AquaKnox and Public House to Close at Venetian

Two well-regarded restaurants at Venetian Las Vegas are slated to close, AquaKnox and Public House.

The closures haven’t been officially announced yet, but we have no interest in waiting for news releases. (Update: Our story has been confirmed. See below.)


Fun fact: AquaNox is a series of submarine-based first-person shooter video games. And, yes, we’re using the term “fun” very loosely.

An employee confirmed via phone AquaKnox will close in January following a large convention. We can’t remember which one because, honestly, we drink heavily.

AquaKnox is a Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Award recipient located in restaurant row at Venetian. The restaurant has been at Venetian since 1999.

The AquaKnox staffer also confirmed Public House will close.

A rep of Public House said the restaurant isn’t allowed to provide any information at this time, but did mention the restaurant’s contract is expiring “soon.”

Public House AquaKnox

Here’s where everything sits.

Public House, a gastropub, opened in early 2012.

Public House comes from Billy Richardson, a well-known restaurateur whose company, Gen3 Hospitality, also operates Holsteins at Cosmo, Flour & Barley and Haute Doggery at Linq Promenade, The Barrymore at Royal Resort and recently-closed Pink’s Hot Dogs at Planet Hollywood.

Public House Venetian

Public House at Venetian should not be confused with Public House at Luxor. Or, for that matter, Public House at Tropicana. Because naming things is hard.

Thanks to our Twitter pal @FYMYAWF for the tip on this story.

It’s apparent Venetian and Palazzo are shaking up their restaurant line-up.

Three Mario Batali restaurants were closed at Venetian and Palazzo in July 2018, Carnevino Italian Steakhouse, B&B Ristorante and Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria.

There’s no official word on what might replace AquaKnox and Public House, or if employees have even been notified of the closures, but Las Vegas always has something new up its little black dress.

Unless that’s offensive in some way, then nevermind.

Update (8/22/18): Our story has been confirmed. Both restaurants will close Jan. 16, 2019.

18 thoughts on “AquaKnox and Public House to Close at Venetian

  1. Chris

    Thanks for the heads-up on Public House. Will be in Vegas in 2 weeks, will visit a last time. Thought they had decent food and beer menu.

  2. Vegas Insight

    Different reasons, but it seems that a fair number of fine dining establishments are closing in the near future. I’m sure it’s normal churn, and not the result of other market forces. I don’t dine in finer establishments, so I’m not affected. Spending $21 for a Friday night buffet at Palms earlier this month was big spending by me.

  3. Your Mom

    Your journalism is trash, and citing a staff members opinion is uncredible. People like you are terrible, disrupting businesses.

      1. Grammar Cop

        It’s “you’re not,” for the record.

        And it’s hilarious when people come here ragging on the information. Why the hell read it if it offends you?

    1. Coop

      You clearly aren’t paying attention. This man is an excellent entertainer, photographer, comedian?, rumor spreader, half descent boyfriend :), unpaid provider of all things Vegas, and a good man. But no journalist. Leave us alone and go do something productive. Like spread news and rumors about our favorite town we don’t live in.

    2. Scott Roeben Post author

      As mentioned by several others, this isn’t journalism. It’s sharing things I hear. In this case, what I heard was confirmed officially. I’m sorry if you weren’t informed in a timely way, but that’s not on me. I eat lots of crow doing a blog, now it’s your turn.


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