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Downtown’s Golden Gate Will Rename Its Casino Bar in Honor of Repeal Day

Oh, Prohibition.

Back in the 1920s, some bonehead politicians got it into their heads that banning the sale, production and transportation of alcoholic beverages was a good idea. So, you know, the opposite of Las Vegas.

Prohibition started in 1920 and ended on Dec. 5, 1933, and the anniversary of Repeal Day is as good an excuse as any for a celebration featuring hooch!

In honor of the day, downtown’s Golden Gate will permanently change the name of its casino bar to Bar Prohibition.

Golden Gate casino

There may also be some gambling.

Of course, the Golden Gate will offer a Prohibition Cocktail Menu to mark the occasion, including new takes on classic cocktails like the “Flaming Side Car,” “The Prohibition” and an “Italian Kiss.”

The cocktails will be served in coffee mugs, a nod to one of the ways Prohibition-era drinkers out-smarted The Man.

Golden Gate casino Las Vegas

The Golden Gate. Giving your liver a workout since 1906.

Beyond the new Bar Prohibition, the Golden Gate also has two outside bars, One Bar and the newly-opened Stage Bar.

As the oldest operating hotel-casino in Las Vegas (it opened in the aforementioned 1906), the Golden Gate is the perfect place to celebrate Repeal Day in Las Vegas.

12 Treats You’ll Be Tempted to Fornicate With at M Resort’s Baby Cakes Bakery

Don’t get us wrong. This Las Vegas blog is not recommending you fornicate with baked goods, necessarily.

We’re just saying there are some temptations inside the Baby Cakes Artisan Bakery at M Resort you might be tempted to go all the way with.


You have a one track mind.

M Resort is about 15 minutes south of The Strip, and it’s one of our favorite places to eat, drink, gamble and fornicate. Although, not always in that order.

Las Vegas bakery

We’re only human.

Baby Cakes is just off the casino floor at M Resort. It’s open 24 hours a day, for all your reckless caloric intake needs.

Las Vegas confections

Technically, this is healthy food, right?

Aside from the titular cakes at Baby Cakes, the shop also boasts freshly-made pastries and artisan breads.

Baby Cakes cupcakes

Fact: Cupcakes have fewer calories if you eat them super slowly, probably.

The biggest dilemma at Baby Cakes is narrowing down your options.


Self-restraint isn’t in our vocabulary. Then again, neither is concupiscent, although it probably should be.

Oh, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Baby Cakes also boasts some of the best gelato in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas gelato

Note: Fornicating with gelato may make it melt faster. Allegedly.

Here, then, are a dozen random samples of the patisserie (a fancy word for bakery) experience that awaits at Baby Cakes inside M Resort Las Vegas.

Baby Cakes Artisan Bakery at M Resort

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[img src=]1740
[img src=]1470
[img src=]1530
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[img src=]1490
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Three Kick-Ass Burgers at Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR

Business is booming at Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR at Planet Hollywood, and for good reason. The burgers are reliably good, and the cocktails and desserts are icing on the cake.

Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR is such a hit, in fact, we hear a yet-to-be-announced expansion of the 5,660-square-foot restaurant is in the works. The planned expansion is likely to swallow up the abutting Extra Lounge, although the details aren’t available at the moment. (Please keep the bar, Planet Hollywood. We’ve had great luck on those video poker machines.) Once closed, the Extra Lounge brand is likely to be relocated, possibly to The Linq.


We’re not sure why they capitalized the “GR” in BurGR. We should ask Gordon Ramsay, whose initials, by the way, are “GR.”

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay has two other restaurants on The Strip with his name on them, Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas and Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace.

Since good things come in threes, here are three stand-out burgers at BurGR.

1. Farm Burger

The Farm Burger ($15) boasts a pattie made of a blend of three meats: chuck (50%), short rib (25%) and brisket (25%). The Farm Burger is topped with duck breast bacon, English sharp cheddar cheese and a fried egg.


BurGR burgers are grilled over apple and alder wood. The restaurant opens at 11:00 a.m., so technically, that’s morning wood.

2. Hell’s Kitchen Burger

Named after Chef Ramsay’s popular reality show, the Hell’s Kitchen Burger ($14) again has a three-meat pattie, plus asadero cheese, roasted jalapeno peppers, avocado and oven-roasted tomatoes.

Hell's Kitchen burger

“Hell’s Kitchen” has been on Fox for 11 seasons and 165 episodes. Every episode has included at least one word starting with the letter “f.”

3. Damnation Chicken Burger

The Damnation Chicken Burger is dressed with fiery hot mayo, maytag bleu cheese, celery and carrot slaw.

Damnation Burger

You may want to order this one with a side of fire extinguisher.

Whichever burger you try, save room for a BurGR shake! Our favorite is named “Shake #4” ($9) with crème brûlée pudding on top and Oreo shake down below. While $9 might sound a bit steep for a shake, remember, the funky accent marks over the letters in “crème brûlée” are included at no additional charge.

BurGR shake

The aforementioned fire extinguisher.

See the full BurGR menu on the restaurant’s official site.

Make sure to show your Total Rewards player’s club card to get a buck off just about everything on the menu.

Sugar Factory Expansion Under Way at Paris Las Vegas

The Sugar Factory restaurant and store at Paris Las Vegas is moving ahead with an expansion of its outdoor patio.

Patio seating, of course, is at a premium given the prime location of Sugar Factory, and the restaurant will soon be giving Mon Ami Gabi restaurant (also at Paris) a run for its money in terms of world-class people-watching.

At the moment, work is being done on the sidewalk along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Sugar Factory Paris Las Vegas

Yes, in Las Vegas, certain sidewalks are news.

The expansion will also include the addition of trees and shrubs. Not all that appetizing, but the dessert below might be.

Cookie Jar Sundae

Cut to a gratuitous photo of the Cookie Jar Sundae, one of our favorite desserts at Sugar Factory.

Beyond the expansion of its Paris Las Vegas location, Sugar Factory recently opened another outpost at Town Square, just south of the Las Vegas Strip, in the former location of the Meatball Spot (which will soon re-open at Planet Hollywood).

Cotton Candy Cosmo

One cannot live by desserts alone, so try the Cotton Candy Cosmo. Doesn’t count as a dessert if it’s in a glass.

There are also Sugar Factory stores at The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand and The Mirage. Here’s more about Sugar Factory.

Six Fun Las Vegas Slushy Drink Cups

In Las Vegas, some people love their fancy cocktails. Others, however, prefer an over-sized slushy drink in a clever slushy drink cup.

Here are some of our favorites, of the slushy drink cup variety.

1. Golden Gate’s Go-Go Cup

This one might be our very favorite. It’s the Golden Gate’s go-go dancer drink cup. A little sass, a little old-school class.

Golden Gate cup

Fill it up with whatever, it’ll run you about $35. You can also get them at the Golden Gate’s sister hotel, The D, both downtown.

2. Treasure Island’s Skull Cup

Alas, the “Sirens of TI” show has closed for good, but you can still grab some pirate booty with this keepsake cup.

TI drink cup

Also popular with zombies.

3. PBR Rock Bar’s Bull

Easily the most awkward of the slushy drink receptacles presented here, you can get this keeper at PBR Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood.

PBR Rock Bar bull cup

We trust they’re being ironic.

4. Stage Bar Vegas Sign Cup

The Golden Nugget recently opened its outdoor Stage Bar, and dutifully offers a cup shaped like the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. A little on-the-nose, but we love it.

Las Vegas sign cup

Save some room in your suitcase for this baby.

5. Planet Hollywood’s Cup and Chain

You’re either serious about slushy drinks or you’re not. If you’re serious, how can you resist a blinged-out cup with a neck chain. Because carrying things is lame.

A sure-fire way to never lose your slushy drink.

A sure-fire way to never lose your slushy drink.

6. The Gilley’s Boot

Cowpokes and ordinary folk alike love the boot cups at Gilley’s inside Treasure Island.

Gilley's boot cup

Add an extra shot to your frozen drink for a bit more kick.

So, what’s your favorite slushy drink cup? Ever get an Eiffel Tower-shaped cup at Paris Las Vegas, or one of the many slushy drink guitars around town?

12 Las Vegas Things to Be Thankful For on Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving, and we’re feeling appreciative for lots of things Las Vegas has to offer.

1. Lucky’s Coming Back to O’Sheas

We’re not just happy O’Sheas is coming back at The Linq, we’re doubly happy Lucky the Leprechaun (Brian Thomas) will be returning, too. This little dude with a big heart knows how to host a party.

Lucky the Leprechaun

Lucky’s been around, there just hasn’t been an O’Sheas for him to be around in. O’Sheas opens in December at The Linq.

2. Vegas Ink

While we don’t personally have any tats, we appreciate some great Vegas-themed ink.

Vegas Vicky tattoo

A little Flamingo, a little Vegas Vicky.

3. “Sirens of TI” Has Been Put Out of Our Misery

Honestly, it was about time this clunker of a show at Treasure Island was scuttled. Are we thrilled it was closed to make way for a shopping mall? Not really, but “Sirens of TI” was one of the few shows in Las Vegas that could make a pharmacy seem entertaining.

Sirens of TI

We’re fams of eye candy, but we’re still thankful somebody mercifully pulled the plug on “Sirens of TI.”

4. Gelato

Las Vegas has some of the best gelato in the known universe, and for that, and treadmills, we’re forever thankful.


“Gelato” is the Italian word for ice cream. It just sounds so much more romantic than ice cream.

5. Downtown Grand

Anytime a new hotel opens in Las Vegas, like the recently-unveiled Downtown Grand, we’re thankful. There are new restaurants to try, new gaming chips to collect and new mattresses to jump on. Not that we’d do that, of course.

Downtown Grand

Downtown Grand is in downtown Las Vegas. It’s cleverly named like that.

6. Liquid Lapdance

Liquid Lapdance is a special undergarment to enhance the lapdance experience. ‘Nuff said.

Liquid Lapdance

A thousand times, thank you.

7. High Roller

The High Roller is the world’s tallest observation wheel. We might have mentioned it a time or two in this Las Vegas blog.

High Roller

We loves our Precious.

8. Sin City Doesn’t Give a Damn

Las Vegas has always gotten high marks for sass, and we’re thankful that feisty spirit never abates. If you’re looking for political correctness, you’re simply in the wrong place.

Candy bra

When it comes to being itself, you just can’t lick Las Vegas.

9. SlotZilla Zip Line

The SlotZilla zip line attraction in downtown Las Vegas is nearing completion, and it’s a doozy.


Las Vegas has got the creation of larger-than-life attractions wired.

10. Extraordinary Meat

In Las Vegas, it seems like there’s a spectacular steak around every corner. You can get tasty filet mignon, get steak at a restaurant that doubles as a nightclub, and Las Vegas even has a cut of beef named after it.

Steak and lobster

The seafood in Las Vegas rates a mention, too, of course.

11. Social Lubricants

They come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, and we’re thankful for them all.


Las Vegas has a boundless bounty of booze.

12. Hotties

They come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, and we’re thankful for them all.


There are no words to express our appreciation. Thankfully, they also accept tips.

So, let’s hear it. What Las Vegas things are you thankful for?

Have a great Thanksgiving, and thanks for visiting this humble Las Vegas. It means the world to us.