Ainsworth Lounge Closes at Hard Rock Hotel, Goose Island Pub Opens Soon

The Ainsworth, a sports-focused lounge at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, has closed and will soon be replaced by a new offering, Goose Island Pub.

The Ainsworth

The Ainsworth never failed to wow us with its ability to stay entirely off our radar for the last three years or so.

This is the first Goose Island Pub, touted as being a “World Beer Champion,” in Las Vegas.

During our nearly two minutes of investigative reporting, which involved “looking at a page on Wikipedia,” we unearthed the fact Goose Island got its start in Chicago, Illinois.

An additional two minutes led to our discovery Goose Island’s founder, John Hall, drank his way across Europe at some point and thought he would return to America and make some “damn fine beer.” That was back in 1988, so Goose Island has been at it awhile.

Here’s more about Goose Island in all its sudsy glory.

Goose Island Pub Las Vegas

Goose Island is an actual place with a colorful history we didn’t have time to read about.

Goose Island Pub will carry eight of Goose Island Brewery’s signature beers on tap.

We’re going to list them all because they have awesome names: Goose 312 Wheat Ale (“creamy body”), Goose Four Star Pils (“bright floral aroma”), Goose Green Line Pale Ale (“goldenrod color”), Goose Honker’s Ale (“biscuit malt flavor”), Goose IPA (“grapefruit aroma”), Matilda (“fermented with the wild yeast Brettanomyces”), Sofie (“a creamy vanilla finish”) and Summertime Kölsch (“floral esters”).

We are so aroused right now, and we’ve never even had a beer. No, really.

Goose Island Pub will also serve pub-style food. Because, if you think about it, any food served in a pub is pub-style.

Hard Rock Hotel says Goose Island Pub will open sometime this month. June. Of this year. So, brace yourself for some exciting new aromas, goldenrods and finishes, if you get our drift.

5 thoughts on “Ainsworth Lounge Closes at Hard Rock Hotel, Goose Island Pub Opens Soon

  1. Brian

    Chicago resident checking in.

    Goose Island was purchased by AB a few years ago. This is part of their ongoing global expansion plans. It’s more than a little weird to see a formerly local brand advertised and expanded “everywhere”.

    The “real” Goose Island brewpub in Chicago on Clybourn is still pretty good. They’re still brewing some hard to find beers there, and the food has always been great.

  2. Wolfdog

    I did a TripAdvisor search on the Ainsworth. Mostly nothing, and no reviews. GI sounds like a nice place, but the HRH has not been on our visit list for years, mostly due to their poor video poker.

    1. Bouldersteve

      Used to have good VP but that was a long time ago. Too bad I like the place but since VP is pretty much all I play except for the occasional sports wager I have not gone been there lately.


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