Behold the Most Annoying Spot in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a magical place, filled with wonders beyond imagination.

It is also home to a place so annoying, it pretty much dares people to not fly into a rage when they encounter it.

The most annoying spot in Las Vegas, and possibly the world, is at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Here is that spot.

If you know, you know.

It looks innocuous enough, but if you’ve spent the day schlepping around town, get ready for an additional schlep, because Forum Shops has created an infuriating barrier that forces guests to walk around the obstruction for absolutely no reason. At least no good reason.

Here’s what’s up.

On the Casino Level of the Forum Shops, guests turn a corner and can see the mall’s famous spiral staircases. Glorious, and a must-try photo op.

The problem is you can’t get there from here.

That’s because Forum Shops and its tenants don’t want you to walk 10 feet to your destination.

They force you to go the long way. Hundreds of additional feet. Cue the completely justified profanities, especially when you’re hangry.

Grating gating.

The reason for this inconvenience to guests is self-serving and, in the parlance of usability and design, utter boneheadery.

See, if guests were “allowed” to go where they want to go, they’d bypass a dozen stores.

Those tenants are paying a metric ass-ton in rent, so have clearly communicated to their landlord, Simon Property Group, the desire to not let customers exert free will because it means those customers might not see their incredible offerings.

All signs point to stupidity.

It’s unclear if tenants realize customers, irked at being treated like children (or worse, cattle), are much less likely to patronize their stores because of this short-sighted manipulation.

In fact, we’re personally less inclined to visit the Forum Shops at all because of this nonsense.

This decision by Forum Shops and Simon is so deeply stupid and offensive, we’re having trouble thinking of anything in Las Vegas more baffling and vexatious, and that includes bars that insist upon using paper straws.

Trust us, those turtles are more upset about this detour than plastic straws.

When we posted about this enfuriating WTF on Twitter, many people chimed in to say they’ve encountered it and agree. This has been a source of consternation for so many Las Vegas visitors, it’s time to end this appalling practice.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Don’t you have anything better to do?” or “What’s the big deal?” Well, we have answers. 1) No. 2) Get your own blog and good luck with that.

For the smarter people who are fed up with this brazen dumbassery, here’s the contact information for Simon Properties.

Yes, we get that there are more important things going on in Las Vegas, but a lot of that stuff we can’t change. What we can do is poke fun at Forum Shops to end this madness and, in doing so, the world will be a slightly better place.

We’ll also get to Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab more quickly, so the outrage will have been totally worth it.

36 thoughts on “Behold the Most Annoying Spot in Las Vegas

    1. Mike Greenblatt

      You can take the elevator but you still have to walk around the entire circular esculator to get to the elevator. That whole area is a walking clusterblanc and guests complain when you tell them and when they have to eventually do it. I work there and deal with the complaints daily

  1. Murray Gotsdiner

    Having made over 150 trips to Vegas over the years, I have found 2 similar and even more annoying attempts to “steer traffic “. 1) instead of placing the monorail down the center of the strip, the genius casino owners put it WAY behind the front to force foot traffic thru their casinos. What could have been a useful bit of transportation has become a very expensive boondoggle since who wants to schlep all the way through the casino to get on the train. 2) same goes got the strip sidewalks. Used to enjoy a big cigar and a stroll down the strip. No more. Now , must go up and down numerous escalators and thru casino/hotel lobbies with no smoking. Last few years have avoided the strip and just remained downtown.

    1. Tourista

      A Vegas cab driver told me that it was primarily Steve Wynn that pushed for putting the monorail behind the casinos as he did not want “the subway” to sully the front of his properties. The guy also called it the ghost train.

    2. Paul

      Murray Gotsdiner– Remember the crazy run-arounds that used to be in place in the 1990’s, like the moving sidewalk IN to the Ceasar’s shops from the Strip but no walkway OUT? There were other crazy ones too. I miss the “old” Vegas, without the elevated street crossings and cattle-hearding sidewalks with rails.

    3. Jeff

      Obviously you don’t know your history of Vegas if you think the Monorail was intentionally put off the strip for that reason. But please, go ahead and keep making stuff up.

      1. Tourista

        You seem to have poor reading comprehension skills. I gave no indication that I believed it, merely that a Vegas cab driver relayed that story to me.

  2. Jason

    Life hack to bypass this issue-
    Take the escalators up to the top level, no barrier and you can immediately take the curving elevators, just have to take them both but one feeds into the other.

    1. rel

      This. If you walk in Vegas three times you figure it out. Let the tourists take the long route…that’s what they’re here for!

  3. KC Hull

    I thought the most annoying part was that time I met that beautiful young woman in a bar, we hit it off and go back to my room. I get naked and she wanted money. Cash. Hundred dollar bills yo.

  4. Ric Flair

    Sorry, no. The most annoying spot in Vegas, using the standards defined in this article, is Harrah’s Carnival Court that forces you to skip 20 feet of sidewalk to walk 500 yards through their bars, shops and other atrocities. It’s an easy walk down the strip, until you get to that. You can see the other side of the sidewalk, 20 feet away, and know that you can’t get there without detouring through endless madness.

    1. Paul

      Ric Flair, Yes, that’s a crazy one; but it seems like that obnoxious detour has been there at least 20 years or more.

  5. Ed Blitz

    It’s a royal pain. I hate going there because of that. I go to Joe’s once or twice each trip but walk right out onto the sidewalk instead of through the Forum and the shops.

  6. Michael Alexakis

    I say the hallway leaving the MGM Grand Arena is the worst, fifteen thousand people going to one hallway, and the smokers among them have not lit up for over two hours… We tried to stay late enough to avoid this, we failed…

  7. Bob

    BRAVO!!! That’s the dumbest thing l saw in the whole word, the only Mall doing that STUPIDITY!!!
    Thanks again for put that under light.

  8. Billy Batts

    OMG, your poor feet. Having to walk an extra couple of yards. Must be soooo painful to walk those extra steps. It’s been that way for a decade. The fact they keep it that was means that it’s not as big of an annoyance as you’d like to make it out to be. Don’t like it? Buy the mall and change it.

      1. Jackson

        You do realize that Billy is using the exact same rationale you provide, right?

        “2) Get your own blog and good luck with that.”

  9. Wayne MacKinnon

    Seeing something like this makes me think a phone call or alert to the fire marshall needs to be alerted. Looking at the photos you have here if there is an emergency. Lets say your having a heart attack on one side of the that blocked area. EMT are trying to carry their equipment to get to you to give you immediate life saving attention. And oh sorry we have to go around. Losing precious life saving minutes to render what could be life or death. Just say.

    1. Jackson

      You’re being silly. The EMTs would simply push the stanchion out of the way and go through the gates.

      A fire marshal has undoubtedly inspected and approved this area hundreds of times over the years.

  10. Richard Diaz

    Up til about 10 years ago I used to stay at the strip casinos several tines a year. This kind of manipulation and inconvenience (other examples access to the monorail, walk around outside of Harrahs and locating attractions far away from the entrance) by the Strip casinos caused me to switch to downtown where things are WAY more convenient. Circa is now my place of choice.

  11. Scott

    We go to Joe’s. So we take the valet outside of Joe’s and walk directly into Joe’s. If we want to bypass this stupid blockade we take the escalator to the top and then take the long escalator near Tommy Bahamas down to the mall, thus bypassing this stupidity. This review is spot on.

  12. JE

    Love the Forum shops! Have lived here 30 years and it’s classy! Comfortable shoes are definitely a must for this outing snd pretty much everywhere in Las Vegas.

  13. Alex

    Extra walk wouldn’t hurt, at least for me. But I hate hustlers trying to sell you something outside of their store, or trying to lure you for a “free” gift or service..

  14. RL

    Hit the nail on the head!!! Thank you for posting this. I’m a LV resident and have wondered for years why this annoying detour was there. Now I know! Kiss my ass Simon Properties.

  15. Ken A

    The merchants at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Simon Properties know they will get extra sales by forcing customers to take a long way out while evacuating the building to reach the fire exits.


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