Vital Vegas

BBC Cloud Lab Balloon Soars Over Las Vegas

What is said to be the “world’s largest airship,” Skyship 600, is visiting Las Vegas, all in the name of science.

Britain’s BBC (like an American TV network, but without the annoying Ab Roller commercials) has set aloft an air ship full of scientists, including an entomologist, meteorologist and professional explorer, for a special to air on BBC in 2014.

If you’re going to fly your semirigid airship somewhere, it should probably be Las Vegas, if you know what we’re saying.

The Cloud Lab balloon is flying from one American coast to another over the course of a month. The scientists aboard the balloon will perform a variety of experiments and observe weather patterns for a special called, wait for it, “Cloud Lab.”

The show will talk about hurricanes, clouds, ecosystems, rain, wind and why British people insist on inserting the letter “u” into words like “colours” and “tumours.”

Read more at the official Cloud Lab site. But be aware there are mentions of things like “kilometres,” whatever those might actually be.