Barry Manilow Reportedly Set for Westgate Residency

Barry Manilow, a singer and songwriter with more hits than a defective Top Dollar slot machine, could be headed back to Las Vegas for a residency, this time at Westgate.

A tipster says Manilow could begin his next run in Las Vegas in April 2018.

Barry Manilow

Hey, he earned that money, he can spend it any way he wants.

Barry Manilow’s last residency in Vegas was a two-year stint at Paris. That’s where we saw his show, and it was great, with one sing-along favorite after another.

Should Manilow return to Westgate as rumored, it would be familiar territory for the 74-year-old pop music legend. He performed there from 2005-2010, back when the resort was the Las Vegas Hilton.

It’s likely Manilow struck a sweet financial deal with Westgate, but a residency’s a win-win. While Manilow’s deep catalogue of hits has multi-generational appeal, he tends to draw audiences who are the perfect demographic for a casino―a more mature customer with ample disposable income.

Barry Manilow Oscar Goodman

Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and Barry Manilow at some kind of thing back in 2010. We are a better photographer than we are a rememberer.

While there’s been no official announcement of the deal with Westgate, Manilow’s team and Westgate executives have left lots of clues about the residency. Manilow’s husband and manager, Garry Kief, hasn’t been shy about sharing Las Vegas visits in social media, and Westgate reps were spotted at a Manilow show in California in August.

Barry Manilow is a great fit for Las Vegas and Westgate, and the city should welcome him back with open arms.

Manilow has a reputation for being a genuinely nice person, unaffected by fame and decades on the charts.

You can keep Mariah, we’ll take Manilow any day.

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  • Barbara Meyer

    Yippee, Doing the Snoopy dance! Love the Manilow music, his awesome shows, and will love a little Vegas getaway!

  • Photoncounter

    Didn’t know he was still alive….


    “But I sent you away oh Mandy…” at least we still have Manilow to sing the songs that make the whole world sing!

  • Bouldersteve

    I want the oxygen tank and Depends concession.

  • Ed

    He looks like a tacky madam Tussaud statue…are you sure he is still alive?

    • Quinncy McNeal

      You would know “tacky”, wouldn’t you Ed?

  • Manybar Goatfish

    I just listened to “Looks Like We Made It” after a hit or two of legal marijuana and, to be honest, it sucked about the same as listening to it under the effects of illegal marijuana in the 70’s.

  • Pam Hofstetter

    Mr. Manilow puts on a great concert always. Looking forward to his Christmas concert at Allstate Arena 12/5. Class act.