All Net Arena Takes Part in Las Vegas Ritual of Pointlessly Pushing Dirt Around

For Las Vegas projects that can’t get financing, there’s a time-honored tradition: The technical term is “Pushing Dirt Around.”

Alon did it before its plug was pulled, and now workers at the All Net Arena and Resort site, between SLS Las Vegas and the abandoned Fontainebleau resort—the former location of the Wet ‘n Wild water park—are doing some dirt pushing of their own.

All Net Arena construction

Of all the projects not happening in Las Vegas, All Net Arena is certainly one of those.

The folks behind the troubled All Net Arena and Resort project, led by ex-NBA player Jackie Robinson, are grading the site, which is a fancy way of saying, you guessed it, “moving dirt around.”

Presumably, there are plans to build underground parking and install utilities as well. Why one would do these things, when there’s virtually no hope the project’s ever going to fly, we have no idea. Las Vegas developers may not always have financial backing, but they rarely lack optimism.

Along those lines, Robinson says the project should open in December 2019, or roughly around the time we all have flying cars.

All Net Arena construction

“Grading” is the process of ensuring a site’s subsoil is level to provide a solid base for an erection. Oh, just make up your own joke.

The All Net Arena and Resort will cost $1.3 billion, and is supposed to have a 22,000-seat arena, a retail and restaurant complex and a 500-room hotel.

There’s been lots of asshattery behind the scenes with the project, including lawsuits galore. Read more from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, currently the only entity with the patience to wade through all this crap.

All Net Arena construction

It’s the construction site version of “Where’s Waldo?”

Despite the bleak outlook for All Net Arena, we’re rooting for its success, because we love new Las Vegas things, and the north end of The Strip can use all the help it can get.

Somebody obviously scraped together the cash to do the grading of the site (trust us, nobody’s working on credit with this organization), so anything’s possible.

All Net Arena Las Vegas

Sure, there’s a whole lot of nothing at the All Net Arena site now, but just wait until you see the amount of nothing there will be in 2019.

Whether All Net Arena gets off the ground or not, abandoned underground parking is far less an eyesore than a hulking carcass like Fontainebleau or 250-foot concrete pillars.

We’re looking at you, SkyVue observation wheel.

8 thoughts on “All Net Arena Takes Part in Las Vegas Ritual of Pointlessly Pushing Dirt Around

  1. RustyHammer

    January 2007, I’m staying for one night at Sahara, the one night in my life I would stay at the Sahara. I’ve got a balcony room looking down upon the former water park area, and you can see the old concession buildings, lazy river, etc., as well as some of the graffiti on the remaining infrastructure of the long shuttered water park. Anyone have video from the water park after it was shuttered? Where was Adam the Woo when I needed him?

    From my balcony view I could also see through the top floors of the Stardust, as they had been removing some of the windows readying it for demolition.

  2. Scott Johnson

    Would it make a nice place to push over the Fontainebleau and have it crash land, like falling a tree in the woods?

  3. Rich Johnson

    I’m wondering if that piece I sent you about EB-5 applications might be part of this. Some late Asian steam moving the line, so to speak.

  4. briguyx

    This is an especially bad bet now that it looks like Sheldon Adelson is going ahead with building his own arena…

  5. Bouldersteve

    Too many arenas…not enough teams. Staples in LA has 3 teams..Lakers..Clippers and Kings. If Las Vegas lands a NBA team they can play at T Moblie

  6. Charles Auer

    Is moving dirt on this site like the temporary casino on the Castaways site? Every couple years so you can still build an arena?


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