Alon’s Plug is Finally, Officially, Sadly, Mercifully Yanked

After months and months of speculation, Crown Resorts, the company behind the Alon (pronounced AY-lawn) resort project has sadly announced the project is officially dead, expired, bereft of life and has joined the bleeding choir invisible.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly.

Alon Las Vegas

Look, we all grieve in our own way.

The Alon project has a long and tumultuous history we do not have time to look into, even in the most superficial way.

Suffice to say, Alon was to be a sprawling, high-end resort just across from Wynn Las Vegas. It was supposed to cost upwards of $1.6 billion, but recent shifts in the Malaysian markets, whatever those might be, made financing the endeavor a challenge to say the least.

You can read more about the drama surrounding Crown Resorts here, but fair warning, it’s really boring.

The bottom line is we won’t be getting this much-anticipated, 1,100-room hotel-casino, emphasis on casino. Hopes were high Alon might become a reality, with executives swearing the project was moving forward even though evidence pointed to the contrary.

Nary a shovel ever hit the dirt at the Alon site, and at the moment, it’s a giant dirt lot with a small building at its southern tip. Which sounds like a euphemism for something, if you ask us.

Alon Las Vegas

In March 2016, Alon’s CEO Andrew Pascal was quoted say, “We have the right team, the right idea, the right timing and the right location.” Three out of four ain’t bad.

News of the demise of the Alon project is disappointing in myriad ways.

Primarily, we love new Las Vegas things. There will be others, but this one had all the makings of something truly special, in large part because of the talent assembled to make it happen.

Alon’s executive team included former Wynn Resorts executive Andrew Pascal, former SLS president Rob Oseland, Danielle Babilino, former Senior V.P. of Hotel Sales at Wynn Las Vegas, and Las Vegas nightlife whiz Jesse Waits.

What might have been.

Given the implosion of Alon, now all eyes will be on its neighbor, Resorts World, another massive resort project that appears to be stalled. Thanks a lot, Malaysian markets.

Here’s hoping somebody with deep pockets snaps up the Alon site and builds something big and shiny and stocked with Captain Morgan. Or whatever liquor you’re into that’s not nearly as good.

10 thoughts on “Alon’s Plug is Finally, Officially, Sadly, Mercifully Yanked


    I share your sadness that yet another resort project on the strip is biting the dust, but having read this group’s marketing materials maybe it’s for the best (credit to Five Hundy by Midnight podcast).

    I’m not sure who the “right people” were that were going to populate this place, but I wasn’t going to be one of them after reading that heaping pile.

    Resorts World – the stage is all yours.

    1. Soon

      They seem to know exactly who those right people are…
      but not driven by that”
      yet cosmopolitan in their tastes”
      That last one had me cracking up! Who knew agencies were still coming up with that type of crap, and clients going with it.

  2. Chris Bey Holguin

    It is sad that this is the secend time this happen first the plaza and now this. Here what needs to happen genting should buy the land and build a indoor entertament Area. Or steve wynn buys it build a resort on it

  3. rich__b

    Best it dies before it’s half built like Echelon and Fontainebleau. Clean slate for whomever ends up with the real estate.

    Too bad the economics don’t allow for a new middle market type place anymore. Not that middle market people can afford vacations anymore…..

  4. SailorMoon

    I was expecting this project to fold and I’m sort of glad it did. The last thing Vegas needs is another mega resort/shopping mall/casino. This is a long shot but why not build back Wet&Wild on the strip? Wet&Wild attracts plenty of adults so the reasoning of “its for kids” does not hold much weight. If not Wet&Wild what about another Top Golf location. The wait for Top Golf is atrocious if you don’t have a reservation, at least this will give people a chance to play at another venue. Top Golf is very popular so I’m sure a spot at this location would do well. There could be Top Golf North and South. If not Top Golf then some type of indoor entertainment village.


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