“Avengers” Attraction Set for Revamp, “Transformers” and “Jurassic World” in the Works 

Here’s a quick item about some Las Vegas attractions. Quick, because we need to get back to drinking. All due respect to superheroes and robots and dinosaurs.

None of this scoop has been officially announced, by the way. That’s what we do. We drink and we know Vegas things.

First, we’re hearing the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. attraction at Treasure Island will close temporarily in January 2020 for a major overhaul.

Avengers STATION

Three years in, this guy could use a little buffing.

Fun fact: S.T.A.T.I.O.N. stands for Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network. Yes, we’re using the term “fun” very loosely here, but the nerds will appreciate it.

You know who you are.

The Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibit opened in July 2016. Here’s the official site.

It’s expected the “Avengers” renovation project will take several months, so the exhibit should be back online in May 2020.

Next, while the “Avengers” attraction is being retooled, a new “Transformers” attraction will be coming to the same building at T.I. This time, on the first floor.

The “Transformers” exhibit is expected to debut in March 2020, according to our sources.

After upwards of a dozen minutes of sleuthing, we found out both the “Avengers” and “Transformers” attractions are produced by a company called Victory Hill Exhibitions.

Given that the company has previously done an exhibit called “Transformers Autobots Alliance,” that’s our guess for what the new attraction at T.I. will be called. Read more.

Transformers Autobots Alliance

Don’t be sad, robot. You’re in an alliance of some sort.

Finally, we’re also hearing about a new “Jurassic World” attraction planned for Las Vegas.

The aforementioned Victory Hill has previously created “Jurassic World” exhibitions in Paris and Madrid. You can see a teaser on the official Victory Hill Web site.

The most likely place the “Jurassic World: The Exhibition Las Vegas” will land is Venetian, from what we’re told.

Jurassic World

None of that “don’t move and you’re invisible” stuff with this bad boy, sorry.

Victory Hill Exhibitions recently launched a “Hunger Games” exhibition at MGM Grand. That attraction boasts what’s touted as the world’s biggest digital touchscreen. Learn more.

All these attractions are an opportunity for fans to connect to their favorite movies and characters in a way that’s “engaging, educational and interactive,” according to Victory Hill Exhibitions.

We love the diversity of these offerings, and there’s something for everyone in this mix of exhibits. If “Avengers” aren’t your thing, there’s always “Jurassic World.” We aren’t entirely sure who’s thing “Transformers” is, but there are probably Shia LaBeouf people somewhere.

It’s worth noting these exhibits are all inspired by movies with worldwide appeal, a key requirement for such attractions to succeed financially. Las Vegas has a lot of foreign visitors.

And these licensing fees ain’t cheap.

Look forward to official announcements of all our exclusive scoops soon. Until then, cheers.

11 thoughts on ““Avengers” Attraction Set for Revamp, “Transformers” and “Jurassic World” in the Works 

  1. Andrew

    Since Ruffin took over TI has become a close copy of what Frontier was. It’s a total redneck-ish land and Ruffin didn’t do nothing to improve the place. Rooms still looks the same since he acquired the property from MGM and the the casino is today a total clusterfuck of nonsense of tacky Cabo like restaurants and fake wooden casino floor with a piratesque theme so badly embossed here and there it can only rival Luxor’s egyptian theme. I’m not into these Avengers thing but even if I was I would stay away from something so terribly tacky. The place today is on par with the now gone Boardwalk casino..

  2. Coop

    Boy do I miss the Boardwalk! That mini craps table at the bottom of the excalator was great to me and it had the added entertainment of watching “entertainers” come down the escalators all night long.

  3. Adam

    I went to the marvel museum in the spring and it was a lot of fun especially for a nerd like me but it was in need of a revamp it only covered things up to the 2nd avengers movie. Also I agree with Andrew I hadn’t been to ti in about 10 years and it has really seen better days.

  4. JeffinOKC

    Funny, wife has grown to love it the last couple years and doesn’t want to stay anywhere else. Has a junior suite that is next to the elevator and has 2 baths, including jet tub. Ideal for us. Parking garage access to valley is unequaled. Made it from TI to Mandalay Bay in 7 minutes last year when we were tight to get to a show on a Saturday night. Might not be high class, but it has decent food choices and is a good value for the Strip overall.
    Damn sure ain’t the Boardwalk or Frontier.

  5. Amber

    Ruffin sounds like a “slumlord” for once decent casino properties. But also in his defense from everything i heard/have read and remember the Frontier went to shit when margaret elardi bought the property from summa corp.(howard hughes corp.) closing the showroom and scaling back hotel operations, etc. causing one the worst union strikes of all time. The strike it self was at times very heated and violent with atleast 17 CWU Local 226 strikers died!! it lasted about 7 or 8 years going 24 hours a day ending once ruffin took control of the property from the horrible Elardi family that run it in to the ground…Probbly to late to do anything to real make it worth while, exspecially since all the new hotels starting popping up in the 90’s during the stike further killing any chance of rivial. But like most casinos if you dont keep up u eventually meet the same fate, unlike properties that are older like caesars palace that have recieved money and upgrades to keep it in the game..Even though he tries to give the impression he cares about his properties he like most are just about milking the cow dry, spend as little as possible then sell the land for mega dollars!!! Thats called business though smart moves on his part his cleaned up $$ i think he made about 1 billion on the frontier property sell if i recall, but It is unfortunate that Mgm offloaded it to him he got a hell of a deal on it to and is making a killing money wise. i firmly think things will continue down the path they are on for that Treasure island 🙁 He aint the type that cares about the assets only the quick buck despite what he has said and unless somebody else buys it, the ship is gonna sink lol Hopefully he doesnt end up with one the caesars properties when they come on the market after the merger!!

    1. Amber

      Also side note he is a partner in the trump tower and that place is nice (prob just a investor) but none the less its nicest thing ruffin gots any involvement with lol

  6. Jurassic Steve

    WTF? Why is Vegas trying to appeal to kids with all these superhero, toy and dinosaur shows? Vegas is an adult playground. Leave the Superheros and Transformers to Disney. Quit trying to make Vegas another Disney destination. No adult wants to go see a dinosaur show in California. And they sure as hell ain’t gonna see one in Vegas.

    1. Egg White

      Next thing you know, they’ll be building amusement parks and water parks on the strip and marketing it as a family destination. They’re going to ruin Vegas!

  7. William Wingo

    One big problem with the Strip over the last few decades has been that they imploded most of the “low-end” places like Stardust, Frontier, El Rancho, Boardwalk, Hacienda, etc.–and replaced them (if at all) with “high-end,” high-cost places. About all we have left at the low end are Tropicana, Circus Circus, and Stratosphere.
    Maybe some of the older second-generation hotels like TI might step into that role. A recent Las Vegas Advisor QOD discussed the deterioration of Rio (not on the Strip, but close), and Mirage. If places like these were not imploded, but sold to independent management and refurbished, they could be lower-cost alternatives to the insanely expensive top-end Strip properties. And if 90% of the Strip hotels weren’t owned by three companies, competition could bring prices down.
    Of course, I’m about to start my second Martini….

    1. Andrew

      Yes I bet you are..LOL

      Things are different nowadays. Buying a single resort and running it as a sole owner it’s barely impossible,you need to be part of a large hotel chain to sustain expenses and make sure you have a solid customoer database. Taxes and fixed costs are hard to support and ’80ies and 90’ies consumer money is gone nobody knows how long for . Ruffin got the TI basically for free and as Amber said the guy is just after the money rather than being a true resort man like Adelson or the now gone Wynn. Also nowadays what kind of return can you expect on the Strip ? 5% ? I bet not even that. TI may be worth twice as much what Ruffin paid now and it needs at least another half a million to be brought up to new market standars.

  8. Riyadh Bahaian

    is it possible to Exhibit Jurassic Park, Marvel Avengers and Transformers other country???


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