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Science is Everywhere Gives Access to Free Behind-the-Scenes Tours of Las Vegas Attractions

The Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival happens April 25 to May 3, and while we have no idea what that is, we do know one of its events provides rare access to some of Sin City’s most renowned attractions. Free. Which is really the best possible way to learn about science or Las Vegas, come to think of it.

Science and Technology

Science and technology go together like Britney Spears and disappointment.

On one day of the festival, “Science is Everywhere” day, April 27, 2014, multiple attractions around the Las Vegas valley open their doors for behind-the-scene tours.

Featured tour locations include the National Atomic Testing Museum, the Bellagio fountains, Vegas PBS, Las Vegas National History Museum, the Silverton Casino aquarium, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, the Mirage volcano and others.

Mirage volcano

Hint: This isn’t PBS.

If we had to pick our top three can’t-miss behind-the-scenes tours, they’d be the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Neon Museum and Fremont Street Experience.

At the Bellagio Conservatory, guests get to see what it takes to create the hotel’s elaborate seasonal floral displays.

Bellagio Conservatory

Bellagio’s Conservatory grows on you.

The Neon Museum tour will provide an opportunity to learn about the technology involved in operating and rescuing Las Vegas’ iconic neon signs.


The Neon Museum is a great reminder of great hotels morons imploded to make room for nothing.

Fremont Street Experience offers one of the more in-depth tours during Science is Everywhere.

Guests will get an inside peek at Viva Vision, the world’s largest video screen, including the Fremont Street Experience control room, as well as a look at the creative and logistical steps involved in creating the Viva Vision light shows. This blog actually works at Fremont Street Experience, and even we haven’t had a tour of the control room!

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street Experience. You sort of can’t miss it. Even from the surface of Jupiter.

While the tours are free, space is limited, and some require registration, so jump on that.

Find out all about the Science is Everywhere tours on the official site. The tours are suitable for all ages, making them a great thing to add to your list of “family-friendly things to do in Las Vegas.”

Although this blog tends to avoid anything related to “learning” or “personal growth,” we are not against getting special access to Vegas attractions, so we’re going to be busy when Science is Everywhere rolls around.

Your Mile-High Club Membership is Assured With Love Cloud Las Vegas

We are seriously not making this up. A company in Las Vegas now offers couples the opportunity to join the Mile-High Club without having to sneak a quickie in a cramped airplane lavatory. Not that we’d personally know anything about that, other than that one time. In our dreams.

Love Cloud offers a variety of packages which include a flight in a twin-engine Cessna 421 named the “Golden Eagle,” although, honestly, we could have come up with approximately 17,450 better names.

Love Cloud

You’ll carry on a carry-on, then carry on.

The basic service costs $799 for 40 minutes, so about a third of the time this blog would require.

No worries if you need more time, it’s available for an additional charge. Fly for an hour for $999 or one-and-a-half hours for $1,299. Wedding packages are also available, although why you’d want to ruin an otherwise awesome sexcursion, we have no idea.

Love Cloud

That’s not turbulence, that’s enthusiasm!

Thanks to Love Cloud for the pics.

The Love Cloud service has a sightseeing component, although we’re not sure who’d have the time or energy to actually look out a window. During the day, flights tour Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Meade and The Strip. At night, flights stick to the Las Vegas area with a final low pass of The Strip.

The plane makes sure to hit a cruising altitude of 5,280 feet, exactly one mile. Hey, we weren’t kidding about the Mile-High Club thing.

The interior of the six seat Cessna is customized with a custom foam mattress and a Liberator Heart Wedge, which we didn’t know about until right now, but which appears to be one of the best inventions, ever.

Bonus: Your pilot wears a noise-canceling headset, so have at it.

For the germaphobes, have no fear. After every flight a crew boards to do a thorough cleaning, including replacing sheets, pillow covers and towels, so everything’s ready for the next flight.

We haven’t heard any reviews yet, but this new service is making worldwide news, for obvious reasons. Get all the details here.

We’ll let you know how it goes. Just as soon as our rich uncle kicks the bucket. Until then, the lavatory it is.

“Las Vegas: The Game” Blurs Fiction and Reality, Touts Unique Vegas Experience

Remember that 1997 flick, “The Game,” starring Michael Douglas as a bajillionaire whose brother (played by Sean Penn) gives him a birthday present that takes him on a wild ride blurring the lines between fiction and reality? Well, there’s a company promising to do just that, with a Las Vegas spin.

The service is called Las Vegas: The Game, and customers are invited to choose one of three “interactive experiences” designed to provide an unforgettable time in Sin City while pranking friends and loved ones in the process.

Las Vegas: The Game

Las Vegas already blurs the line between fiction into reality. Las Vegas: The Game promises to make it even blurrier.

Here’s how it works.

Las Vegas: The Game’s team of pranksters orchestrates a night on the town that seems to unfold naturally, but which is actually scripted. “Game engineers” work with clients to customize their experience, with events culminating in a “reveal” of the shenanigans at the end of the night. The services of Las Vegas: The Game are especially suited to groups such as bachelor and bachelorette parties and corporate events.

The first of three “games” is “Night Out,” a nightlife tour for up to 30 guests that begins under the guise of a standard pub crawl (hosted by a fictitious tour company). The game introduces revelers “to the shady, strange and outrageous world of Vegas,” and includes a cast of characters, luxury transportation, complimentary drinks and VIP club access. This package lasts about three hours, and the cost is $149 per person. Get the details.

“Prank A-La-Carte” is a one-off gag that can fit into an existing itinerary. The company gives these examples, “Let’s say your brother gets arrested by a bounty hunter or your best friend marries a girl he just met.” Gags include “Mistaken Identity,” “Hit & Run,” “Dinner Disaster,” “Secret Admirer,” “Your Very Own Hangover” and others. These one-off pranks start at $500. Details here.

“BeSpoke” is the third game, and is described as an “immersive, interactive production built around the personalities and background of each party.” Las Vegas: The Game gathers details from your target’s life and designs an experience using professional actors and a script. No price is provided for this game, so we take that to mean “alarmingly expensive.” Learn more.

Las Vegas: The Game

Sure, the whole concept has “awkward” written all over it, but maybe it’ll be the good kind of awkward.

The guys behind Las Vegas: The Game are Chad Hardy and Justin Oswald of Hardy Oswald Entertainment. We have no idea who they are, but we appreciate the creativity required to at least attempt something other than yet another cookie-cutter VIP nightclub deal.

Find out more about this new service at the Las Vegas: The Game official site, or follow them on Twitter. Here’s the official news release because, in Las Vegas, those are always awesome and understated.

The jury’s still out on this quirky enterprise, so please let us know if you give it a try.

Please Ignore This Massive Sign, There is No Trader Bill’s

We love this vintage sign at downtown’s Fremont Street Experience. But, truth be told, there’s no such place as Trader Bill’s.

Trader Bill's

Don’t believe everything you read.

The Trader Bill’s souvenir shop went away some time ago, but the gorgeous, distressed sign remains. It points to a Harley-Davidson shop.

Angel Porrino Exits “Absinthe,” Pasties, Tap Shoes, Balloon and All

One of the sexiest, and certainly the weirdest, variety acts in “Absinthe” (arguably the best show in Las Vegas) is no more.

Angel Perrino has parted ways with “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace just a few weeks shy of her third anniversary with the award-winning adult carnival.

In “Absinthe,” Porrino tap danced topless (pasties were involved), inside a giant balloon. Yeah, so, a lot of subtext and character arc were involved.

Angel Porrino

Losing a gig on The Strip blows.

Angel Perrino snagged her part in “Absinthe” after a stint in the reality show “Holly’s World,” following the exploits of Holly Madsion, who snagged her part in the now-closed “Peepshow” after a stint in the reality show “The Girls Next Door.” Ah, the circularity of the universe. Perrino’s first day on the job at “Absinthe” was April 19, 2011 (her last was March 26, 2014) and her segment of the show quickly became one of its most buzzed-about.

The reasons for her departure from “Absinthe” are a little cloudy. We asked why she’s no longer with the show, and she was nice enough to respond, “No reason was given! We just outgrew each other!”

Angel Porrino

Las Vegas birth control.

We then asked “Absinthe” why she’s no longer with the show, and were told, “We can confirm that Angel Porrino is no longer performing in ‘Absinthe.’ We wish her the best of luck in future endeavors.”

So, yeah, PR-speak for “fired, possibly difficult.”

Since we’re left filling in the blanks for ourselves, here’s our best guess: At the time Porrino was hired, “Holly’s World” was getting quite a bit of buzz, and Porrino was sort of a draw. She was probably getting a nice chunk of change for five minutes of work per show, too. As time has passed, her value as a marketing tool has declined, and “Absinthe” seems to have a virtually limitless supply of excellent variety acts, so Porrino’s services were unnecessarily expensive and no longer needed.

The luster wore off, time to move on.

We’ll be interested to see what’s next for Angel Porrino. She probably deserves to be known for something beyond riding her estranged friend Holly Madison’s coattails (they no longer speak) and tap dancing topless. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Blue Man Group Offers a New Backstage Tour We Can’t Wait to Take

Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo has begun offering guests a new backstage tour of one of the quirkiest, most entertaining shows in Las Vegas.

The 90-minute “Onstage Experience” costs $299 per person and is hosted by members of the show’s cast and crew. (So, it’s a backstage tour, onstage. Please try and keep up.)

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group members sign autographs with a smudge of blue paint.

The tour includes taking a closer look at Blue Man Group’s inventive instruments and props, as well as a music lesson on the show’s PVC instruments. Guests will also try their hand at the show’s memorable marshmallow toss.

The “Onstage Experience” package includes a Premium View ticket to any available performance (you don’t have to attend the show on the day you take the tour), a post-show meet-and-greet, a free cocktail, T-shirt and souvenir.

The new tour happens every Sunday at 2:00 p.m., and packages must be purchased by noon the Friday before the tour.

Find out more about this tour we suspect will be awesome, because it’s flipping Blue Man Group, on the show’s official site.