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11 Vital Tips for Having Sex on the High Roller Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas

It’s the Las Vegas version of the Mile High Club. Rocking the Casbah on the world’s tallest observation wheel is one of the most thrilling ways to create one-of-a-kind Sin City memories.

As you might suspect, there’s some strategy required when it comes to making this fantasy a reality, so we’ve got 11 sure-fire tips to ensure your High Roller escapade goes off without a hitch.

High Roller

Hitting it on the High Roller is going to take some big brass ones.

1. Bring a Blanket

A small blanket or throw will be a lifesaver as you’re frolicking on the High Roller. First, it’s courteous to keep things sanitary for the riders who follow.

Second, a blanket will play a key role in avoiding being caught, or even detained, by The Man. One of the biggest risks in this sort of endeavor is other patrons who see your activities, get offended and complain. A blanket (or even a sweater or jacket) will help keep your activities on the down-low, pretty much guaranteeing a satisfying ride.

2. Ride When Business is Slow

Until recently, that wasn’t hard to do, as slow business has plagued the High Roller since a few weeks after it opened.

Now, prices have been adjusted downward ($19.95 daytime, $34.95 nighttime), so business is picking up. That means it’ll take a little more effort to figure out times when pods have few or no riders. Daytime during the week is when the ride is least busy, but for cavorting purposes, you’ll need the cover of darkness (see Tip #3). The bottom line: Plan on staying late.

High Roller pod

Choose your moment.

3. Use the Cover of Darkness

Yes, the view from the High Roller is much better at night, but the bigger benefit of a nighttime rendezvous is less chance of detection by security or your fellow passengers in nearby pods. Choose a ride time as late as possible, just before the High Roller closes for the evening.

There’s another benefit to a late night ride: While it’s great to have a wild time in Vegas, the last thing you want is to have people photographing or videotaping your thigh-thumping, sending those images off to Facebook or YouTube for the world to see. (What happens in Vegas rarely stays in Vegas, despite what you may have heard.) At night, the lights are dimmed inside the passenger cabins so guests can see the Strip without glare. That makes for great cover. During the day, you’re pretty much scrod.

4. Tip a Ride Attendant

This is a critical element of your quest to successfully copulate on the High Roller. The folks that load passengers onto the pods make a modest wage, so a $20 should be enough to win them over to your carnal cause. As you get to the loading platform, stand back and watch the flow of riders. If you see a lull, approach an attendant and shake their hand, passing along the $20, saying, “We’d love to ride alone.”

Odds are you’ll get a response like, “We’ll see what we can do.” Which is a ride attendant’s way of saying, “If you’re willing to hang out here for a few minutes, I can make that happen.”

High Roller

The $20 trick worked for your room upgrade, and it can work here, too.

5. Choose Your Spot

Congrats on getting your own private cabin. Let the games begin!

While the cabin will be pretty dark, you’ll still want to choose a spot that provides the maximum amount of privacy. There are two support beams that run along the sides of each cabin (they connect the pod to the High Roller wheel), with a crescent-shaped seat at the bottom of each. If you sit directly in the middle of the seat, the view from other passenger pods is almost entirely obscured. You’re welcome.

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

The idea is to be directly in one of the two blind spots (the part with the ridges), either fore or aft.

6. Watch the Time

So, a ride on the High Roller takes about 30 minutes. That sounds like a lot of time, but it goes by quickly. Sort of like sex, come to think of it.

Do yourself a favor and get warmed up even before you get in line for your High Roller ticket.

Once aboard, you’ll want to wait until you’re away from the launch platform before you start the festivities, and make sure to leave time at the end of the ride to get yourself together before you disembark.

Typically, in the area of amour, quick isn’t considered better, but in the case of a High Roller romp, brevity is optimal. If you want to play it safe as possible, don’t commence your tryst until your cabin nears the top of the wheel. That way, there’s less chance of being seen by anyone in a higher cabin.

The ultimate goal would be to climax at the apex, but we’ll save that for the Advanced High Roller Copulation course. Which doesn’t exist yet, but should.

High Roller

Make it a quickie. The High Roller never stops revolving, even as people are getting on. And getting off.

7. Stay Seated

The best position for a High Roller dalliance is the lap dance position. The man sits (in the spot specified in Tip #5). The woman sits on his lap, facing away from him. With the blanket over you, this position should appear as though the woman is simply sitting on her man’s lap, albeit vigorously if you’re doing it right.

This isn’t the time to get totally crazy, or you may run afoul of High Roller security. The wilder you get, the more likely it is you’ll get caught. Don’t turn your adventure into an episode of “Cops” or the Vegas version, “Vegas Strip.”

8. Keep Focused, Guys

Don’t spoil your 550-feet-up coupling with an unintended fail. You know who you are.

There’s a lot to distract high above the Las Vegas Strip, including the jaw-dropping view and a running commentary by some dude on the pod’s video screens. Keep your eyes on the prize and your partner will thank you for it.

9. Use Moist Towelettes

Once the deed is done, you’ll want to clean up a bit. The High Roller’s cabins don’t have restrooms or running water, so break out your supply of moist towelettes. (You did bring some, right? We’re not barbarians, people.)

If you used birth control, don’t litter. Wrap your latex in the baby wipes and take your trash with you. It’s like camping. But without the bears.

High Roller

Basking in the High Roller afterglow.

10. Be Prepared for Some Awkward

The end of your ride is the most perilous part. It’s possible your hijinks were observed by staff at the High Roller, and when you depart your pod, there’s a chance you’ll be approached by security, or worse, some stiff from Homeland Security.

Chances are the worst that will happen is you’ll get a stern look, or possibly a warning. If you used your blanket, you weren’t exposing a lot of skin, so you didn’t violate any public nudity laws. Hey, you were inside a pod, is that even public?

We are a blog and not a lawyer, so honestly, we have no ideas if you’re breaking any indecency laws. It will probably depend upon your level of enthusiasm.

People have been joining the Mile High Club on planes for decades. If you’re approached by staff or security at the High Roller, the best way to go is to apologize profusely and pretend to be really, really stupid. Say you got carried away by the heat of the moment and it won’t happen again.

A benefit of having sex on the High Roller, as opposed to a plane, is if you’re caught, you don’t have to sit there being judged for the rest of the flight. You get to leave.

High Roller Las Vegas

Just look for the big O.

11. Be Fearless

Look, life is short. Pushing the limits isn’t for everyone, but it’s good to be bad sometimes. Knocking boots on the High Roller should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Boldness is required, because as we’ve said, your activity is likely to be observed (and possibly recorded) by High Roller staff. Hey, if there were no risk, it wouldn’t be as exciting.

Just be courteous, careful and it also wouldn’t hurt to keep the number of a bail bondsman on speed dial.

High Roller Las Vegas Officially Named World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel

The High Roller observation wheel at The Linq shopping district in Las Vegas has been touted as the world’s tallest since its construction began. Now, the nearly 550-foot wheel has been given the official stamp of approval by the team at Guinness World Records.

High Roller wheel

The High Roller also holds the record for the tallest Ferris wheel this blog has ever felt woozy in.

The High Roller kicked the metaphorical ass of the London Eye and Singapore Flyer to grab the world record.

There’s no telling how long the Sin City’s wheel will hold this distinction, as another wheel in New York is nipping at its heels.

For now, the High Roller takes its rightful place as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. Because Las Vegas, that’s why.

Oh, and one of the great things about the High Roller’s Guinness World Record was the certificate. While Caesars Entertainment, the company that built the wheel, has insisted the wheel not be called a “Ferris wheel,” that’s exactly what the Guinness World Record folks called it on the official certificate. Told you it’s a Ferris wheel.

High Roller

In addition to its immense height, the High Roller Ferris wheel also has some of the most impressive balls in the world.

The anal retentive measurers-of-things at Guinness World Records also confirmed the wheel isn’t 550 feet tall. The High Roller is actually 549.54068 feet tall. That’s going win you a bar bet someday. (Then again, the official Guinness World Records Web site has a typo claiming the High Roller is 594 feet, 8.4 inches tall. That could win you another bar bet. You’re welcome.)

Check out our extensive archive of all things Las Vegas Ferris wheel, and see what it’s like to ride this bad boy.

Caesars Entertainment Sells Naming Rights to High Roller Observation Wheel

It’s been rumored for some time now that Caesars Entertainment has been looking to sell the naming rights to the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, the High Roller. We can now exclusively reveal a two-year naming rights deal has been struck for a relatively modest $1.2 million dollars.

In a bold move, Compass Investments, the company behind the beleaguered SkyVue observation wheel, has been granted exclusive naming rights for what will now be called the SkyVue High Roller Observation Wheel Las Vegas.

SkyVue High Roller wheel

We did not see that coming.

The spokesperson for SkyVue remarked, “It is with great excitement and boundless optimism that we announce this game-changing deal for naming rights of the High Roller wheel. We trust this will silence the critics who said there would never be a SkyVue observation wheel. You couldn’t dream up a better scenario than to have a completed observation wheel being named after a fictional one.”

When pressed for a clarification of the term “fictional,” the SkyVue representative muttered, “I mean a wheel whose financing is just days away from being finalized.”

Naming rights have become increasingly common in recent years. There’s Staples Center in Los Angeles, Citi Field in New York, King Stadium in Castle Rock, Maine, and many others.

SkyVue, plagued by rumors of financial problems and construction delays, was considered by some to be an unlikely candidate to get naming rights to what industry insiders consider “a competing attraction.” Caesars Entertainment, however, felt otherwise.

Caesars Entertainment has not been without financial turmoil of its own. The company has approximately $24.5 billion (yes, billion) in debt, or about what it would cost to purchase Paraguay.

SkyVue High Roller wheel

Each of the SkyVue High Roller’s 28 passenger cabins can hold 40 people, or 1,120 more than the SkyVue observation wheel will hold at any one time, or ever.

The $1.2 million agreement with SkyVue is expected to defray the estimated $175 million it cost Caesars Entertainment to build the game-changing SkyVue High Roller at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip as part of its Linq shopping and entertainment district.

While specifics of the deal between Caesars Entertainment and SkyVue are being kept under wraps, a representative for Caesars Entertainment said, “We can confirm SkyVue paid the $1.2 million with a handwritten I.O.U., but we’re confident they’re good for it. What reputable, viable company would run up a debt it couldn’t possibly pay back? That would be grossly irresponsible.”

Las Vegas Ferris Wheel Opens, Takes Our Breath Away

It’s been two years in the making, but the High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas has officially opened to the public, and this spectacular attraction promises to change the way we see the Las Vegas Strip forever.

High Roller Ferris wheel

You thought we were kidding?

Caesars Entertainment provided a couple of days of free rides to employees and members of the public, presumably to work out any kinks in the process of welcoming guests to the High Roller. We didn’t notice any kinks during our visit, so whatever they did worked.

There were throngs of people in The Linq shopping and entertainment district, many drawn by the 550-foot tall observation wheel.

Tickets are now available online. How much to ride, you’re asking? Finally, we know for sure. Prices have initially been set at $24.95 for daytime rides and $34.95 for rides at night. Hint: Splurge and go at night! Even better, sunset!

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

Express Pass: Ride any time, one day, skip the line. One- and Three-Day Flex Passes let you ride one time during a one or three-day window. Group rates start at $23.95 per person.

The High Roller will be open 365 days a year.

The whole High Roller operation appears to have been thoroughly thought through, so the waits are short, and guests are provided with various diversions (like artwork and video presentations) while they wait.

High Roller welcome

This mural shows off the High Roller and all the Caesars Entertainment hotels in Vegas. Note “The Quad” doesn’t appear because the hotel is going to be given another name soon. Mark our words!

While guests can’t bring outside drinks onto the High Roller, they can bring along drinks purchased at the bar inside the attraction’s “wheelhouse.” Hey, this giant-ass wheel isn’t going to pay for itself.

The bar was hopping!

High Roller bar

Cocktails were in the $9 range, so not outrageous for The Strip.

It should be noted that the High Roller Ferris wheel doesn’t have restrooms in its passenger capsules. The ride takes 30 minutes, so make sure to look for this sign before you get onto the ride!

High Roller wheel

You’re welcome.

Loading up passengers into the wheel’s cabins is an interesting feat.

The wheel doesn’t stop revolving, but moves very slowly (.89 feet per second, to be exact) so riders have the chance to enter the passenger capsules on one side while riders finishing their ride exit on the other side.

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

There’s a net, so don’t freak out.

Yeah, it’s complicated, so here’s a magnificently slapped-together video that might illuminate the process, as well as giving some sense of the incredible views from the High Roller.

The views from the High Roller are sure to take your breath away. If you love the Las Vegas Strip, it’s like seeing it for the first time all over again.

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

Those of us with a thing about heights are allowed to have a minor freak-out at this juncture, but it passes.

A ride on the High Roller is a great way to get a peek at The Linq itself.

Linq Las Vegas

That’s pretty much the whole Linq district, right down there. The Linq sits between The Quad and Flamingo Las Vegas. Yes, it’s basically an alleyway, but a very fancy one.

Our only gripe about our whole High Roller experience had very little to do with the High Roller and a lot to do with other human beings. Please, if you ride the High Roller, don’t be a window hog. We had about 30 people in our “pod,” and two delightfully oblivious people stood right in the best spot at the window and never moved an inch during the entire half-hour ride. Yes, there are 360-degree views, but certain spots are just plain better. Rude. We’re thinking these passenger pods should have been built with a eject button.

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

The high point of the ride is, you know, the high point of the ride.

The High Roller ride is silky smooth, and the whole time you’re in this engineering wonder is a tad surreal. Because the wheel’s rim is so thin, when you stand at the sides of the passenger capsule, it’s as if you’re floating in midair.

As many surmised, there are a few minutes at the beginning and end of the ride where you’re mainly looking at the backs of buildings, but that’s maybe 10 of the 30 minutes. Otherwise, you’re getting a stunning view of the world’s most beautiful city, all in a cozy, party atmosphere.

High Roller Ferris wheel

Sometimes, one’s love of the new overcomes one’s fear of the heights. Not referring to anyone specific here, of course.

Here’s a look at the history of the High Roller observation wheel, and we’ve got all the juicy facts you could ever need about this jaw-dropping new attraction on The Strip.

Our photo gallery may provide a small taste of what the High Roller Ferris wheel experience is like. But there’s only one real way to know. Hey, if we made it, anyone can make it. What are you waiting for?

High Roller Ferris Wheel Opens in Las Vegas

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[img src=]4000
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High Roller Ferris Wheel Takes First Riders, Set to Open March 31

A long-awaited moment in Las Vegas is finally here!

The world’s tallest Ferris wheel, the High Roller at The Linq, has safely taken its first riders and will open to the public on March 31, 2014.

High Roller Las Vegas

Our other girlfriend.

The first riders on the High Roller are employees of Caesars Entertainment (the company that build it, along with the adjoining Linq shopping and entertainment district), and their families, who will be putting the wheel through its paces throughout the weekend leading up to the official opening.

High Roller observation wheel

The High Roller wheel is the latest addition to an already heart-stopping skyline.

The opening of the High Roller marks the culmination of a construction process that began in early 2012.

We’ve been watching the making of the High Roller every step of the way, including when the High Roller was little more than a couple of nubs protruding from the ground. (Technically, they’re called “plinths,” but let’s not get bogged down by “facts” or “details.”)

High Roller wheel

No, really, every step of the way.

Some quick High Roller facts:

googie The High Roller observation wheel is 550 feet tall.

googie It took 7.2 million pounds of steel to build the wheel.

googie The wheel is held together by 112 massive cables. Each cable is 225 feet long.

googie Each cable has a breaking force of 550 tons.

googie The High Roller has 28 passenger cabins, each capable of holding 40 people. That means it can accommodate 1,120 passengers at one time.

googie Each cabin weighs 44,000 pounds.

googie The final cabin was hoisted onto the High Roller in the early morning of Dec. 3, 2013. It was the 28th cabin to be put into place, but its cabin number was 24.

High Roller passenger pods

Shout-out to engineering geeks everywhere.

googie Fabrication of the wheel’s various parts took place in factories around the world, including in China, Japan, France, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Colorado and California.

googie The High Roller rotates on a pair of custom roller bearings. Each one weighs 19,400 pounds.

googie The High Roller takes about 30 minutes to take a full revolution. (No, there are no restrooms in the cabins. Plan accordingly.)

googie The wheel is lit with more than 2,000 LED lights.

googie The High Roller has a design life of 50 years, and was built to withstand 650,000 revolutions.

googie Prices for the High Roller haven’t been announced, but they’re expected to run in the $30 range, depending upon the time of day or night.

googie The High Roller Ferris wheel cost about $175 million to build.

Heartfelt congrats to everyone involved with this stunning new addition to the Las Vegas experience.

Now is as good a time as any to dive deeply into our massive archive of High Roller photos and wonder at this latest example of Las Vegas OMFG.

Please bask in the magnificence of our exclusive High Roller photo gallery.

High Roller Observation Wheel Las Vegas

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It’s Time to Stroll the Length and Girth of the New Linq Las Vegas Outdoor Mall

The Linq, a new outdoor dining, shopping and entertainment district between Flamingo Las Vegas and The Quad has entered its next phase, and we’re pleased to say the place is turning into a destination worthy of the hype surrounding it.

We thought it was high time we meandered from one one end of this shiny new promenade to the other to see what’s open, what’s cool and what’s to come. So, let’s have at it, already.

Here’s a quick video overview in case you’re suffering from Short Attention Span Disorder.

We should say this right off the bat: For sheer “wow” factor, there’s simply nothing that compares, in Las Vegas or the world, to the 550-foot High Roller Ferris wheel that rises above The Linq. The challenge for Caesars Entertainment (the company that built The Linq) was, “How do we get people to come down what is essentially an alley?” Well, the High Roller is the answer, and it exceeds all expectations.

The Linq

The crown jewel of The Linq.

There’s a chance we took a photo or two during the construction of the High Roller, so check them out.

Yes, the High Roller is technically at the “back” of The Linq (on the east side, farthest from The Strip), but it demands your attention. We’ll probably return to it, too.

As you enter The Linq from Las Vegas Boulevard, the first thing you see is a new construction wall! The Linq is a work-in-progress.

The Linq

Lots of newness ahead.

This construction wall juts out of The Quad. We’re always sad to see construction walls, because we’re then forced to breach security to show you what’s behind them. Did we say sad? We meant gleeful.

Quad bar

It’s a bar, baby!

More bar action at The Linq is something this blog condones, of course. We tried to see the indoor portion of this new bar, but sadly, there was a door between us and it. Gleefully. We always get those two mixed up. Gleefully, doors open!

Quad bar

Dibs on that future spot at the bar.

Look we could dwell upon the fact we get you exclusive photos of Vegas newness, but there’s an ass-ton of Linq to cover, so let’s get moving.

Across from the new bar at The Quad, there are some handy ticket kiosks for the High Roller. There are more kiosks at the foot of the High Roller, too.

High Roller tickets

Guess what our Halloween costume’s going to be this year!

Next up, a couple of stores open for some time now, Haute Doggery (a hot dog place), Starbuck’s (an up-and-coming, overpriced coffee place) and Purple Zebra (a slushy drink place). See our coverage of early-openers at The Linq.

The Linq

This view is facing Las Vegas Boulevard and The Linq’s digital marquee. Read more.

Ambling farther, there’s Chayo Mexican restaurant, with lovely indoor and outdoor seating. As well as a mechanical bull. Spring is currently kicking winter in the nads in Vegas at the moment, and spots like this will be even more popular moving into late spring and early summer.

Linq Chayo

‘Sup, everyone shoveling snow?

Just past Chayo is the outdoor bar for what is arguably the most successful venue at The Linq to-date, O’Sheas. O’Sheas has packed since the day it re-opened, and rumors of an expansion are rampant.

O'Sheas bar

There’s no limit on bars in Las Vegas. We checked.

A few feet away is a Goorin Bros. hat store. Because fedora-wearing dipshits need a reason to visit The Linq, too.

Hatmaking shop

“Dipshits” was the nice way of saying it.

Next to that is the yet-to-open Polaroid Fotobar & Museum. Don’t get excited. It’s not that kind of bar.

Polaroid Fotobar sounds like a place where you can make prints from images on your smartphone. Although that can’t be right because that would be lame. And no lameness is allowed at The Linq. Other than the hat store, of course.


We’ll wait to see what develops here.

Across the way is a papered-over storefront. We thought the art was mildly racist at first, but then learned this is the future location of a store called 12:00 AM RUN, co-owned by Nas (short for Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones), an African-American rapper. So, it’s now probably not racist, then, thankfully.

Nas sneakers

It was probably a little racist to think this was a little racist. Why is it always about race with you?

Moving on!

But first, let’s turn around and see how much progress we’ve made.

The Linq Las Vegas

Our ankles are already swelling a little. How you holding up?

Our next enticement is the Tilted Kilt. Not open yet, but a solid entry in terms of the potential for flirtatious waitresses and plentiful hooch.

Tilted Kilt

As chain bars and restaurants go, this isn’t a bad one at all.

Next to Tilted Kilt is the much-anticipated Flour & Barley, an Italian joint. We know it’s much-anticipated because we’re very much anticipating it. It’s Italian! Food the way nature intended it. Flour & Barley is expected to open just after St. Paddy’s Day.

Flour & Barley

You hear more about flour than barley, mainly because flour has a better PR agency.

Across from Flour and Barley is Bella Scarpa, a footwear and clothing store. You know, standard mall stuff.

Bella Scarpa

Bella Scarpa means “beautiful shoe.” So, yeah, in Italian is better.

In this area, there’s a lovely fountain, and another great view of the High Roller, virtually screaming to have you pay attention to it again. Be patient, oh giant Ferris wheel, be patient.

The High Roller at Linq

A tranquil moment is a welcome break from all the fun and excitement of The Strip. Or something.

Next up is the freshly-uncorked Blvd. Cocktail Company, a bar so nice they put “cocktail” in the middle of its name. We’ll be back, despite the “Piano” part. Just as long as they’re not dueling, we’re cool.

The Linq

One of our few gripes at The Linq is the whole planting of trees in front of things.

Ruby Blue looks intriguing with ample lingerie in its window. If you’re into that kind of thing. Which we’re pretty sure we are. We’re a Las Vegas blog. It’s the law.

Ruby Blue

Rubies are red. FYI.

What’s not to love about cupcakes? Sprinkles opens March 21, and we’ll be there with the goal of acquiring type 2 diabetes during the course of our visit.


Yes, you can see Brooklyn Bowl from here. Don’t jump ahead.

If you don’t manage to get your sugar fix at Sprinkles, walk across the promenade to Ghirardelli Chocolate, where the chocolate is so good, people often forget to pronounce that second “r.”

Chocolate shop

We were going to skip this shop, but they gave us a free sample, and now we’re BFFs.

Perhaps the biggest draw to The Linq, aside from the High Roller, is Brooklyn Bowl. The recently-opened venue is part bowling alley, part restaurant and bar, and part concert venue.

It’s also larger than many sports arenas.

Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl will be responsible for much of the mojo of The Linq.

Tons of high-profile acts have been booked at Brooklyn Bowl, so expect it to take the Vegas entertainment scene by storm. No, really, this time.

One of our favorite discoveries at The Linq was the concierge office. Yes, The Linq has its own concierge service. And it’s not those salespeople pretending to be concierges we loathe so much. These are actual concierges managed by Caruso Affiliated, the Linq’s leasing agent and builder of dreams. (They also did The Grove in Los Angeles.)

The concierge team is friendly and helpful, and they say guests can use them to seek out reservations in busy restaurants, and to perform other services to make their visit to The Linq unforgettable. They deliver, because their level of professionalism was the most memorable part of our visit.

The Linq consierge

Ask them anything. They’ll help with the legal stuff.

We’re on the final leg of our walking tour of The Linq, but we can’t finish without a stop at Yard House, another bar and restaurant familiar to many.

Yard House

Yard House is very familiar to our liver.

Chilli Beans is a watch and eyewear store. Look, not every store can have liquor. It’s just the way life is.

Chilli Beans

We’re pretty sure you spell it “chili.” That’s a little awkward.

Here, at the end of our stroll is the entrance to, wait for it, the High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel.

High Roller entrance

Even the Linq’s bling has bling.

The High Roller is slated to open mid-April. While it was rumored the First Family would be the first riders, it now appears Britney Spears and her children will be the first official passengers. (Many will ride before her as part of a soft opening, of course.)

Check our photo gallery for more pics of the High Roller entrance, lobby and “Waiting in Line Experience.” We kid! Each of the High Roller’s passenger pods holds 40 people each, and there are 28, so these lines are going to move relatively quickly.

High Roller

Suck it, Disneyland.

The designers of the High Roller have brilliantly designed the attraction so riders exit through a High Roller gift shop.

High Roller Gift Shop

One of each, thanks.

Outside the gift shop is The Linq’s slick new porte-cochère. The design matches that of the porte-cochère of The Quad. It’s all coming together, baby.

The Linq

Thus answering the “Where can I park?” question.

This is the part where we finally get close enough to the High Roller we feel like we could touch it. Please don’t actually touch it. You’ll get smudges all over it.

High Roller Las Vegas

High Roller, we want to rub your belly.

Visitors are stunned to silence as they look up at the wheel from its base. There was so much neck-craning, The Linq’s concierge office had better hire a couple of massage therapists for their team.

Even though it’s not open yet, the High Roller is poised to become one of most popular tourist attractions in the world.

High Roller

The High Roller can’t not epic.

So, there are clearly a lot of new things to see and do in Las Vegas, and many of them are at The Linq. Pace yourself. Have fun. Buy something.

We can’t wait to see what’s next.

The Linq Las Vegas

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