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Comedian Vinnie Favorito’s Run Ends at Flamingo Las Vegas

Vinnie Favorito, one of the funniest and most distinctive comedic voices in Las Vegas, is about to go quiet, at least at his longtime home on The Strip, Flamingo Las Vegas.

Insult comic Vinnie Favorito’s final performance at Flamingo is April 4, 2015.

Vinnie Favorito Las Vegas

What the hell, Vinnie?

Caesars Entertainment reps confirmed the sad news today.

As we said, Favorito is truly one of the funniest people in Las Vegas. We know because he recently made our list of the funniest people in Las Vegas, so it must be true.

Favorito performed at Flamingo Las Vegas since 2008, and before that (starting in late 2005) at O’Sheas casino (now part of the Linq Hotel & Casino).

The Boston native has said he began doing comedy to overcome stage fright. He became a regular at the notorious Friars Club roasts (long before Comedy Central roasts became a thing) and the Boston Herald once named Favorito one of Boston’s top 10 comedians. In 1998, he won the San Francisco International Comedy Competition.

Word on the street is the decision to end Favorito’s decade-long run wasn’t mutual. Favorito was given the boot due to gambling debts. The problems are so serious, in fact, they’re likely to result in new lawsuits, in addition to ongoing legal battles.

Yeah, super awkward.

We wish Vinnie Favorito all the best, hope he prevails over his personal demons and we look forward to seeing him pop up again somewhere in Las Vegas, although the more we learn about the reason for the show ending, that seems less and less likely.

On the night of his last show at Flamingo, Favorito made his feelings clear about his former employer (it was an f-bomb-a-palooza), Caesars Entertainment, and said he’d be making a debut at another Las Vegas resort soon. The odds don’t appear to be in his favor.

Legislators Vote to Make Nevada the Daddy Issues State

In a rare bipartisan collaboration, Nevada lawmakers have approved changing the state’s official nickname from the Silver State to the Daddy Issues State.

The change is expected to pass overwhelmingly when the Senate and Assembly convene in Carson City at 11:00 a.m. on Apr. 1, 2015. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has vowed to sign the Daddy Issues State bill into law.

Daddy issues

“Daddy issues” are unresolved conflicts between a woman and her father that may influence her behavior. Symptoms include an attraction to older men, jealous outbursts and fairly remarkable lap dances.

At a news conference held outside Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas, Governor Sandoval stated, “We felt it was time to update a state nickname that has served our purposes for some time, but which does not accurately reflect the true driving force behind Nevada’s robust economy. Specifically, women seeking validation through their sexuality due to a toxic paternal relationship.”

Other unofficial Nevada nicknames include Sagebrush State and Battle Born State, but an exhaustive, three-year study showed Daddy Issues State was a more appropriate state nickname given the tens of thousands of exotic dancers and sex trade workers who make their living in Nevada, especially in Las Vegas, known as “Sin City.”

The owner of Sapphire gentleman’s club, employing 6,600 dancers, commented, “Look, sagebrush doesn’t pay my bills. In all my years as a club manager I have never once had a bachelor party come in looking for a ‘hot piece of sagebrush.’ Girls who never got enough attention from daddy pay my bills. And my taxes. Our politicians finally got a clue.”

Stripper pole

Lawmakers emphasize that while the price of silver fluctuates, the value of a talented pole dancer has a rock solid return.

Reactions to the new legislative proposal have been mixed at best, with some critics claiming “daddy issues” is pejorative, sexist and insulting. Others point out that “daddy issues” overlooks the contributions of mothers to the diminished self-esteem which forces so many women to become strippers, go-go dancers, “bevertainers” and even call girls.

Still, the Governor and state legislators are confident changing the state’s official nickname will provide new marketing opportunities while cementing Nevada’s position as the world’s most popular destinations for adult-themed diversions.

Pole dancer

It’s interesting to note the Chinese were using poles for fitness and circus entertainment as early as the 12th century. Oh, who are we kidding? As if you’re reading this photo caption.

It’s interesting to note the other state nicknames which didn’t make the cut. Also in the running were the Persistent Rash State, Whack-Job Cattle Rancher State and the Dammit, I Blew Through My Bankroll State.

The new Daddy Issues State moniker will appear on the official Nevada state seal, governmental stationary and those little inspection decals on gas pumps.

Donation Stations Mean New Hope for Beleaguered SkyVue Observation Wheel

Naysayers who predicted the SkyVue observation wheel would never get off the ground may now have to eat their words. The long-delayed project has been given new life with “donation stations” across Las Vegas, both downtown and on The Strip.

A spokesperson for Compass Investments, the company behind SkyVue Las Vegas, said, “Those who doubted our ability to fund this game-changing new addition to the Las Vegas skyline will soon have egg on their face. And not in a good way.”

Company officials claim the SkyVue fundraising stations, parking meters re-purposed to accept coin donations, are expected to raise “a significant portion” of the $300 million needed to build the SkyVue wheel and its adjoining shopping and entertainment complex. Once completed, the SkyVue wheel will have the largest outdoor advertising LED screen in the world, theoretically.

SkyVue donation stations

The vendor who refurbished the donation stations commented, “No, I haven’t been paid for my services yet. Why do you ask? Hello. Answer me! Hello?”

The Compass Investments rep continued, “While we’re not proud of our delays or missteps, we’re on track now to complete this project by the end of a period of time we’re not comfortable specifying at this juncture, but it’s very, very soon.”

When asked for some of the project’s missteps, the spokesperson included defaulting on a naming rights agreement, a failed attempt to build a petting zoo on the SkyVue site and squandering money needlessly on a much-maligned SkyVue mascot, Tiny the Tumbleweed.


Above is an animated time lapse of construction at the SkyVue site over the last two years (one frame of the time lapse represents one week of activity).

The SkyVue rep said each of the 30 donation stations have the capacity to accept $30 in change every week, which means the company could reap $900 every week. Over the course of a year, SkyVue could collect nearly $47,000.

“It doesn’t take a math whiz to see where this is going,” said SkyVue’s spokesperson. “Divide $300 million by $47,000 and you’re looking at a grand opening within a few short centuries. That may sound like a long time horizon, but at SkyVue, we’re not about instant gratification. We’re about promising things. Soon. And that we have. Again.”

The 10 Funniest Fools in Las Vegas

It’s April Fools’ Day, and time to reflect on all the great fake news stories we didn’t have time to write this year.

Our reflection complete, we thought it an opportune time to compile a list of the funniest fools in Las Vegas. These are the folks that keep audiences from around the world laughing when they’re in Sin City. In no particular order. Because we bump into these people from time to time.

1. Jeff Civillico

Jeff Civillico is both a friend and a fan of this blog, which means he gets to sit atop our list of the funniest performers in Las Vegas. His rat-a-tat delivery and charisma are consistently winning. Oh, and he also juggles like a boss. See his family-friendly Comedy in Action show at the Linq Hotel & Casino. Civillico was recently named “Best Family Attraction” in the Best of Las Vegas awards. Yeah, we don’t get it either.

Jeff Civillico

Jeff Civillico is proof nice guys finish first. On lists that are in no particular order.

2. Frank Marino

Also at the Quad Hotel & Casino is Frank Marino who serves as the quick-witted emcee of “Divas Las Vegas,” a female impersonation extravaganza. Even if you don’t think female impersonators lip-syncing isn’t for you, you’re wrong, you just don’t know it yet. Learn more.

Frank Marino

Frank Marino has been performing on the Las Vegas Strip for more than 30 years, more than 20 of those at The Riv.

3. Carrot Top

Few performers are more underrated than Carrot Top, and we have no clue why because this guy kills. Prop comedy isn’t the most respected in comedy circles, but who the hell cares what other comedians think? We want to laugh, and laugh hard, and Carrot Top never fails to deliver. Catch him at Luxor.

Carrot Top

Carrot Top has a small carrot tattooed on his ankle. Don’t ask how we know this.

4. Mac King

The multi-talented Mac King is a fixture in Las Vegas and for good reason. His talents include being a great magician, a hysterical comedian and a very nice guy, all at once and pretty much all the time. See Mac King, his Fig Newtons and “cloak of invisibility” at Harrah’s.

Mac King Harrah's Las Vegas

Actually, there are no more Fig Newtons. They’re just Newtons. Bummer, Mac.

5. Anthony Cools

Comedy-hypnotist Anthony Cools has comedy down cold. He consistently puts on one of the funniest shows in Vegas, and every show is different (for the most part) because he uses random audience members (for the most part) as his subjects. He’s a master of timing, raunch and OMFG. Anthony Cools performs at Paris Las Vegas.

Anthony Cools

If you feel like you’re being watched, there’s a decent chance it’s one of Anthony Cools’ drones. He’s really into those.

6. Vinnie Favorito

To call Vinnie Favorito an insult comic would be, well, an insult. This seasoned comedian works an audience like a Kardashian works a red carpet. In both cases, it’s a wonder to behold, and you’re bound to feel a little guilty for enjoying it so much. Vinnie Favorito can be found at Flamingo Las Vegas.


Vinnie Favorito never met a person he didn’t like. To zing.

7. Penn & Teller

These two are undeniably double trouble, and thankfully so. Penn Jillette and Teller (that’s his legal name) put on an incredibly smart and funny show at the Rio, and continue to update their production with new illusions. They also hang out with fans after their show, because they actually appreciate them.

Penn & Teller

What could possibly go wrong?

8. Mike Hammer

Comedy-magician Mike Hammer doesn’t get a lot of attention, but he should. His shows at downtown’s Four Queens are heavy on improvised comedy and audience participation. Oh, and the tickets are cheap, making it an even better value. (There’s often a guy outside the Four Queens with deeply discounted tickets, so schmooze him heavily.)

Mike Hammer

Put seeing Mike Hammer on your bucket list.

9. The Blue Men

They’re blue, they’re quiet and they always travel together. The blue men of Blue Man Group are seriously funny. The music is just a bonus, and an exceptional one at that. The blue men do their blank stare thing at Monte Carlo.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group recently added new bits to its show. Something about selfies and emojis. We don’t have time to read news releases. We’re busy compiling lists.

10. Marc Savard

Top-notch comedy-hypnotist Marc Savard make hilarity look easy in his lively show at the V Theater inside Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops. Savard performs about 300 shows a year, and he seems as amused by his victims (sorry, subjects) as the rest of us are. A good time, every time.

Marc Savard

If you’re feeling sleepy right now, it’s not hypnosis, it’s “this blog wishes it were a better writer-osis.”

Yes, they’re all men. We don’t make the rules, we just subjectively report them in a completely biased way. Besides, it’s rude to call a lady a “fool.”

A guy who should be on this list but isn’t is Louie Anderson. The funnyman’s show recently closed at the Plaza. He’ll find another venue soon.

We’d have thrown a bone to Jeff Dunham, too, whose Las Vegas residency recently began at Planet Hollywood. But puppets.

An honorary place on the list goes to George Wallace, formerly at Flamingo Las Vegas. Another goes to the ailing Amazing Jonathan.

Hope you liked our list, and happy April Fools’ Day.