Bellagio Conservatory Reduces Number of Displays in 2020

In what appears to be a cost-saving measure, the Bellagio Conservatory is reducing its number of seasonal displays in 2020. By one.

This year, rather than five seasonal displays, the Conservatory will have four.

Bellagio Conservatory

It’s just one fewer displays. Please remain clam.

Instead of its traditional Spring and Summer displays, there will be a consolidated one: “Japan Journey: Magical Kansai.” This display will span two seasons, spring and summer.

We are not a math person, but the move should shave 20% off the Conservatory’s annual budget.

In the past, the Bellagio Conservatory had five seasonal displays: Chinese New Year (Jan. to March), Spring (March to May), Summer (June to Sep.), Autumn (Sep. to Nov.) and Winter (Dec. to Jan.).

In 2020, there will be four displays:
googie Chinese New Year (Jan. 11 to March 14)
googie Japan Journey: Magical Kansai (Mar. 21 to Sep. 12)
googie Autumn (Sep. 19 to Nov. 28)
googie Holiday (Dec. 5 to Jan. 4, 2021)

Bellagio Conservatory winter 2015

Christmas isn’t going anywhere.

Recently, there’s been a growing Japanese presence in some seasonal displays because of the efforts of MGM Resorts, operator of Bellagio (the resort was recently sold to Blackstone Group in a lease-back deal), to land a potentially lucrative casino in Japan.

Las Vegas observers have long wondered how long Bellagio would be able sustain this free attraction. While such attractions draw crowds, it’s questionable whether such crowds translate into customers.

Other free attractions, such as “Sirens of TI” at Treasure Island and “Parade in the Sky” at Rio have been nixed to cut costs.

For the moment, Bellagio should get some cost savings without visitors noticing one fewer seasonal displays.

Bellagio Conservatory

Bellagio continues to be a major supplier of whimsy.

It’s unknown if the reduction in seasonal displays is related to the change of ownership of Bellagio, but time will tell if reductions continue or if Bellagio could (gasp) begin charging for the attraction to reduce costs further.

Here’s the official Bellagio Conservatory Web site, and thanks to eagle-eyed Ryan L. on Twitter for sending the tip on this story our way.


21 thoughts on “Bellagio Conservatory Reduces Number of Displays in 2020

  1. Linda

    So most of the year will be devoted to Asian displays. Well I guess that speaks to the customer base they’re after.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Asia is driving the revenues of several casino companies based in Las Vegas: Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts.

  2. Ed

    I hope the displays will be around for a long time to come, but I am afraid it won’t.
    Las Vegas is getting less interesting for tourists all the time.
    As a yearly visitor from abroad in the 90s-00s I stopped adding Vegas my yearly trips in 2015. Hotel prices were always half of other tourist places but skyrocketed the last few years.

    I now add a random gambling resort in California to my trips which have better deals on gambling and sleeping!

          1. alex

            Actually, I would hope that Bellagio management considers the fountains to be revenue producers. Rooms with a guaranteed view of the fountains are $55/night more than their standard rooms. I’d guess that about 30% of the main tower rooms would be classified as fountain view rooms. That’s 900 rooms.

            Let’s say that half of those rooms are booked by people paying for the fountain view. That’s $24,750 in extra revenue per day, which is $9 million per year.

            Plus, I’m certain they charge the restaurants extra due to the view of the lake.

            No one is paying extra to see the Conservatory, but they are for the fountains.

  3. Hank Miller

    Two Asian Exhibits in a row! Well I agree that we are not being sought at all. Very disappoining. I always enjoyed Chinese new year and thought it was great or the time of year, but the year of the rat display looks lousy! While I understand the cut back I am disappointed in the two Asian display themes in a row. Las Vegas has lost a lot of its appeal and the cost is crazy. I used to visit twice a year and now I have not been for 5 years but will visit in 2020 but may never return based on this visit.

  4. Colin

    I am still waiting for a display to match my heritage; Irish, Scottish, Ukranian, Polish, Czech, French, Italian and according to, 1% Ashkenazi Jew – It would be oh so colourful!

      1. Jon Ballew

        How best to represent such a mixed heritage? I’m imagining a large Heinz 57 bottle covered in seeds and flowers.

    1. VegasJMC

      Me, I’d be equally satisfied and surprised to see even ONE display per year giving a momentary nod to the country this hotel, city and state is located in. Some little niche holiday perhaps, like 4th of July or Presidents Day.


    We saw the Christmas exhibit there, years ago when parking was free. Also had two Bloody Marys for about $17 plus tip. Very nice, but I wouldn’t go back under the present circumstances.

  6. Jeremy

    It’s a shame the direction Vegas is going. I have gone every year, sometimes 2 to 3 times, for the last 10-12 years. Each time I go it seems like the city loses a little more of what makes it a wonderful vacation spot. Corporate greed is driving this city into the dirt and it isn’t like we don’t as consumers have options now. With most states allowing casinos and moving towards legalized sports betting, Vegas has very little to distinguish itself. With plane prices double what I used to be able to book them it is far more difficult to swallow the fraudulent fees they charge like resort fees and CNF fees. When they in the future decide to get rid of all the “free” displays to add another 20 cents to the dividends of their rich investors then it is time to stop going entirely. At a certain point nickels and dimes add up and it makes more sense to take your business elsewhere.

  7. MrSnarkyPants

    I go see the Conservatory every time I come to Vegas, but this isn’t really going to impact my travel since I only come once or twice a year.

    On the scale of things to complain about, this is pretty minor.


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