10 Random Happy Thoughts About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a little disorienting at the moment.

Challenges abound, with individuals and businesses facing unprecedented uncertainty.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the bad news, so we’ve put together a short list of happy Las Vegas thoughts. Sort of just random crap we’ve noticed that makes us smile and forget about all the WTF, even if momentarily.

Somebody has to do it.

Wynn Plaza

This Wynn Plaza artwork cost $3 million, so you know the artist is happy.

Vegas, after all, wasn’t built on concerns and dwelling upon bad news. It was built on hope and escape and possibly tassels.

Think of these observations as tassels on the burlesque dancer of life. Or something.

1. Free Parking is Awesome

We whined about paid parking for years, along with everyone else. Now, parking is free at most Las Vegas casinos, and it’s glorious. We gamble and drink longer, and our first and last interaction with casinos isn’t annoying! Let’s keep parking free, already.

Vegas free parking

Arms up, the way nature intended.

2. It’s Easier Than Ever to Find an Open Table

A busy casino is a profitable casino, but that can also mean higher table limits and fighting for a spot at your favorite craps or blackjack table. That’s not a concern at the moment, so let’s enjoy it while we can. There’s plenty of room, and casinos are very appreciative of our business and it shows.


Twenty years a Binion’s fan and we’ve never seen zero customers. No waiting!

3. Marketers Are Flexing Their Creativity

Las Vegas marketers have the easiest job in the world. We should know, we were one. But everyone needs a challenge to grow and improve at their craft. Marketers are up against something they’ve rarely had to overcome, soft demand. Some are winning, hard.

Big Balls

Commerce finds a way.

4. There’s a Lot You Haven’t Done Yet

At one time, it seemed there was something new every day in Vegas. A new show, a new restaurant or bar, a new attraction. The good news is there’s a lot that’s new, and there’s a lot to discover during your next visit. Visit our blog often and listen to our podcast to learn about all the new Las Vegas things to do, taste and indulge in.

Love Sugar

There’s a martini bar at I Love Sugar at Linq promenade. Add it to your to-do list.

5. Wow, We’ve Got Bigass Video Screens

Video screens make us happy, and Vegas is bulging with massive screens, with more on the way. Resort World recently showed off its tower-tall screen, and we’re always mesmerized by the sweet screen at TI (pictured). Circa is going to corner the market on the number and mega of its screens, and from what we can see, Venetian is getting a beauty out front. Las Vegas is going to need to invest in a universal remote.

TI video screen

They made you look. Mission accomplished.

6. Vegas is Still Full of Amusing Surprises

We are what we dwell upon, and we like to dwell upon laughter. There’s amusement to be found at every turn in Las Vegas. You just have to keep your eyes peeled. Which is a very strange saying if you think about it, peeled eyeballwise.

Ho charger

We don’t make up the news, we just report it.

7. Loud Things Are a Lot Quieter

Typically loud parts of Vegas are incredibly quiet right now. The restaurant experience is incredible (restaurants have to limit capacity to 50%). Is this great for businesses? No. But we’re in glass half full mode right now, and we’re loving it. No onstage entertainment is keeping the noise level lower, and even the infamously boisterous Hogs & Heifers is on a break.

Hogs & Heifers

All due respect, but Las Vegas is actually better with a few less megaphones.

8. Casino Employees Are Taking It All in Stride

Casino staffers have been hit with a number of new chores and protocols, including wearing masks, but they are handling it with grace. Smizing is everywhere, and everyone’s making the best of an irksome situation. There’s a reason Vegas is known for its service, it’s the extraordinary people who serve our drinks, pay our jackpots, clean our hotel rooms and park our cars. Tip generously, they need it more than ever.

Smizing bartenders

Deliverers of happy.

9. Vegas Still Wins at Everything

Vegas continues to be a place where wonderful things happen. Even as casinos are tightening their belts, they’re still creating experiences you won’t find anywhere else, and tapping into the incomparable history and culture of Las Vegas. For example, Flamingo recently opened Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse, a new restaurant replete with more flamingos than we could count. Guests enter through a bakery facade and walk into a gorgeous, welcoming space. It’s a little bit history, and little bit romance, a whole lot of Vegas being Vegas. Guests can’t take full advantage of the bars right now, but they will, and this new joint has the potential to be on everyone’s must-do list.

Bugsy & Meyer's

Fun fact: Flamingos are naturally white or gray. They’re pink because of their food.

10. There’s Always a Bright Side

Slot players have a few things in common. They have short memories and lots of optimism. When you gamble, you have to hope for the best, every time. To us, the cherry symbolizes the fact there’s always a bright side, even during a losing streak. Cherries aren’t the most valuable symbol, but they’re something. They’re like an old friend who’s there to offer support, even when the going gets rough. Cherries mean it ain’t over ’til it’s over. It’s something, and in times of adversity, something’s better than nothing.


Don’t hate on the cherry. Sometimes, they’re our last, best hope.

It can be challenging to stay in a positive mindset right now, but there’s a lot to be happy about, whether you’re in Las Vegas or not.

You can train yourself to see the bright side of everything. Experts say you can even re-wire your brain. Being positive is healthier and makes you more productive, and positive people have more successful relationships and make more money. No, really.

Being positive can even increase your lifespan.

Happy things are everywhere, you just have to know where to look. We suggest reading blogs. We don’t just think that’s a great idea, we’re absolutely positive.

13 thoughts on “10 Random Happy Thoughts About Las Vegas

  1. William Wingo

    We were in Las Vegas the second week of July and had a good time. Visited one on-strip casino (parking fees suspended) and three off. Ate, drank, swam, gambled, and even found a poker room with tournaments–at five players max per table. Masks and social distancing were only a minor annoyance; and everythng is very clean, which might be good thing #11 for your list. Even hit four deuces on a 50-cent machine, but still came home down slightly.
    I was actually more concerned about breaking down in the desert at 110+ degrees, than about viruses; and I’m even thinking about a return trip if conditions remain stable, but haven’t mentioned it to my significant other yet. We’ll see.

  2. Adam

    Good list, I tried a martini at I love sugar while I was out there in February and had a good few hours nursing the giant sugar filled drink. I went with my youngest sister and both of us a big nerds and it turns out the girl who was tending the bar was as well so we spent a couple hours all chatting and having a good time she even gave us a recommendation for a nerdy bar downtown we plan to visit on the next trip. I recommend it if you want a candy flavored marti and a fun environment.

  3. Hornbet

    Just got word that Barrett-Jackson is bailing on their Sept 10-12th auction at Mandalay Bay. I had already booked my rooms there (comped) but hadn’t booked my plane tickets yet. Had a feeling, you might say.

    Darn! Oh well, I may just go anyway. Too bad that Circa’s not open yet.

  4. BST

    Great “Random Happy Thoughts ” ! Thank you , enjoyed reading all of them and will have to now try the martini bar at I Love Sugar ASAP 🙂 🙂 – hope bars re-open soon !

  5. Hornbet

    I’m sure that the thousands of Vegas fans who religiously follow this blog (and Mr. Roeben’s Twitter feed) wish him well.


    This post pretty much influenced me to go on my trip in two weeks, despite the bars being closed. Bars are 70% of my Vegas trip, either drinking (duh), eating or VP’ing, so it’s going to be an adjustment. But Vegas at 30% is still better than going to work that week, so, onward. Thanks for the perspective.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Yeah, the lack of video poker at casino bars is the biggest downside at the moment. The mask-wearing gets old, too, but if it’s that or no casinos, I’m wearing them all day and night. Unless sipping.

  7. JJB

    “You can train yourself to see the bright side of everything. Experts say you can even re-wire your brain. Being positive is healthier and makes you more productive, and positive people have more successful relationships and make more money. No, really.

    Being positive can even increase your lifespan.

    Happy things are everywhere, you just have to know where to look. We suggest reading blogs. We don’t just think that’s a great idea, we’re absolutely positive.”


    Scott… thanks for this post. I’m actually moving to Las Vegas in September to escape the Minnesota winters and just because it’s been a crazy year. I know what to expect, and I know that Las Vegas at 50% is still better than other cities at 100%. Thank you for reminding us why we love Las Vegas so much and focusing on positivity. I’ve had enough #FearPorn for a lifetime.

  8. jackie

    needed this!!! is its sugar new? i was there 1st week of march for my 40th bday and i dont recall seeing. where is the ho battery?


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