Bellagio Conservatory Embraces Italian Roots With First-Time Capri-Inspired Display

Bellagio, the Las Vegas resort inspired by a town in Italy, has tapped into its Italian roots again with a new Conservatory & Botanical Gardens display transporting guests to the island of Capri.

Bellagio Conservatory Italy

The new Italian display at Bellagio Conservatory is like a vacation from your vacation.

Bellagio’s Conservatory rarely disappoints, but it’s great to see an all-new display.

As always, Bellagio’s Conservatory is a free attraction and remains one of the best free things to do in all of Las Vegas.

Bellagio Conservatory 2017

Bellagio’s horticulture teams has pulled out all the stops for this first-time display. Bellissima, as the kids say.

Bellagio’s new Italian display, which runs through Sep. 9, 2017, covers a lot of ground, with water features, colorful villas and a metric ass-ton of flowers, of course.

Guests enter the vibrant new exhibit through a 26-foot archway. Inside, there’s an eight-foot fountain.

Bellagio Conservatory Italian display

This is a wonderful place to freshen up, as well as to meet some helpful Bellagio security guards.

Nearby is a 22-foot moss-covered fountain that pays tribute to the Fontana dell’Ovato located in Villa d’Este, a 16th century residence in Tivoli.

In case there was any doubt, we knew all that off the top of our head and definitely did not copy and paste it from a news release.

Bellagio Conservatory

Villa d’Este is a 16th-century villa near Rome and Fontana dell’Ovato means “oval fountains.” Look at you, inadvertently learning things from a Las Vegas blog.

The eight-foot plate, showing an Italian village, is made of lentils, something we never would have known was a thing except for our enduring love of a 1980’s British sitcom, “The Young Ones.” You bet it’s random.

Bellagio Capri display

In Greece or Turkey, this would be broken by now.

In the north section of the Conservatory, there’s water streaming from lion and monkey sculptures, as well as four lemon topiaries, whatever those might be.

Bellagio Capri display

Bellagio’s horticulture department employs nearly 160 people, all of them with a greener thumb than we’ll ever have.

The lemon topiaries are made of about 1,400 flowers.

Bellagio topiary

“Topiary” comes from the Latin word for an ornamental landscape gardener, “topiarius,” a creator of topia. No, really.

The centerpiece of this seasonal display is a miniature village with 50 villas, each with a terrace.

Bellagio Capri display

You can’t spell “Bellagio” without “bella.”

There’s a bell tower, unbrellas, boats and other flourishes like a 50-foot lemon tree and “Lover’s Rock.”

Bellagio umbrellas

Umbrellas were once called “bumbershoots.” Yeah, we’re spending way too much time on Wikipedia.

Overhead, there’s a sun and moon, each 16 feet tall.

Bellagio Italian sun moon

Every guy in every bar in Las Vegas with sports on. Dude, priorities.

The entire Italian display uses an incredible 57,000 flowers and 560 shrubs. Shrubs never get any of the glory at Bellagio’s Conservatory. While they play a supporting role, without shrubs, the Conservatory would be like “Goodfellas” without Joe Pesci or “Jaws” with Robert Shaw.

Shrubs should really look into getting a better P.R. agency.

Bellagio boxing gloves

You can find this piece in the back of the Conservatory. We’d say this was a clever promotion for the Mayweather-McGregor fight, but it was in the works long before the fight was announced.

Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens are a must-do in Las Vegas, and the first-time Italian display makes it a must-do all over again.

Bellagio Conservatory Taste of Italy 2017

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29 thoughts on “Bellagio Conservatory Embraces Italian Roots With First-Time Capri-Inspired Display

  1. RustyHammer

    Must see? Not sure about that. But it’s always worth seeing, and your pictures do a nice job of capturing the latest display, one I won’t be seeing, because it’s too much work to get in and out of the place when you don’t stay on the strip. Free parking to see this? Perhaps I’ll visit.

    1. George Dixon

      oh free parking to see the free display that costs tens of thousands. That’s a money making proposition lol

      1. Fenix Alexander

        Yeah, don’t you dare suggest a way for them to do it, either. Your IQ will be questioned simply for trying to help. SMH …

        1. RustyHammer

          Smart responses, and a lack of assumptions, on your part and mine, would have gone a long way. But shake that head if it makes you feel better.

  2. Photoncounter

    No interest in paying the MGM crooks to park to see this. Always enjoyed the Conservatory but will never set foot on any property requiring me to pay for parking, screw them!

    Thanks for the nice photos!

      1. Photoncounter

        All Caesar’s properties charge for parking now too. So doesn’t Cosmopolitan. MGM continues to lead the economic assault on our visitors and local residents.

          1. Photoncounter

            Good for you. I’m eligible too. You think that’s going to last? The casinos win Billion$ and you’re part of the flock of sheep that keep them scheming. They have taken every perk away from the player and are actively looking figuring out what other fees they can impose on everyone. Your free parking will be gone by the end of the year.

            I’m done with the a$$holes running the casinos on the strip. Not one more cent from me to them. Good luck to you.

          2. Fenix Alexander

            I was honestly just trying to help the person get some cool photos and a free date night.What a welcoming group everyone is here — was it because I didn’t mention casserole?

            Thanks for the relief, George. LOL.

          3. RustyHammer


            By the way, don’t assume this blog is read primarily by locals. I, conversely, shouldn’t assume everyone is a Vegas tourist, like me.

          4. George Dixon

            they are BUSINESSES – not social welfare organizations. What part of charging for things do you not understand? Free parking made sense with Vegas was about penny slots. Now it is as much (more?) about dining, drinks, shows etc. When I go into DC for dinner and a show the parking isn’t FREE. That’s how the world works.

          5. Photoncounter

            With a Ph.D. In Applied Mathematics and a CEO I think I understand the economic system fairly well. MGM didn’t want to raise room rates so they created the resort fee, others followed. That wasn’t enough so they tightened the slots. Then introduced 6:5 blackjack. Then reduced the liquor pours and make players dump hundreds in just for a free beer. Parking fees was a natural. Next up is the ante just to bet (coming soon to a casino near you! Some Indian casinos already have it). Sooner or later they will bleed the players so dry they won’t show up. Smart casino operators are noticing this by the way (Palace Station going a bit upscale). Eventually the strip casinos will have to survive mainly on conventioneers. Business decisions have consequences.

            We all are responsible for our own decisions. Best regards to you.

          6. Photoncounter

            Try running a company and making payroll every two weeks. Many families depend on the CEO having the knack to make a profit so everyone gets paid. Gives you a different perspective on unnecessary expenses.

          7. RustyHammer

            Worrying? Don’t flatter yourself, George. You obviously don’t understand smart business people.

        1. Fenix Alexander

          I get 24 hours of parking free at both places with a local ID. What research am I missing? Or have I been getting one over on these properties every weekend?

  3. Bouldersteve

    I will be there next week to take my own photos but your photos but I am sure your photos will be better. I will park at the Rio or Gold Coast so it really will be free.

  4. Jonesy55

    Geez. Lighten up people. I come from Canada 3-4 times a year which means your dollar costs me 40% more before I even board the plane.
    Vegas is about having fun. If you’re willing to pay, go for it. If not, move on.

  5. Manybar Goatfish

    I would have guessed right at 160 people in Bellagio’s horticulture department. Truthfully, I would’ve guessed 22. I hate math. I hate driving, and I hate parking even more. I cannot wait until federal law prohibits human drivers. That will mean no more owning cars, no more DUI’s, no more road rage, no more parking lots, no more parking fees. All we’ll need is love and horticulturists.


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