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Park People at The Park Make for Irresistible Selfie Bait

The Park, a restaurant row between Monte Carlo and New York-New York on the Las Vegas Strip, has become a hub for public art.

Upping the selfie ante, The Park is currently playing host to Park People, a series of life-sized human figures fashioned entirely from Lego bricks.

Park People Las Vegas

“Lego” comes from the Danish phrase “leg godt,” or “play well.” A good fit for Las Vegas, actually.

The Park People series was created by Nathan Sawaya, and is said to “explore the conceptual and expressive potential of process driven forms of the human body.”

So, yeah, Lego people.

Here’s a little video we slapped together, mainly because video is the new reading. Or something.

More Lego people, please!

Park People Las Vegas

Dude, it’s Vegas. You might want to pick up some sunscreen.

Sawaya holds an intriguing distinction—he is said to own more Lego bricks than any other individual, with two million bricks in each of his two studios (one in L.A. and another in New York).

Park People Lego art

Yeah, he’s nude, but at least he’d modest.

During our recent visit, guests were cozying up to the  nine interactive figures, providing a memorable moment in Las Vegas for tourists and, as an added perk, great buzz for The Park.

Park People Lego art

Watch the hands.

According to the news release about Park People, the Lego figures are “situated curiously” on “elegant” wooden benches. There’s a reason “elegant” is in quotation marks. Mostly because they’re just benches.

Park People artwork

The plural of Lego is Lego.

Each Lego sculpture can take two to three weeks to build, and each Lego block must be glued into place.

Park People Lego

Pretty sure somebody’s going to be hearing from Blue Man Group’s lawyers.

The Park People exhibit ends Dec. 30, 2016, so if you’d like to see these Lego sculptures, you’d better step on it.

Because Lego. “Step on it.”

We’ll wait.

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 34: Paid Parking, Lucky Dragon, W Las Vegas and More

This podcast has so much Vegas, you’ll need to suck in your gut to fit into it. Or something.

In this installment, we propel ourselves recklessly into the Vegas blabosphere and dig up the latest about the newly-opened Lucky Dragon and W Las Vegas, as well as how to get around paying for parking at Las Vegas resorts.

Lucky Dragon

It takes balls to open an Asian-themed resort on the Las Vegas Strip! Lucky Dragon’s all over it.

Unrelated to anything, if you’d like to fancy up your computer, grab one of our wallpapers: 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1920 x 1080. You’re welcome.

It wouldn’t be a Vegas podcast without copious amounts of news, so we do our best to superficially explain the evolution of Le Reve at Wynn Las Vegas, restaurants closed for renovations (Biscayne at Tropicana), new offerings (Sugarcane at Venetian), plus scoop about Eclipse Theaters downtown, the Big Elvis showroom at Harrah’s (closing soon for an expansion) and a metric hell-ton of exclusives you won’t find anywhere else. Presumably.

Eclipse Theaters

Yes, movie tickets at Eclipse are $18, but there’s a bar, so we’re just going to roll with it.

“This Week in Vegas History” takes on multiple-murdering asshat O.J. Simpson. He was sentenced to prison on Dec. 4, 2008, and it ranks among one of the coolest things Las Vegas has ever done.

All that, and random tips and skinny to make your next Las Vegas visit all it can be.

Take a listen and give your ears the Las Vegas spa day they so richly deserve.

Hooters Jumps on Paid Parking News With Jab at Megaresorts and Free Beer

Hooters Casino knows a good PR opportunity when it sees one, and the off-Strip casino is taking full advantage of recent news Caesars Entertainment and Wynn Las Vegas will soon charge for parking.

The folks at Hooters claim their valet and self-parking will not only remain free, but guests who take advantage of the casino’s free parking will also get a free beer.

To qualify for the free beer, guests are asked to either present a receipt from another Strip parking garage or post a photo of their car in the Hooters lot on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #IParkedForFree.

Guests can make their way to the Hooters lobby bar to redeem the free beer offer.

Hooters Las Vegas

We are not a beer person, but this almost makes us want to visit Hooters. Bonus: Hooters.

Kudos to Hooters for acting quickly to ride the wave of publicity resulting from the chatter about paid parking in Las Vegas. We also appreciate the fact they read our blog, since their news release started with the sentence, “Monopoly isn’t the only place to find free parking!” We’re right there with you, Hooters.

Hooters hasn’t said when the free beer offer expires, but let’s hope it’s not when the casino later has to reverse its position on paid parking, because other casinos have tried similar marketing strategies in the past, sometimes with less-than-ideal results.

In 2011, Caesars Entertainment touted the fact its resorts didn’t charge a resort fee. The company (where we worked at the time, incidentally) went so far as to create an ad campaign featuring “angry showgirls,” presumably to illustrate how frustrated guests were about these infuriating fees.

Angry showgirls

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

In March 2013, Caesars Entertainment caved to market pressure and began charging resort fees, resulting in a level of awkwardness that continues to inspire face-palming to this day.

Hang in there, Hooters. Sometimes risks pay off, sometimes they don’t. Vegas was built on that premise, come to think of it.