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This Just About Says It All

The sentiment below was making the rounds in reference to cupcakes. We think it applies even more to Las Vegas.

That just about covers it.

That just about covers it.

Las Vegas Skydiver Breaks Indoor Somersault World Record

Brad Hess, of Vegas Indoor Skydiving, has broken the world record for doing the most forward somersaults in a wind tunnel in one minute.

Hess grabbed the record with 53 somersaults on Feb. 8, 2014.

Indoor Skydiving Las Vegas

In indoor skydiving parlance, this is referred to as “Wheee!”

A visit to Vegas Indoor Skydiving is one of the more interesting non-casino things to do in Las Vegas.

A vertical wind tunnel is used to give daredevils the skydiving experience, without the need to jump out of a functioning airplane. (It’s a lot cheaper than actual skydiving, too.)

Brad Hess is general manager of Vegas Indoor Skydiving, and crushed the former record of 37 somersaults. Because Vegas, that’s how.

Indoor Skydiving

Take that, parachutes.

Thanks to Vegas Indoor Skydiving for the photos.

Here’s a look at what crazy people do with their free time.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving is located at 200 Convention Center Drive, not far from the Riviera, and mere feet from the former home of Silver City Casino. Like that helps.

Just visit their official site, already, and take a leap.

Panty-Dropper Cocktail: The Drop Trop at Cosmopolitan

Have we got some social lubricant for you!

The Drop Trop cocktail at the Cosmopolitan is a great way to get a special someone in the mood to drop trou.

Drop Trop cocktail

The frothy part was downright delicious, too.

The Drop Trop has Belvedere Citrus vodka, Yuzu sour, Domaine de Canton ginger-flavored liqueur and lemon juice.

This cocktail is $14, unless you’re playing video poker at the bar, then it’s on the house.

A Killer Tip to Squeeze the Most From Your Slot Play

We’re always looking for ways to get a little edge in the casino, and here’s a free tip that takes zero effort but which can reap untold rewards.

When you’re playing a slot machine with your loyalty club card, try leaving it in the machine when you’re done.

Why would you do that? There’s a chance the person who plays on the machine next won’t notice your card in the slot. If they don’t have one of their own, their play will be credited to your card, which can result in lots of points being racked up despite the fact you’re long gone!

Loyalty points are awesome because they translate into free food, show tickets, comped rooms and more.

Loyalty club cards

Mo’ points, mo’ stuff.

Even if this strategy doesn’t pan out, it costs nothing to try, and when you return to the casino, you can just get a fresh card at the loyalty club desk.

In fact, get two. Let a friend who’s not a member of the loyalty club use your card when they play (again, more points!), and you can both leave cards in your machines when you leave.

It’s a bit of a gamble, but there’s no down side! Have fun, and as always, stick it to The Man.

While we’re on the subject of these cards, take a look at our 11 Alternate Uses for Your Casino Players Club Card. Sample below.

Casino players card

Boom, as the kids say.

Update: Here’s a possible caveat from Vital Vegas commenter, Dean, who says, “The danger with this is someone else may take your card and attempt to use it for comps. I know that employees are supposed to ask for ID along with players card to utilize points, but it doesn’t always happen. I had a friend who had over $300 in comps used at a steakhouse once and it was a pain to get these restored. If you have any significant balance in your players clubs account, I would advise against this strategy as the potential risk is far greater than the potential reward.” We haven’t heard of this happening before, but good to know.

If You’re Looking for an Amazing Value in Las Vegas, Try a $20 Massage

Sometimes in Las Vegas, you have to take a leap of faith to make a great discovery.

We did just that and found the Bali Foot Spa, about five minutes off The Strip in Chinatown.

Bali Foot Spa

Not your typical Las Vegas spa experience, to say the least.

So, what’s the deal?

In a town where hotel spas often charge hundreds for an hour-long massage (or more accurately, a 50-minute massage), Bali Foot Spa charges $20.

Here’s how it works. You can make a reservation, or just walk in. There’s not a lot of English spoken here, so make sure what you’re saying is understood when making a reservation.

When you arrive, you don’t pay. You pay at the end of your visit.

You don’t have to describe what kind of massage you’d like, because it only happens one way.

There aren’t separate massage rooms, but a big, open space (dark, too) with partitions. That’s a little disorienting, but you’ll get used to it.

Your masseuse or masseur greets you and puts your feet in warm water. Note: We’re not entirely sure what to call these folks, as we have no idea how much training they have. We’re sure the expensive massage therapists would say none, but we decided to take our chances. Vegas is a gamble, baby!

Bali Foot Spa Las Vegas

Bali Foot Spa looks like it’s in a strip mall mainly because it’s in a strip mall.

Unlike most spas, you keep your clothes on (other than your socks) for this massage, although guys can take their shirts off if they’d like.

The massages at Bali Foot Spa are a little strange at times. They start on your head, neck and scalp, then they work the shoulders, arms and hands. The massages don’t really have the finesse you get in a higher-end spa, but again, this full-hour massage costs $20.

Eventually, the feet get massaged (about five of the 60 minutes), and at one point, we’re fairly sure a petite Asian woman was standing on our back.

Overall, the massage is relaxing and invigorating. Some of the massage techniques can be uncomfortable at times (we like our massages soft, not rough), but we suspect giving feedback would help prevent that.

When your time’s up, it’s up. No small talk. Pay and move along.

Guests should tip, of course. We went for another $20, but $10 would probably be fine.

We should probably mention this, specifically, but there’s no happy ending here. Actually, there’s nothing seedy whatsoever about the experience, and we trust suggestions of anything more than a clothed massage happening would be met with a kung fu five finger death punch.

Bali Foot Spa

Say what you want, but this place is very, very popular.

It might be informative to hear what others are saying on Yelp about Bali Foot Spa before visiting.

If this sounds up your alley, you can find the Bali Foot Spa at 5599 Spring Mountain Rd. The phone number is 702- 456-0003. It doesn’t have a Web site that we can find.

Good luck, and tell them we sent you. They won’t have any idea what you’re saying, but don’t let that stop you.

Today’s New Vegas Show We’re Not the Audience For: “Divorce Party Las Vegas” at Bally’s

A new show, “Divorce Party Las Vegas,” described as “the ultimate girls’ night out experience” is coming to Bally’s Las Vegas starting March 8, 2014.

The 80-minute show will happen in the hotel’s Windows Showroom, and “uses laughs, songs and the occasional shock factor to explore the realities of divorce, long term relationships and moving on.”

Divorce Party Las Vegas

Divorce: It’s a hoot.

“Divorce Party Las Vegas” uses the familiar device of giving popular songs new lyrics. Be on the lookout for copious references to implants, tummy-tucks, muffin tops, cougars and cankles, as well as the occasional hymen pun.

Here’s a look at the estrogenfest to come.

The show has some history, with performances across the country, and has also been called “Divorce Party The Musical.”

One of the show’s producers, Mark Schwartz, was also involved in the off-Broadway “Menopause The Musical,” to which comparisons are inevitable.

The show is a collaboration by Schwartz, co-author Amy Botwinick and director Jay Falzone.

Tickets to “Divorce Party Las Vegas” are $49 and $65. VIP tickets are $80 and include a round of specialty drinks, “premier seating” and a meet-and-greet with the cast.

Visit the show’s official site for further information and details about the cast.

“Divorce Party Las Vegas” isn’t our thing, but we’re also not a woman of a certain age. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Let us know what you think.