All Fremont Street Casinos Open June 4, Fremont Street Experience on June 3

All the casinos along Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas have confirmed they’ll open on June 4, 2020.

That sound you hear is this blog becoming fully engorged.

Fremont Street

Let’s Fremont again.

The casinos along Fremont Street are The D, Golden Gate, Plaza, Golden Nugget, Fremont, Binion’s and Four Queens.

Just-off-Fremont Downtown Grand and The Cal will also open on June 4.

In the case of some casinos, not all dining options or other amenities will be available upon reopening. The casinos and bars are really the important things, anyway.

As for the Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall, officials say they’ll be open on June 3 at 9:00 a.m.

Fun fact: Virtually no one has ever gotten up early enough to see Fremont Street Experience at 9:00 a.m. If they have, they’re doing Vegas wrong.

Fremont Street closed

There’s a light at the end of the sad.

At the moment, the newly-renovated Viva Vision video screen, is playing a countdown to the reopening of casinos downtown and on The Strip. Specifically, June 4 at 12:01 a.m.

While the Fremont Street Experience mall opens June 3, it will do so without its signature live bands. Announcement of the venue’s free summer concert series was derailed by the COVID-19 crisis, and there’s been no word as to whether any of the planned concerts will happen this year.

In related news, the SlotZilla zipline will reopen on June 4 at 4:00 p.m.

SlotZilla Las Vegas

Time flies when you’re in lockdown. Welcome back, SlotZilla.

Demand is expected to be strong downtown (including ours) upon reopening. The buzz is hotels both downtown and on The Strip are receiving unexpected levels of room bookings, despite the fact hotels and casinos are currently limited to 50% occupancy.

Downtown Las Vegas is much less reliant on conventions and Asian visitors than The Strip, so it’s expected downtown could recover more quickly than other destinations.

We are personally going to leave our stimulus money in a variety of slot machines and bars along Fremont the minute they reopen. You know, to support Las Vegas. We’re selfless like that.

35 thoughts on “All Fremont Street Casinos Open June 4, Fremont Street Experience on June 3

  1. DonCon

    Sadly the “flu” as you call it is not gone. Hope you don’t find out the hard way. Watch out for anyone coughing or sneezing.

    1. Mike Alexakis

      The percentages of COVID-19 deaths are directly linked to the amount of people tested, and those numbers are skewed by many factors. Well over one hundred thousand dead Americans in less than three months is astounding, disturbing, and not something to skim over… I wish you well, one of my best friends for decades unfortunately contracted the virus and passed away at age seventy, way too young… I miss gambling in casinos a lot, but gambling on possibly contracting a virus that experts say 15% of people require hospitalization for is not a risk I will take at this time, especially since the Las Vegas casinos will allow patrons to forego wearing face coverings…

    2. Steve

      Exactly! Stop cowering in fear. We’ve had other pandemics (2009, 1968, 1918, etc.) and we’ll have more. Learn to live in an imperfect world.

  2. LA WB

    Looking at this morning’s news feeds, it appears the US has defeated COVID. Not a new virus story in sight. No hourly body counts, no new mass infections, nothing from Dr. Fauci or celebrities showing their masks, no projections about second and third waves, no debates over restrictions. Like a child with a new toy, media has excitedly switched coverage to non-stop riot news. Enjoy June 4, Las Vegas!

  3. Mike Alexakis

    A lot of us do indeed feel referring to the virus that way is designed to inflame and shift blame, but what I take exception with is the mendacious downplaying of the actual risks of contraction and possibly fatal outcomes… The dead are our friends, family, and neighbors, so sticking to the facts is the least we can do to honor them… I am not against the casinos opening up, I just won’t patronize them myself if they allow people to not protect others by mandating face coverings…

    1. Jenn In Las Vegas

      We do not “honor” the innocent victims of the Wubonic Plague by turning our precious American culture and society into Chinese-style totalitarianism. We do not honor the innocent victims by becoming a compliant populace of drones walking around in face diapers in perpetuity. We do not honor our dead by living in fear, slavish obedience, and oppressive conformity.

      We can honor our COVID-19 victims with our courage and common sense as we contend with the aberrant virus unleashed on us by the Communist Chinese Government. We honor our fallen by telling the contact tracers to trace our middle fingers and by making the Communist Chinese Government pay dearly for what they have done to us and the rest of the world.

        1. Jenn In Las Vegas

          Please explain to me where you find “repugnant bigotry” and/or “kindergarten-level mendacity” in my comment. My unwillingness to kowtow to Chinese mendacity makes me a realist, not a bigot. And, BTW, in my opinion contact tracing is just more health theater and yet another way to control the people.

  4. Ah

    Very weird that pandemics, death, racism, violence, inequality, and deployment of the National Guard is seen as a toy store. Says a lot about the person who thunks it.

  5. Common_Sense

    “According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States.” So in 100 days the normal rate of death in the USA from all causes would be 74,520. So if we are at 100,000 then do the math. OMG We are all going to die!

    The reality of this thing is in the statistics. It’s much more deadly in the centers of western powers for some reason. Have any of you bothered to look at the world wide numbers? Viruses aren’t normally political but this one sure is.

    Jenn I agree with your sentiment but blaming the Chinese is just falling into the division trap. It’s the globalists vs everyone else. There are many interests at the Wuhan lab that aren’t just Chinese.

    This was a bait and switch. 2.1 million dead in the US from exponential growth is how it was sold. Based on that who could argue, lock it all down. But the data from Wuhan and elsewhere ALREADY showed there was NO exponential growth and the death rate no where near that high as they quickly revised the estimates. So why did we go into lockdown and destroy everything again? Planned demolition of the old economy. You have all been initiated into the new world order. Wearing a mask is a sign of submission to the new prison system. Look up the characteristics of an initiation ritual. I thought more locals in Vegas would be able to tell when they were getting played.

    1. Mike Alexakis

      Wearing masks is normal in many societies, and they slow down the spread of deadly viruses, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea all have a fraction of the deaths associated with COVID-19 that we do, masks are one of the reasons… And I love how you cite the United Nations in one breath, then in the next one you decry “globalists”, my head and neck hurt less watching a tennis match…

      1. Common_Sense

        I cite the UN numbers because that is what is available. Do you think I should cite Billy Bob’s Website of National Death Statistics? The US daily death total should not be controversial it should be a matter of record.

        The globalists I decry have just eliminated 50% of the small businesses in America (their competition) and are getting richer every day because of this scamdemic. Bill Gates even bought Amazon stock. What great luck!

        I guess this was just great luck too!

        “MGM agrees to sell Bellagio to Blackstone for $4.25B. MGM Resorts International, pressured by investors to unload its remaining company-owned casinos, agreed to sell the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas to Blackstone Group for $4.25 billion and will continue to operate the property under a lease arrangement.Oct 16, 2019”

        Then February the MGM resorts ceo steps down to … head the NV Coronavirus task force. Then as luck would have it MGM themselves get to be the first casino to have employees test positively for corona virus.

        If I’m a conspiracy theorist then that makes you a coincidence theorist. lol.

        1. Mike Alexakis

          The death statistics in the United States clearly show there has been a giant under count of COVID-19 deaths, some of them are attributable to peoples justified fears of going to a hospital emergency room, and some like in the case of the state of Florida show a purposeful attempt to underplay dangers for politics… In Florida they listed around 1,500 deaths to “pneumonia” in the last several weeks, even though flu season has been over for quite some time… Jim Murren certainly did get a nice severance package from MGM, especially considering many thought he mismanaged the empire, and I hope no casino employee or guest gets this deadly virus… Thanks you for the laugh about being a “coincidence theorist”, my wife is going to like that one, you stay safe, my Vegas adventures are on hold unfortunately…

    2. crayon worship

      “New World Order” was coined by George Bush in his 1990 speech before a joint session of Congress. His name is on the New World Order blueprint title block. And Trump has made claims that he is also a Globalist. So, I’m confused. How is this the Democrats’ fault?

  6. Bob Holub

    This whole comment thread is sad. As a local, I’m happy to see that the city is doing what it needs to do to avoid economic ruin. If it is your choice to participate, fine. If your choice is to wait, fine. Neither choice should be praised or denigrated as it is merely a choice. Whatever your choice may be, be happy with it.

  7. Bob holub

    Let me clarify Jenn. While I can agree that free discourse is necessary, I find it sad that people cannot voice their opinion without someone feeling like it’s their personal responsibility to shame and ridicule that person. That is the sad part. And just for the record, I agree with you on the mask thing. I think it should also be a matter of choice.

  8. BST

    Did nothing for 2 mths because Fauci said there was nothing to worry about- Just saying . How quickly “we” forget .

  9. Mark

    Hey Linda,
    Stop following the left-wing crap. Do your own research. Tell us which day the World Health Organization finally declared it a pandemic. Then tell us which day Trump shut us down. Then tell us if that TWO DAYS was too long.

  10. Mike Alexakis

    The Trump Hotel in Las Vegas has no casino Linda, there is no way he would ever pass muster with the Gaming Control Board in Nevada, way too much baggage…

  11. Bob holub

    I mistakenly though this was about Frenont st. reopening. I didn’t realize it was a political my side is better than your side forum.

    1. BST

      Bob ,
      Your comment is the best thing I have read on here .That includes my off topics uncalled for 2 cents as well .
      Thank you for “slapping” me back to my senses . I enjoy all the Vital Vegas info- and intend to stick to the topics now .
      Apologies to all and thank you Scott .

        1. That Laura

          Hey Scott! Great news, any clue what time the Plaza is opening? I hear the D is 1201 am, and then some are 10 am.
          I’m local & I booked a room at the Plaza & I’m anxious to get my degenerate on as early as possible

    2. Jenn In Las Vegas

      How we are governed is politics. The pandemic has demonstrated, even to the civically unenlightened, that how we are governed, and by whom, should be of extreme importance to all of us. Politics, the pandemic, and Las Vegas are intertwined and inseparable. Politics — even more than the pandemic — is what’s keeping Las Vegas from being normal again.

      About Fremont (partially) reopening, did ya’ll hear that everybody is supposed to social distance not 6 feet, but 7 feet at Fremont Street? Good luck with that silliness. It can’t possibly be based on “science.” It’s just more stupid health theater. Ridiculous and not clever. You can read about it and other plans for screwing up the “Experience” here:

  12. awRQE

    So, what does air travel look like these days? That’s a big barrier to getting people to come back.

  13. laura

    Awesomeness thank you!! Hopento see you out & about. Everyone check your offers from the D club. I have double f&b & free play!


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