11 Places We’re Going When Las Vegas Gets Video Poker Bars Back

There are rumblings Las Vegas is about to get its video poker bars, and its groove, back soon. (Update, 9/17/20: Bars will reopen at 11:59 p.m. on Sep. 20, 2020.)

Bars (that don’t serve food) have been shut down for weeks due to the pandemic, including the most important bars, ones with video poker.

Let’s just say we have some pent-up demand.

While some bars have found workarounds, like free-standing video poker away from the bar, it’s just not the same, and video poker fans are champing at the bit to have their favorite places back online again.

Video poker hell

Drink or video poker at the bar, dangerous. Drink at a table next to the bar, you’re good. There will be a quiz.

Here, then, are 11 places we’re going the moment Las Vegas has its video poker bars back again.

1. Vue Bar at The D

This is at the top of our list of favorite video poker bars. The machines are generous, the bartenders are friendly and they pour liberally from the bottle. Pretty much a trifecta of video poker bar greatness.

Vue Bar at The D

Vue Bar has gotten a little competition from the new Bar Canada, but Vue still has our heart. And possibly liver.

2. Whiskey Licker Up at Binion’s

When Whiskey Licker Up opened at Binion’s, there was no video poker. We changed their mind. There are four machines at one end of the non-revolving bar, and there’s something magical about that spot. Bonus: Epic chicken tenders.

Whiskey Licker Binion's

We’re only telling you about this spot because we know you’ll relinquish your machine if we show up. Ahem.

3. Front Yard at Ellis Island

Front Yard barely had a chance to get rolling before the closures hit. While the restaurant at Front Yard is open, we need the bar back! Pours from the bottle (no guns), a great atmosphere, awesome food menu and outstanding value make Front Yard a must-do near The Strip.

Front Yard Ellis Island

Try the pretzel, it’s as big as your mother-in-law.

4. View Bar at Strat

This one’s a gem we sometimes refer to as our home away from home. View Bar at Strat is all the things we love about a video poker spot. We’ve rarely had a losing session on their machines, the drinks and service are excellent, and the food (served from the nearby PT’s Pub kitchen nearby) is top notch. Another video poker bar, Remix, is great, too, if food isn’t one of your requirements.

View at Strat

Remember when people could play video poker sitting next to each other? Weird.

5. Lobby Bar at Mirage

We don’t play at Lobby Bar a lot, but when we do, it’s mostly for nostalgia. Lobby Bar at Mirage was the first video poker bar in Vegas that used drink monitoring via a voucher system. Drink monitoring has become pretty universal in Vegas now, but sometimes we play at Lobby Bar just to chat up the bartenders and beat the house to remind them who’s boss.

Lobby Bar Mirage

Furnace at Downtown Grand probably should’ve had this spot on our list. You’re welcome, Mirage.

6. Prohibition Bar at Golden Gate

Prohibition Bar at Golden Gate is a glorious stretch of everything Vegas. Long pours, good games and a view that’s hard to beat. (Two words: Dancing dealers.) Golden Gate is a tad loud, but if you’re in the mood, it’s hard to find a better spot to settle in and flex those quads.

Prohibition Bar Golden Gate

A day without bartenders Valeria and Spyder barely qualifies as a day.

7. West Bar at Park MGM

The bar is recognizable to many, even if the name isn’t. This petite casino bar at Park MGM is the quintessential casino bar, and has just the right amount of comped drinks (you have to use a players card now), socializing and service. Park MGM reopens Sep. 20, 2020, and we suspect our bars will be back by then, so we can’t wait to visit West Bar at the first opportunity.

Park MGM West Bar

Park MGM is going smoke-free, another reason to drop some cheddar here.

8. Palace Bar at Four Queens

It’s not fancy, but Palace Bar at Four Queens downtown is nevertheless epic. We’ll always have a special place in our heart for Palace Bar, as it was where we got our first and only royal flush, ever. Honestly, all the video poker at Four Queens is great, including at another casino bar, Kings Bar, and inside Chicago Brewing. We can’t wait to return.

Palace Bar Four Queens

Who doesn’t want to play video poker at their wedding reception?

9. Longbar at The D

Longbar has a lot going on. It’s loud as hell. There’s a lot of sports. There’s flair. There’s testosterone. There’s the energy of the table games nearby. The people-watching is off the charts. Oh, and there’s also video poker. Longbar is the undisputed center of the action on Fremont Street, and seeing it without people has been a daily gut punch. We need our Longbar like a pack needs a fanny. Or something.


Long time, Longbar.

10. SG Bar in Summerlin

We had to include one for the locals, and SG Bar is one of our absolute favorite locals joints to drink, play, drink, eat and drink. Although, not always in that order. SG stands for “Sierra Gold,” from Golden Entertainment, owners of The Strat. The atmosphere is a notch above the typical PT’s or Sierra Gold, and SG Bar just does everything right. It’s about 15 minutes west of The Strip, and the minute bars open again, we’ll be there downing pot stickers and foolishly giving up full houses to go for four-of-a-kinds.

SG Bar Summerlin

SG Bar is always happy to see you.

11. Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan

Last, but not least, is the jewel of The Strip. Chandelier Bar isn’t so much a video poker bar as an experience. The gorgeous surroundings and liberal drink vouchers make this spot a vital part of any visit to Las Vegas. Vegas won’t really be Vegas again until we can play video poker at Chandelier Bar, so let’s make it sooner than later.

Chandelier Bar Cosmo

Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan is the fancy by which all other fancy is measured.

So, that’s our itinerary for when video poker bars open up in Las Vegas again.

We’d love to hear about your favorite places to play.

For the record, Boar’s Head Bar at Main Street would’ve been on our list, but the casino isn’t open yet.

Has the closure of video poker bars influenced your decision to visit? Can you scratch your itch playing video poker on the casino floor?

Not that itch, the metaphorical one.

Let’s get video poker bars open again in Las Vegas. These machines aren’t going to “one jack off” themselves!

14 thoughts on “11 Places We’re Going When Las Vegas Gets Video Poker Bars Back


    Definitely Chandelier, 2nd for Gustav’s, Times Square at NYNY, Rhythm and Riffs at MB, also I don’t know what it’s called but the long casino bar at the Grand is another one I frequent.

    While it will be great to have VP bars back, I’m at least as happy to have stand-alone, non-food serving bars like Fuel in the Bazaar shops and Carnival Court (yes, I know they’ve been ‘open”, but not being able to sit on the bar there doesn’t count as open, flair doesn’t work if you’re at a table 30 feet away).

  2. Mike Alexakis

    You give up full houses to go for four of a kinds? They should send limo’s to pick you and take you home… I hit my only royal flush giving up a pair of queens to draw two to a royal, and the supposed experts say I made a stupid play doing that…

      1. Mike Alexakis

        I cant argue that, I think advantage play video poker strategy is built for long term play and gain, as it should be. I get to play video poker once or twice a year, for two or three days at a time, with limited time because my wife does not like to hang out in casinos for extended periods. At home I play live poker, I’m retired, so time is my friend… You folks have made me a pay scale watcher, I dont stick twenties into crappy games, so I mostly play off the strip…

  3. Hornbet

    Thanks for the memories, brought me right back to Golden Gate, enjoying every bit of that atmosphere while gunning for the bonus on Five Times Pay.
    Ready to book flights.

  4. ty

    Drink vouchers? Seriously? You must be either working for them or a complete new person in vegas that has no issue with paid parking as well. 2 examples of the greed vegas was way out of hand prior to rona. Vegas had a major problem pre rona…with people complaining about how greedy and cheap vegas had become. Business will be long term healthier with the coming forced deals. You can keep paying for parking though sucker

  5. Shannon

    Great list!! Almost all of these brings back some warm fuzzy feelings. Many drunken sessions at Chandalier Bar, Lobby Bar at Mirage and Palace Bar at 4 Queens. I am so ready!


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