 and runs through Jan. 2, 2016.

Bellagio Conservatory fall 2015

The bridge is much like a covered bridge you’d find in Vermont, but with fewer people in Birkenstocks.

Some of the elements of this year’s fall display will be familiar to frequent visitors to the Conservatory, but it’s a must-see nonetheless. And not just because it’s free. But in case there were any question, it’s free.

Bellagio autumn 2015

It’s getting whimsical up in here.

At the center of Bellagio’s fall display is the aforementioned 33-foot-long bridge. We love aforementioning. Somebody has to do it.

Bellagio Conservatory bridge

It’s intesting to note the bridge is 33 feet long because that number is considered mystical in Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology, whatever those might actually be.

There’s also a talking tree, which is only creepy for a minute and the kids seem to love it.

Bellagio talking tree

Feeling guilty about your cutting board right about now, aren’t you?

New additions to the autumnal display are three larger-than-life dandelions. At least we think they’re new. We were fairly tanked during our last autumnal visit.

Bellagio Gardens fall 2015

The dandelions range in height between 14 and 18 feet. The scientific name for dandelions is “Taraxacum,” which sounds dirtier than it really is.

As with all the displays at the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, there’s an incredible attention to detail and an enviable amount of creativity.

There’s a wagon overflowing with pumpkins, scarecrows, bales of hay and various water features. One of the pumpkins weighs 1,000 pounds, evidence even pumpkins can’t resist a delicious Las Vegas buffet.

Bellagio Conservatory 2015

Autumn is often marked by melancholic reflection. Which confirms this blog is a band name-generating machine.

And, of course, there are lots of flowers.

Over the course of the fall exhibit, about 45,000 flowers will be used (about 7,500 a week), and let’s not forget the shrubs. The shrubs never get any of the glory, but there are 1,950 of them. Shrubs should seriously think about unionizing. As the watermill would say, “What goes around comes around.”

Bellagio Conservatory

This watermill just got aforementioned, hard.

The mythical tree creatures, called Ents, are especially indignant about the shrubs being taken for granted. You tell them, Treebeard-looking dude.

Bellagio Gardens Ent creature

Ent comes from the Anglo-Saxon word meaning “giant.” It’s annoying being forced to learn things, isn’t it?

Las Vegas visitors always look forward to seeing the latest display at the Bellagio Conservatory, and we rarely fail to miss one. While the there are signs Bellagio is starting to cut corners a bit (the polite term is “recycling”), the seasonal displays remain one of the best free things to do in Las Vegas.

Bellagio Conservatory  & Gardens

If it weren’t for the Bellagio Conservatory, residents of Las Vegas would honestly not know what season it is.

While we stopped by during the evening, it’s important to remember visits during the day and at night provide two very different experiences. So, do both. And gamble while you’re there. Autumnal regalia doesn’t come cheap, you know.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Unveils “Under the Sea” Display for Summer

Just when we feared the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens was falling into a rut, the free Las Vegas attraction has pulled out all the stops with a new “Under the Sea”-themed summer display. Feast your eyeballs on this!

Bellagio Conservatory 2015

Las Vegas remains the world’s largest producer of awestruck in the world.

If you visit the Bellagio Conservatory on a regular basis, you start to see patterns (repetition) in the seasonal displays, so we were pleased to see an entirely new display unveiled for the summer of 2015.

The new display features a mermaid, sunken ship, a 26-foot tall coral reef, multiple water features and a variety of vividly-colored sea life, including massive jelly fish and seahorses.


The coral reef is 26 feet tall and 35 feet long. But this isn’t time for measuring things, it’s a time for being agog.

This is the first time the Bellagio’s Conservatory has plumbed the depths of the ocean for inspiration.

Our first visit to the new summer display was during the day, and while impressive, the true magic of this new motif happens at night. We recommend making two visits. During the day, you can get a good look at the attention to detail. During the evening, your inner child will take over and you’ll be transported into the undersea world populated by Nemo and Ariel and Bambi, had Bambi ever shown the ambition to be scuba certified.

Among the highlights of the display is a sea turtle fashioned from red carnations and yellow Fuji mums.

Bellagio summer 2015

We like turtles.

A fishermans’ wharf plays host to live music. Performances happen daily 4:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Bellagio summer 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, Carlos Sandtana.

In keeping with a recent trend to include more marketing aspects in the Conservatory’s displays, there’s also a sandcastle replica of Bellagio.

Bellagio Conservatory summer

Hey, somebody has to pay for all this whimsy.

Another stand-out aspect of the summer display is a mermaid with 1,500 fresh-cut flowers in her tail. Yes, we counted.

Bellagio Conservatory summer

Insert your favorite “getting tail in Las Vegas” joke here.

The artist who fashioned the mermaid’s face is named Ruel G. James, and he used a Las Vegas model for inspiration, a friend of ours, Tarra Scarff Proctor. Tarra would hate it if we included a photo of her here. So, we’re definitely doing it.


If Tarra looks familiar, you may have bumped to her at Flamingo Las Vegas where she promoted shows to work her way through nursing school. Exclusive!

The mermaid has some impressive touches, like her hair, made from hundreds of seashells.

Bellagio Conservatory mermaid

No clams or scollops were harmed during the making of the mermaid’s hair.

Bellagio’s summer display also has a 35-foot-long sunken fishing boat made of teak, mahogany and cedar wood. It’s difficult to see the whole boat from ground level, so we fired up our drone.


Actually, we put our camera on a monopod, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as “we fired up our drone.”

There’s also a larger-than-life treasure chest that would make the “The Goonies” proud. Related: How the hell is that movie 30 years old?

Bellagio Conservatory treasure chest

While a popular myth, only one pirate is known to have actually buried treasure, William Kidd.

As with all displays at Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, flowers play a big part in the overall wow factor.

The summer display will feature 6,000 flowers per week, or 80,000 for the duration of the exhibit.

Bellagio Conservatory

Botanical experts are available in the Conservatory each morning, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to answer questions from guests. Yes, even the annoying ones.

In addition to the flowers, the attraction also boasts 600 shrubs. That’s a lot of shrubs. Sadly, shrubs don’t get nearly the attention or glory the flowers do. Shrubs are like the Jan Brady of the Bellagio Conservatory. “Fuji mums, Fuji mums, Fuji mums,” the shrubs exclaim.

Bellagio Conservatory

You’re definitely not looking at the shrubs. This animated clam is five feet tall and six feet long and opens up every seven minutes. Note: The Animated Clams would make a great band name.

This latest Bellagio Conservatory installment is a captivating reminder of just how lavish, creative and ingenious these exhibits can be.

Bellagio Conservatory

The hanging jellyfish are 20 feet in diameter. Definitely a nighttime thing.

Thankfully, the Bellagio understands there’s a benefit to providing unforgettable, free things to do on The Strip. Given ongoing belt-tightening at Las Vegas casinos, we’ve worried the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens would be sent to Davy Jones’ Locker. Hang in there Bellagio!

So, catch this new Bellagio Conservatory display while you can!

And don’t miss the animated fishies.

The family-friendly “Under the Sea” display at the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is free, open to the public and runs through Sep. 12, 2015.

Enjoy a virtual tsunami of photos, several of which are even in focus, in our exclusive photo gallery.

Bellagio Conservatory Summer 2015

[img src=]76240
[img src=]57731
[img src=]52780
[img src=]49670
[img src=]47230
[img src=]45070
[img src=]43200
[img src=]41240
[img src=]39500
[img src=]37800
[img src=]36040
[img src=]34740
[img src=]33410
[img src=]32270
[img src=]31110
[img src=]29830
[img src=]28840
[img src=]27910
[img src=]27130
[img src=]25960
[img src=]25200
[img src=]24620
[img src=]23740
[img src=]22790
[img src=]22330
[img src=]21450
[img src=]20950
[img src=]20350
[img src=]19840
[img src=]19320
[img src=]18970
[img src=]18280
[img src=]17800
[img src=]17460
[img src=]17100
[img src=]16741
[img src=]16370
[img src=]16020
[img src=]15750
[img src=]15520


Bellagio Conservatory Fall Display Is Both Impressive and Taken for Granted by All of Us

The Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens are so dependably impressive, it’s easy to take for granted both the freeness and the wonder of it all. And did we mention it’s still free?

Bellagio Conservatory fall

Fall is here, along with these two, who could clearly benefit from moisturizer.

The Bellagio Conservatory changes seasonally, and its “Fall Harvest Show” runs through Nov. 30, 2014.

Once again, the Bellagio’s 140 horticulturalists have created one “How’d they do that?” moment after another. It’s easy to forget most of the overs-sized objects in the Conservatory are fashioned from plants and flowers. For example, the apples below are each made from more than 1,200 red carnations.

Ballagio Conservatory

These are Rome apples. We say this with confidence mainly because nobody from Bellagio will ever read this blog post, so it’s not like they’re going to correct us or anything.

The Bellagio Conservatory’s fall display has a 40-foot tall watermill, complete with water flowing into a pond below.

Bellagio Conservatory 2104

Swimming is encouraged! Mainly because we are blog and take little to no responsibility for anything we say.

Also on display are two bears (one 10 feet tall, the other six feet tall), their fur fashioned from reindeer moss.

Bellagio Conservatory Gardens bears

Reindeer Moss would not make a terrible band name.

A popular photo op is a path beneath two pergolas. If you don’t know what a pergola is, you clearly aren’t as intelligent or sophisticated as this blog, nor do you have access to look up what a pergola is, which we definitely didn’t do just now. A pergola is an archway in a garden or park with a framework covered with plants.

Bellagio Gardens pergolas

Trust Las Vegas to deliver an amazing set of pergolas.

There’s also a 28-foot-tall talking tree, which is only a little creepy as its eyes follow you and seem to pierce your very soul.

Ballagio Conservatory

Please stop that. We’re easily spooked.

Nearby is a horse made from floral hydrangeas, yarrow and dune grass, whatever those might actually be.

Bellagio Conservatory

Our enthusiasm for the Bellagio Conservatory is unbridled.

Bellagio’s Conservatory has surprises around every turn, with pumpkins weighing as much as 1,200 pounds, a variety of woodland creatures and massive glass leaves (example below).

Bellagio Conservatory leaves

The glass leaves are hand-shaped, range from three to 10 feet in length, and are based upon the leaves of oak, birch, maple and chestnut trees. Yes, we took notes, for once.

Oh, and the fall display boasts 850 shrubs. Shrubs never get the credit they so richly deserve and are consistently underrated. In that sense, shrubs are the “Waterworld” of plants.

There’s also a floral version of Georgia O’Keeffe’s acclaimed painting we’ve never heard of, “Red Tree, Yellow Sky.”

Bellagio gardens las vegas

O’Keeffe’s breathtaking painting was done in 1952, and is considered one of her finest labia-free works.

Guests of the fall display can enjoy live music each day from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Conservatory experts (called Mr. and Mrs. Green Thumb) are available from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to answer questions about the gardens.

If you can’t make it to the Bellagio, check out their sweet Web cam.

Next up at Bellagio is the display for the holidays, one of our favorites of all the Conservatory’s offerings. The holiday display debuts Dec. 6, and runs through Jan. 4, 2015.

Do yourself a favor and stop by the Bellagio, and take time to just take it all in. Get up close and examine the amazing attention to detail, and notice the sheer numbers of flowers used in each seasonal display. The fall display features more than 51,000 seasonal flowers. Yes, we counted.

This charming tree troll was created by sculptor Kim Beaton.

Our favorite part of the fall exhibit is this charming tree troll created by sculptor Kim Beaton.

The Bellagio Conservatory is one of the wonders of Las Vegas, and one of the few free things to do that continues to wows visitors from around the world. Oh, and us. Then again, we’re big into shrubs.

Bellagio Conservatory Fall 2014

[img src=]78080
[img src=]21830
[img src=]20100
[img src=]18990
[img src=]17930
[img src=]17030
[img src=]16150
[img src=]15440
[img src=]14660
[img src=]13940
[img src=]13290
[img src=]12920
[img src=]12280
[img src=]11930
[img src=]11260
[img src=]11120
[img src=]10730
[img src=]10350
[img src=]10190
[img src=]9730
[img src=]9500
[img src=]9140
[img src=]8960
[img src=]8710
[img src=]8590


The 10 Best Free Things to Do in Las Vegas If You Have a Short Attention Span

When you hit Vegas, it’s important to make the most of your time. Life moves fast, and it moves even faster in Las Vegas. Who has the time, or attention, to spend even a full hour on a Las Vegas attraction? Boring!

Let’s keep things moving with our list of free things to do in Las Vegas if you have a short attention span. All these items can be experienced in five minutes or less. No, sex with this blog is not on the list, and your insolence is duly noted.

1. Chocolate Fountains at Bellagio

Find the world’s largest chocolate fountains can be found at Jean Philippe Chocolates and Pastries at Bellagio, near the hotel’s famed Conservatory and Gardens. Total time required: Three minutes.

Bellagio chocolate fountains

The 27-foot-tall chocolate fountain display has 2,100 pounds, features 500 feet of piping and took two years to design.

2. Berlin Wall at Main Street

At Main Street Station, also downtown, there’s a giant slab of the Berlin Wall behind the urinals in the men’s restroom. Total time required, including hand washing: Two minutes.

Berlin Wall

Ladies, just ask security if you’d like to be escorted in.

3. Spiral Escalators at The Forum Shops

Spiral escalators are a true rarity, and the ones at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace are a wonder to behold. Each spiral staircase weighs 36 tons, but due to some innovative engineering, they appear to float in mid-air. Ride just once, or ride all day. Total time required for a ride: One minute per level.

Forum Shops escalators

The spiral staircases at The Forum Shops were unveiled in October 2004.

4. French Lessons at Paris Las Vegas

Speaking of restrooms, it’s not every day you get entertainment in a Las Vegas hotel bathroom, but that’s exactly what you’ll get at Paris Las Vegas. No annoying music played over the sound system here, just a French lesson, with useful phrases like “How do I get this glitter off my clothes?” and “I shaved my legs for this?” translated. Total time required: Three minutes, although it plays in a loop, so enjoy.

Paris Las Vegas

The Paris cost $760 million to build, opened Sep. 1, 1999, and is always happy to see you.

5. Whirlpools at Crystals

The groovy, tornado-shaped, water vortex whirlpools at Crystals mall at CityCenter are a quick, whimsical way to kill a few minutes during your Las Vegas shopping spree.

Crystals art installation

This art installation probably has a name. Good luck with that.

Total time required: Four minutes. Here’s a little sample.

6. Gold Nugget at Golden Nugget

The Hand of Faith gold nugget, at 61 pounds, is said to be the biggest in existence, and it’s available for viewing at downtown’s Golden Nugget. Total time required: One minute. Unless you read the placard, then make it two minutes. If you have another minute to spare, check out the ATM that dispenses gold bars a few feet away.

Gold nugget

The nugget was unearthed in Australia, in 1980, by a really lucky dude named Kevin Hillier.

Update: The Hand of Faith is currently on loan to Golden Nugget Biloxi, but it’ll be back.

7. Blue Man Group Parade

Update: Blue Man Group no longer offers the parade. We’re leaving it on our list until we think of something better.

Blue Man Group puts on a free parade through the casino floor at Monte Carlo each evening at 6:15 p.m. There’s music and lights and all things blue. The show starts in the hotel’s lobby, winds its way through the casino, and ends in front of the Blue Man Group theater. Total time required: Five minutes.

Blue Man Group

When members of Blue Man Group give autographs, they do so with a blue smudge of paint.

Oh, yes, there will be percussioning. Total time required: Five minutes.

8. Glass Elevator at Rio Las Vegas

The glass elevators at Rio Las Vegas zip riders up to VooDoo Steak and VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub, but nobody says you have to eat or dance. The view alone is worth the trip. Total time required: One minute each way.

9. Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

“Habitat” might be a bit of an overstatement, but the small collection of flamingos, rescued pelicans and other fowl and fish at Flamingo is a pleasant departure from the casino. Total time required: Five minutes.


Flamingos are monogamous and lay one egg a year.

10. Blarney Stone at The D

On the second level of The D, downtown, you can get up close and personal with a hunk of the actual Blarney Stone. Yes, the one in Cork, Ireland. The stone is a remnant of The D’s former incarnation, the Irish-themed Fitzgerald’s. Total time required for a good luck kiss: 10 seconds, unless you really get into it.

Blarney Stone

Kissing the Blarney Stone is said to endow the kisser with the gift of the gab. Although, at The D, the same can be said for the rum.

There’s a lot to see and do in Las Vegas, so plan your time wisely, and take advantage of a few of these free Sin City quickies. So to speak.

While we’re on the subject, check out more must-do things in Las Vegas.

Bellagio Chinese New Year 2014 Display Gets Its Bloom On

The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens has unveiled its annual Chinese New Year display, featuring iconic Chinese symbols of luck and prosperity.

One of the first things you see when you enter the Conservatory is a giant money tree bearing lucky Chinese coins. There are 384 coins. Yes, we counted.

Bellagio Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese people must have huge coin purses.

According to the Chinese zodiac, it’s the Year of the Horse, and in Las Vegas, it’s really, really important you articulate that when you say things like, “Know what I like best about Las Vegas at this time of year? The horse.” We’re just saying.

Bellagio Las Vegas

The horses are the Conservatory’s mane attraction. We’ll be here all week!

The Year of the Horse begins Jan. 31, 2014. The Conservatory has eight horses, doubling up on the good mojo, because eight is a very lucky number for the Chinese. And having lots of Chinese gamblers in town is very lucky for Las Vegas casinos.

Bellagio Chinese New Year

No wagering on these, thanks.

Each of the eight horses represents an element in nature: Sky, fire, thunder, wind, Sneezy, Dopey and Doc. A joke which, we’re thinking, is likely to give us bad luck for at least a dozen more seasonal Conservatory displays.

Chinese New Year Las Vegas

The Chinese New Year display has 140,000 flowers, mainly because on the Internet, if you make things up, there’s no real accountability.

The Bellagio has put together a reliably impressive display, although it seems somehow less enthusiastic than other seasonal efforts. Still, there’s a lot to see, especially if you take the time to get close up to the various decorative touches.

For example, the six Chinese children figures have clothing made up of carnations and chrysanthemums, as well as other flowers we can’t spell without the assistance of Google. Each child’s costume is made up of 1,800 flowers.

Bellagio Chinese New Year display

Somebody at Bellagio has way too much free time.

The Chinese New Year display has a slew of Chinese lanterns, commonly used in Chinese celebrations and festivals, and we didn’t just read that off of a placard at the Conservatory. Probably.

Chinese lanterns

There are five types of Chinese lanterns: The Baby’s Bottom, the Rolling Paper, the Tomato Light, the Crystal Magic and Buddha’s Gastronomy. We’re not kidding this time.

There’s a “Zigzag Bridge.” It has something to do with evil spirits not being able to turn corners. Hey, it makes about as much sense as the lucky coin thing, so just go with it.

Zigzag bridge

Spirits can’t turn corners? What are they, alligators?

There is also a pedestal lantern, called “Tachi-gata.” It is carved out of heavy granite. Which we’re pretty sure isn’t a flower, but we’re going to give the Bellagio a pass this time. The exhibit is free, after all.

Pedestal lantern

Fortune cookie say: If you’ve read this far, you’re spending too much time on the Internet.

For those with anthophilia (a love of flowers), there’s a lot to take in at the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. That’s sort of its thing.

Bellagio flower

Sproing! (Sorry, we ran out of photo captions.)

Everywhere you turn, there’s another color or shape. Please don’t eat the plants, though. You might cause an international incident.

Bellagio Conservatory

“Stamen” is one of those words that sounds dirty, but isn’t.

Another decorative touch is the Ding pot. Ding pots are often made of bronze and used in Chinese temples. Dings are, apparently, a thing.

Chinese Ding pot

In ancient China, feudal lords were judged by the size of their Ding. Again, not making this up.

The Bellagio Chinese New Year 2014 display will be available for viewing until March 1, and remains one of the best free things to do in Las Vegas.

Enjoy far more Chinese New Year photos than anyone could ever possibly need in our exclusive gallery.

Bellagio Conservatory Chinese New Year 2014

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