11 Reasons You Need to Visit The Strat Again

There’s a lot more to love about The Strat since the last time you visited.

Golden Entertainment bought Stratosphere back in 2017, and a $140 million renovation and rebrand ensued. Now, Stratosphere is The Strat, which totally spoils the surprise of item number one on our list. Oh, well.

Please enjoy our hastily slapped-together list of wildly compelling reasons you need to go back to The Strat.

1. Stratosphere is The Strat

Stratosphere became The Strat in Feb. 2019. Lots of folks already called it The Strat, but the rebrand made it official. Golden Entertainment saved a ton of money by giving Stratosphere a streamlined name rather than having to start from scratch with an entirely new one.

Strat casino sign

The Strat’s official new name is The Strat Hotel, Casino and SkyPod. The “SkyPod” is just the tip. And, yes, some photo captions write themselves.

2. Sexy New Chips

Along with the resort’s new name came a roll-out of some fancy new casino chips. We love them, and yes, we understanding loving a casino chip is a little weird, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Worth noting: Your previously-issued Stratosphere chips expire on Dec. 9, 2019, so cash ’em if you got ’em.

Strat chips

We can only afford to collect the $1 chips. We are not an Adelson.

3. Sparkly Table Games Area

Golden put its money where its casino is with the unveil of a new casino table games area. We hit the new table games area on the day it opened, being the first person to roll the dice on a beautiful new craps table. Over the next 24 minutes, we personally contributed financially to the renovation of The Strat. Note: We’ve since made it back, and much more, on video poker.

Strat casino

Light blue is associated with health, tranquility, understanding and doubling down on blackjacks, or at least those first few things.

And adjoining section of the casino has a different look. We try not to play favorites.

Strat casino

The Strat has its groove back.

4. Enlightened Selfie Policy

While The Strat has a lot of great changes happening, this is one of our most beloved: You can take photos in the casino. Shocker, right? The Strat is one of the few casinos in town that has an actual clue when it comes to allowing guests to take selfies at the tables. It says so right on the felt, and it’s a huge step in Las Vegas casinos moving away from outdated policies that only serve to annoy customers. Bravo, bigtime, Strat.

Strat selfie

Common courtesy still applies, of course. No photos of guys with their mistresses.

5. Blvd. & Main Taphouse

We’ve been working our way through the menu at Strat’s new Blvd. & Main Taphouse restaurant and we’ve yet to have anything that wasn’t great. We look forward to tapping that again soon.

Strat Blvd. & Main

The fish and chips are consistently fleek. Stop rolling your eyes, we’re using “fleek” ironically.

6. View Lounge

We’re not entirely sure how the new View Lounge became one of our favorite places to play in all of Las Vegas, but it has. This casino bar and lounge not only looks great, but the machines feel loose, the bartenders are top notch (and visually appealing) and you can get anything on the Blvd. & Main menu at the bar. There’s honestly no reason to leave View Lounge, ever.

View Lounge Strat

Your video poker and hooch needs are handled: It’s View on The Strip (at The Strat) and Vue downtown (at The D).

7. Remix

As if one great casino bar and lounge weren’t enough, The Strat built two. Behold Remix.


You can never have too many casino bars. Or just bars, come to think of it.

Remix made its debut very recently and, again, the video poker machines feel generous and the drinks are far better than they have to be. The signature cocktails are well worth exploring, including this gorgeous purple thing called the Jumping Empress.


The sacrifices we make to bring you all the latest cocktail news.

8. Top of the World Revamp

The Top of the World restaurant at Strat has long been on the short list of must-do restaurants in Las Vegas. The restaurant recently got an overhaul, including an entirely new menu. Combined with the stunning views, and Messermeister steak knives (whatever those might be), Top of the World isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an experience, and it’s not to be missed.

Top of the World

Our photography is so good, we should start a blog of some sort.

9. “Celestia”

Simply put, “Celestia” is a Cirque-style show without the Cirque-style price (tickets start at a ridiculously low $29). This show, in a 30,000-square-foot tent, features dozens of acrobats and variety performers and bendy people. It also has the “Wheel of Death,” which is worth the price of admission on its own. The show has mercifully little clown, is unburdened by a plot and is a great night out for the whole family. Here’s the official Web site.


10. Free Parking

No, free parking isn’t new at The Strat, but it’s worth mentioning because, well, free parking.

Strat free parking

The Strat’s doing a lot right, and it starts and ends with free parking.

11. Make Sahara Mad

This reason to visit The Strat isn’t something new, it’s just something fun. See, Sahara has started positioning itself as one end of The Strip. They’re even using a new tagline, “The Strip starts here.” Hooey. The Strip isn’t based upon legal boundaries, it’s based upon what structures are depicted on keychains. The Strat is part of The Strip. So, when you visit The Strat, you’re sending a clear message to Sahara (formerly SLS) to get over itself. We love that.

Strat Las Vegas

Sorry, Sahara, The Strip begins (or ends) right here.

While our list covers our favorite new things, there are actually quite a few more.

The resort unveiled its “Elevate” room, a complete remodel of 311 rooms with new decor, furniture and amenities.

Strat also recently opened Strat Cafe & Wok, its 24-hour restaurant which replaced Roxy’s Diner.

Strat Cafe Wok

Roxy’s had singing. ‘Nuff said.

The Strat also has a shiny new sports book, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Also new is The Strat’s Link Lounge, named for Aristocrat’s “Link” game series, which will make fans of Lighting Link, Dragon Link and Liberty Link very happy.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention 108 Eats and 108 Drinks, two new venues on the hotel’s 108th floor. These spots are courtesy of chef James Trees, our culinary hero because of his Esther’s Kitchen downtown and Ada’s in Summerlin.

Oh, and we can’t forget the Strat’s sweet new carpeting. We probably should’ve done a top 20 list, but we are often both drunk, lazy or both.

Strat carpet

One for the casino carpet fetishists, and they are legion.

The bottom line: It’s time to visit The Strat again. Let us know what you think of all the upgrades and we’ll see you at The Strat.

26 thoughts on “11 Reasons You Need to Visit The Strat Again

  1. Josh Rocker

    The closing of the poker room and the no 3/2 blackjack was the end of my time down there. Unfortunately getting down there is inconvenient (at least until some of the North end really fills up) and I’ve found it harder and harder to justify going out of my way to get there. The remodel does look nice however and I wish them the best, because the tower is a true Vegas icon (and the only reason I last visited the Strat).

  2. Adam

    I plan on checking it out next time I’m in town, I stayed there a few times a little over a decade ago and enjoyed the casino and restraints. The rooms on the other hand were in need of some major renovations.

  3. Antonio

    My wife and I love the Strat we are locals all the reno’s are great we are there a few times a month and love everything that’s going on but the one thing that should be on their to do list is a complete revamp of their buffet

  4. Ed

    Stayed there a couple of times in the past few years paying very low rates. Free tower admission, great view from the room, free laundry and a wonderful pool with great views.

    The area is not the best though.

  5. Michael

    Seriously was holding hope that miraculously The Strat was just a place holder for a rebrand to Vegas World in all of its cheesy 2001 Space Odyssey mixed with a brothel, dumpy, shoes sticking to the floor goodness….alas the powers to be opted to swank up the place. Suppose I’ll just have to accept fate.

    That being said, this property after reopening in 1996, always seemed to suffer from an identity crisis trying to figure out what it wanted to be and dealing with the fact that people always assumed it was (a not on the strip, too far away casino) Vegas World with a shiny new paint job. The reality is, despite all the quirks and unfavorable location it had to deal with, the property is actually great. Have been there off and on since about 1998 and really the only issue I’ve ever had was just location so far away from other casinos that doesn’t really allow for walking (nor would I recommend it). Food options were good, casino and rooms were always kept up well, and employees were generally pretty friendly. Bellagio or Caesar’s its not, but I am happy to see the continued investment in the property that hasn’t lead to fates similar to other hotels that were re-branded/re-purposed (I’m looking at you SLS/Sahara, Hilton/LVH/Westgate, Linq/Quad, etc.).

  6. Melody Harden

    I visit the Stat every November for my birthday and they never disappoint me.
    I’m excited to see the changes.
    Hopefully my suite will have a better view this year.
    I’ll probably have to pay for a upgrade.

    1. STRAT

      Hi Melody! Do you follow STRAT on Facebook? If so will you please post a comment and let us know when you’ll be in town for your birthday?

  7. big gay steve

    the name to me sounds like a gay bar or sumthing along them lines… not that there is anything wrong with that….

  8. Henrik

    Great post Scott!

    I always stay at The Strat and will do so next month again, great value and great place.

    Moved from MGM and its a great experience to park free and not get all greedy fees added.

    Go Strat!

  9. JonJon J

    15. See real life tweakers. From the parking lot, from the hotel rooms, from the street. A real treasure trove of them all around
    16. Have your car stolen
    17. If walking from the Sahara, possible Adrenalin rushes as you scurry past sketchy persons
    18. Picture/imagine Bob Stupak watering down the concrete as they built the tower to save a few bucks
    19. Take your life in your hands on one of the rides
    20. Learn all about Naked City


    I visited the original Stratosphere two or three times years ago and probably still have my “Big Shot” souvenir hat around somewhere…or was it a T-shirt? Whatever.
    Anyway, I just got a comp offer from the Strat’s new management, probably based on my play in Laughlin. Free room, but not clear whether it includes the resort fee. Probably, but they could be saving it for a checkout surprise.
    From this thread I gather that they have free parking (good) but no full-pay Blackjack and no poker room (not good). That, together with the location and the neighborhood, makes it problematic. The same company closed the poker room at Colorado Belle Laughlin in June, and I think they’ll regret that eventually.
    I’ll probably take that other offer at that other off-strip property with a poker room, 3-2 Blackjack, and still barely playable video poker.

  11. Brandon Outfall

    It looks nice from the outside, but nothing inside Strat can overcome its location. It is technically downtown; as a practical matter it’s in no-man’s land. No way is there a straight-faced argument for it being part of the Strip. A walk from Strat to Sahara or Circus Circus after 10 pm, or leaving the property by foot for any purpose at that hour, is flat out dangerous.

      1. Brandon Outfall

        Last week. When was the last time you managed to waddle your way out of Craft and trundle down to Commerce or Stupak without the assistance of motors, wheels, oxygen tanks and titanium straps?

    1. Anthony Curley

      The strat to the Sahara is at least half the distance from Sahara to quirky circus so by your reckoning the Sahara is not on the strip. I have gone to the strat since 1998 and NEVER had any trouble or hassle around the strat area.its as safe as any other city.

  12. Coop

    12th reason to visit the Strat > To find Scott! No doubt locked in an access hallway that he shouldn’t have access to. No posts here in a week. Check the Wheel of Fortune machine! We Vegas junkies are needing to be fleeked.

  13. Henrik

    I walked there several times during my visits and there have been no problem, more common to be robbed by MGM than the streetpeople of Vegas 🙂


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