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Quite Possibly Our Favorite Casino, Ever

We love casinos. The sounds. The sights. The smells. Well, the sounds and sights, anyway.

When it comes to casinos, we definitely have our favorites. This could be our favorite Las Vegas casino of all time.

Rum casino

Two of our favorite things, inexorably linked.

What’s not to love?

In case you haven’t already guessed, we cheated just a teensy bit with our photo. This is actually the Forum Casino at Caesars Palace.

Life is all about perspective, though, and we choose to see this as the Rum Casino.

Because in Las Vegas, you get to play what you want, be who you want and crop photos the way you want.

Feel free to put that on a travel brochure, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Tom Green and His Remaining Testicle Perform Series of Shows at Hard Rock Las Vegas

Starting March 7, 2014, out-there comedian Tom Green will begin a series of shows at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, “The Tom Green Show: An Outrageous Evening of Comedy, Satire & Storytelling.” The show runs through April 28.

This marks the debut of the comedian’s irreverent one-man show, which promises stand-up comedy along with “insightful satirical storytelling that will take the audience on a wild ride of sights, sounds, music and laughter.”

The show is also described as a “multimedia assault on the senses,” which we’re thinking the producers of the show view as a good thing.

Tom Green

In addition to TV and film appearances, Tom Green had a short-lived career as a rapper in the 1990s. His stage name was MC Face. We are not making this up.

Green’s big break came as the host of MTV’s “The Tom Green Show.” He later went on to appear in the films “Road Trip” and “Charlie’s Angels.” Green was once married to “Charlie’s Angels” co-star Drew Barrymore.

Green currently hosts “Tom Green Live” on Marc Cuban’s AXS TV, whatever that might actually be.

Tom Green made headlines in 2000 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, considered by many to be the funniest of all cancers.

Green wrote and starred in “The Tom Green Cancer Special,” which documented the lead-up to his surgery. Thankfully, Green is now cancer-free.

Tickets to Green’s sure-to-shock show at the Hard Rock start at $38.50. Get tickets.

Hakkasan Named Nightclub of the Year in Las Vegas Nightclub and Bar Awards

Nightclub & Bar Media Group, an organization we didn’t exactly know existed until five minutes ago, has announced its 2014 Nightclub & Bar Awards.

The oontz-tastic Hakkasan at MGM Grand prevailed as the best nightclub in Las Vegas, with runners-up Light (Mandalay Bay) and XS (Encore) hot on its heels. Light won “Best Concept of the Year,” too.


Trivia for “Star Trek” fans: An anagram for Hakkasan is “Ask a Khan.”

Encore Beach took “Dayclub of the Year” honors.

Prevailing in the category of “Cocktail Bar of the Year” was Laundry Room at Commonwealth, downtown.


Way to grab some award love for downtown, Commonwealth.

Ghostbar at Palms was named “Lounge of the Year,” and Diplo was named “Resident DJ of the Year” for his or her mastery of pushing buttons at XS/Surrender.

See the full list of award winners.

We love awards. And not just because when you do a blog post about awards, you can pretty much just list all the awards, and put random things in “quotation marks,” and you don’t have to “write” anything.

Special thanks to the Nightclub & Bar Media Group, whomever they might be, for going to Hakkasan so we didn’t have to.

Oh, Hell, No! Godzilla Did Not Just Wreak Some Havoc on the Las Vegas Strip

We used to think Godzilla was just misunderstood. Now, we think he’s a jerk.

There’s a new “Godzilla” movie scheduled for release on May 16, 2014, with the former star of “Breaking Bad,” Bryan Cranston, doing his best to devastate what appeared to be a promising career.

But the main devastation we’re concerned about is the devastation below!


Watch where you step, you scaly bastard!

Godzilla is coming to the Las Vegas Strip, and the results aren’t pretty.

See the full scope of the havoc-wreaking, including The Quad in ruins, Harrah’s in a world of hurt, the Flamingo in flames, the Eiffel Tower suffering from some serious dysfunction and The Strip filled with more debris than the morning after New Year’s Eve.

We are not cleaning this up.

Here’s a look at the trailer for the new “Godzilla.” Thirty seconds in, Las Vegas gets ripped a new one by this mutated, Vegas-hating lizard.

“Godzilla” flicks in recent years haven’t done all that well, so the filmmakers are probably just trying to get some of our Las Vegas mojo.

Godzilla movie

Las Vegas doesn’t need a king, thanks. It already has The King.

We don’t mind movies using Las Vegas as a backdrop, as long as they put everything back when they’re done.

The jury’s still out on “Godzilla,” but anything with some Las Vegas can’t be half bad. (Actual results may vary. We’re looking at you, “Oceans 13.”)

Thanks to Markus of the Five Hundy by Midnight podcast Facebook group for the find.

Buzz’n Brushes is a Creative, Family-Friendly Diversion at the Orleans

It might be the last thing you’d think of doing in a Las Vegas casino, but you might want to think again.

Buzz’n Brushes, at the off-Strip Orleans hotel, brings together crafts, alcohol consumption, delicious food and socializing for a fun alternative to the typical casino experience. Here’s the story.

Buzz'n Brushes

Let’s dip our brushes, shall we?

Buzz’n Brushes costs $35, but includes a free cocktail, so we’re already off to a great start.

Buzz'n Brushes

Full bar, no waiting.

Guests get paint brushes and paints, and a canvas upon which to create their master work. Trust us, your results may vary.

The “class” is led by an instructor who not only teaches some painting basics, but also serves as a sort of hostess of the party. And it does feel like a party, because the “buzz” in Buzz’n Brushes is definitely a significant part of what makes this activity so fun.

Buzz'n Brushes

The step-by-step instructions are so easy, even we could follow along.

There’s a hotel bar and bartender dedicated to those in attendance (after the free drink, cocktails run in the $5 range), and there’s also a pizza chef ready to make fresh flatbread pizza. The pizza alone is worth giving Buzz’n Brushes a try!

The pizza isn’t included in the class charge, but the prices are reasonable.

Buzz'n Brushes pizza

The other art at Buzz’n Brushes.

The painting process is done at a leisurely pace, and participants re-create a painting chosen by the team at Buzz’n Brushes. Our painting involved “candy birds.”

To be candid, given the nature of the Buzz’n Brushes session, we expected it to be populated mainly with women, but there was a balanced mix of men, women and children. We enjoyed it a lot, and we’re a dude, so it’s a non-gender-specific experience.

Buzz'n Brushes

While there’s some structure, everybody gets to do their own thing.

Breaks are taken throughout the evening, allowing for the paint to dry, with the time being filled with liquor consumption and games with prizes like more free cocktails. Starting to see a pattern here?

The staff at Buzz’n Brushes is friendly, charming and exceedingly patient, as you might guess.

While this crafty thing to do in Las Vegas might not be everyone’s cup of tea, or Cabernet Sauvignon, the fun-for-the-whole-family aspect might be just what you’re looking for.

Buzz'n Brushes

Our session was populated by a lot of cute.

While there’s a lot of painting, it’s not really the point of the whole enterprise. The point is to have a blast, and Buzz’n Brushes delivers.

Buzz'n Brushes

Talent not required, but it doesn’t hurt.

Reservations at Buzz’n Brushes are recommended, but not required. You can visit the official site to see which painting is being done during a certain session.

There’s a virtually limitless list of things to do in Las Vegas. Now, go make art or something.

Buzz'n Brushes

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Changes Continue at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, This Time at Chandelier Lounge

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas recently unveiled an expansion of its Bond Lounge, and it appears the snazzy Strip hotel has more surprises in store with fresh construction on the lower level of the Chandelier Lounge.

Cosmo construction


Within just the last couple of days, several construction walls have sprung up.

Chandelier Lounge

We think of them less as construction walls, more as wrapping paper, with surprises inside.

Of course, we’re never content to just look at construction walls, so we made sure to take a peek over the walls at the work being done.

The lower level of Chandelier Lounge appears to be in the throes of a serious dismantling.

Chandelier Bar

Chandelier Lounge has gone to pieces.

It appears some Las Vegas newness is on the horizon!

We’ll keep an eye on the construction, but trust the Cosmopolitan won’t disappoint. Because when a hotel can provide a view like the one below, to us, it can do no wrong.

Cosmopolitan view

This is why we want to kiss Las Vegas on the mouth.