First-Ever Las Vegas Sex Survey Reveals Surprises About What Guys Really Do In Sin City

Chances are you’ve seen statistics about Las Vegas visitors before, but you’ve never seen a survey quite like the one we took!

Our online Las Vegas sex survey garnered an avalanche of responses, providing a rare (and statistically valid) glimpse into the sex habits of travelers to the world’s most stimulating city.

Vegas go-go dancer

A little something to prime the statistical pump, as it were.

Here’s what we learned. First, we learned men are far more likely than women to take an online sex survey. Just 10% of those who responded were women. Our professional survey analyst (no, we’re not just winging this) says our sample size of women wasn’t big enough to draw accurate conclusions about them, so we’re going to focus on the men. You can still take the survey, ladies.

Our survey includes the responses of 688 male visitors to Las Vegas, giving our survey a margin of error of ±5% 99 times out of 100 (based upon the total number of visitors to Las Vegas).

Let’s dive headlong into the gloriousness of the Las Vegas Sex Survey, patent pending.

Sex casino

What, you expected charts and graphs?

First, we skipped the foreplay and asked visitors, “On average, how many times do you have sex during a Las Vegas visit?”

A mere 12% said they had none during a typical visit, while 63% had sex 1-3 times (20% had sex once, 22% had sex twice and 21% had sex three times).

An impressive 16% of male Vegas visitors have sex five or more times during a Sin City visit.

Sex in Las Vegas

According to the British scientific journal, Nature, the intake of alcohol can increase the levels of libido in women. The editor of Nature is a former military officer, Captain Obvious.

Overall, the typical male Vegas visitor has sex 2.7 times during their stay. Hey, don’t laugh, we’ve had a few .7 experiences, too. (Culprit in 91% of instances: Hooch.)

We pressed further, asking, “Who do you have sex with?”

A whopping 69% of respondents said they have sex with their significant other, while 15% have sex with strangers.

Eleven percent of the men surveyed say they have sex with their significant other and strangers. Las Vegas threesomes for the win!

Las Vegas threesome

The only thing standing between this Las Vegas blog and a threesome is two other people.

Our analyst dug into those numbers a bit more, cross-tabulating frequency with who visitors are having sex with and found more than third (39%) of respondents reported hooking up with a stranger at least once during a Sin City visit.

A quarter (25%) of men say they had sex four or more times with their significant other during their Las Vegas trip.

Next, we asked guys if they were more sexually adventurous when they’re in Las Vegas.

A girthy 57% of men say they’re more sexually adventurous during a Las Vegas visit. The magic is real! In our survey, by the way, the reported activity of these men correlated to their claims of greater sexual boldness. Walking the walk, baby.

Vegas sex survey

Inhibitions are so 2012.

We wanted to find out more about what kinds of adventure men are having here, so we asked about various activities for which Vegas is known.

Based upon our survey responses, about half (52%) of men have visited a Las Vegas strip club.

Vegas stripper

You’ll probably want to check out our collection of strip club jargon.

While prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, we couldn’t resist asking if men had been with a prostitute while in Las Vegas. According to our respondents, 16% of male visitors have paid for the services of a Las Vegas prostitute at some point.

On a related note, 5% of male visitors have visited a legal Nevada brothel. Don’t miss our facts about Nevada’s most famous brothel.

Four percent of male visitors have been to a swingers club in Las Vegas, such as the Red Rooster or Green Door.

Vegas sex swing

The other kind of swinger.

When it comes to adventurous sex in Vegas, though, it’s hard to match the allure of sex in public.

Of those who took our survey, 13% say they’ve had sex in public in Las Vegas. No word on how many of those public acts resulted in fines or being kicked off certain Ferris wheels.

Las Vegas sex survey

You know who you are. From what we’ve heard, popular places for public sex are cars, pools, hotel balconies, nightclubs and public restrooms.

Given all the sex being had, we felt compelled to ask how many people had taken part in a time-honored Las Vegas tradition, the “Walk of Shame.” The Walk of Shame, of course, is when someone hooks up and has to trek through public spaces the morning after wearing clothes from the night before.

A full 11% of male visitors say they have done the “Walk of Shame” during a Las Vegas visit.

Overall, 61% of men who have visited Las Vegas have done one or more of the following: gone to a strip club, brothel or swingers club, been with a prostitute, had sex in public, or experienced the “walk of shame.” Eight percent of respondents have done three or more of those things.

Our final Las Vegas sex survey question asked male Vegas visitors whether or not they believe the city’s ubiquitous mantra, “What happens here, stays here.”

Surprisingly, despite all the evidence to the contrary, two-thirds (64%) of men who visit Sin City say they believe what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.

What happens here

Dudes. They’re called smartphones.

Las Vegas, it seems, is full of wishful thinkers!

So, do your opinions align with the responses in our Las Vegas sex survey? Does it confirm what you already thought about what happens in Vegas?

We vote that the LVCVA include this subject in their next Las Vegas Visitor Profile Study. Sure, it’s interesting to know how many people use social media to plan their Vegas activities (28% do) or how many people visit downtown (36% do), but it’s a lot more interesting to know who’s getting it on, with whom and if there were inflatables involved.

Ooh, something for our next Las Vegas sex survey!

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Tequila Taqueria and Buca Cafe Italiano Open at Bally’s, Along With Great Buffet Value

Things are hopping at Bally’s Las Vegas, with two new restaurants opening recently, including the introduction of a solid buffet value.

The two restaurants are Tequila Taqueria and Buca Cafe Italiano, the latter an offshoot of an existing Italian chain, Buca di Beppo.

Each restaurant takes the place of an existing offering at Bally’s. Tequila Taqueria is in the former Tequila Bar and Grill space and is open noon to 6:00 a.m.

Tequila Taqueria

Tequila Taqueria translates roughly as “if you can feel your face, you’re doing it wrong.”

We aren’t entirely sure why Bally’s decided to replace a Mexican restaurant and tequila bar with another Mexican restaurant and tequila bar, but then again, tequila.

Tequila Taqueria

Whatever you do, don’t think about the phrase “nose testicles” or it’ll ruin everything.

Tequila Taqueria features 37 premium tequilas and 10 kinds of Mexican beer.

The usual culinary suspects are in plentiful supply on the menu, including tacos, enchiladas, fajitas and tortas. Guacamole is prepared at your table.

There’s also a little bar that seats about nine people. Not that you’ll be able to count them after trying the 37 premium tequilas.

Bally's tequila bar

Tequila is made from the blue agave plant. Why is agave blue? It probably visited the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s.

The official Tequila Taqueria Web site says, “Feed your inner revolución!” This Las Vegas blog is no food critic, but we’re fairly confident a Mexican restaurant shouldn’t promote its food as feeding an “inner revolution.” Just saying.

Visit the Tequila Taqueria site for more, and see the full menu here.

Buca Cafe Italiano takes over the former Bally’s Sidewalk Cafe. Buca di Beppo is a popular chain of restaurants across the country, known as much for its quantity as its quality.

Buca Cafe Italiano has made some adjustments in its partnership with Bally’s, a hotel in the Caesars Entertainment family.

Buca Cafe Italiano

“Buca” literally means “hole.” So, now we’re really confused.

Fans of Buca di Beppo will feel right at home with the decor of the Bally’s outpost, with plentiful photos and a “Pope Room.”

Buca Cafe Italiano

This is the Pope’s table, but he hardly ever uses it.

Easily the best thing about Buca Cafe Italiano is its great buffet value. While Bally’s has long had its pricey Sterling Brunch (previously at Bally’s Steakhouse, now at BLT Steak), it’s been lacking a buffet for those unwilling to fork over $90 per person.

While the buffet Buca Cafe Italiano isn’t expansive, it’s filling and delicious, especially if your favorite station at a buffet is the carving station.

Buca Cafe Italiano

Not the biggest in town, but it’ll more than get the job done. Ditto this blog, if you know what we’re saying.

The buffet is a reasonable $19.99 ($18.99 with a Total Rewards players card). When we heard the price, we asked the manager, “For that price, is it an all-you-can-eat buffet?” He seemed to enjoy that. It is Vegas, after all.

The star of this buffet is the hand-carved beef, turkey and pork.

There’s pretty much one or two of everything else, including salads, soups, rolls, veggies, potatoes and desserts. Again, not a huge selection, but on The Strip, $20 is a great deal and we’d do it again in a second.

Our only question: Why no pizza at the buffet? It’s Buffet 101. Fill up guests on bread, salad, pasta and pizza and your meat costs go down. Help us help you, Buca Cafe Italiano. Pizza.

Buca Cafe Italiano


Also worth a mention: Another accommodation Buca made for its Bally’s location is that it serves breakfast, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Visit the official Web site for further details, and check out the menu (.pdf format).

Buca Bally's

The photos are sort of a Buca thing.

While we didn’t try Tequila Taqueria (apparently our pleading for a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Taqueria fell on deaf ears), we highly recommend Buca Cafe Italiano and its excellent buffet deal.

Check out more photos from these new offerings at Bally’s in the photo gallery below.

Oh, and while we’re at Bally’s a couple of random items.

First, if you know Bally’s, you are probably familiar with Jarrod’s Party Pit. There’s a sign for it. Well, there’s no actual Jerrod anymore. He’s moved on and now works at Planet Hollywood according to the folks in his namesake pit.

Jarrod's Party Pit Bally's

Is it still a party pit if the host leaves the party?

Second, Bally’s is getting a CVS. (In Las Vegas, it’s the law.) What’s remarkable about it is a sign for the new CVS now runs the entire width of the resort on Las Vegas Boulevard and obscures much of the aforementioned Grand Bazaar Shops. Which, on second thought, isn’t the worst outcome.

CVS Bally's

We’re pretty sure this is one of the signs of the End Times.

On a brighter note, restaurant photos!

New Restaurants Open at Bally's Las Vegas

[img src=]14930
[img src=]11980
[img src=]10950
[img src=]10480
[img src=]10020
[img src=]9390
[img src=]8910
[img src=]8610
[img src=]8340
[img src=]8090
[img src=]7750
[img src=]7380
[img src=]7090
[img src=]6900
[img src=]6680
[img src=]6280
[img src=]5990
[img src=]5800
[img src=]5600
[img src=]5420
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Here’s Where to Drink at Hard Rock Now That Center Bar is Closed for Renovations

There are probably worse things than a Las Vegas casino bar closing, but we can’t personally imagine what those things would be.

Thankfully, the closing of Center Bar at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is temporary. On June 28, 2015, the popular bar had its last call until it reopens as part of a larger casino remodel, probably around Labor Day.

Hard Rock Center Bar

Center Bar at Hard Rock opened in 1995 and, from what we hear, inspired other casinos to also have bars.

Hard Rock tried to make the most of Center Bar’s closing, including encouraging guests to sign walls and floors, which will soon be torn out and discarded, of course. Vegas logic, baby!

Hard Rock Center Bar

In Las Vegas, we don’t question why! Las Vegas isn’t about questions. It’s about getting into the spirit of things because the PR department said so.

The closure of Center Bar leaves us with an obvious question: Where do we drink at Hard Rock now?

Fret not! (See what we did there? It’s the Hard Rock. Please keep up.) Here’s a quick look at the bar scene at Hard Rock while Center Bar slips into something less sticky.

The obvious choice for a drinking destination at Hard Rock is the Luxe Bar. The official Hard Rock Web site entices guests to Luxe Bar this way, “Master and servant, anyone?”

Oppression-friendly marketing copy aside, Luxe Bar is actually a welcoming bar and will be the hotel’s 24-hour bar now that Center Bar has closed.

Hard Rock Luxe Bar

Luxe Bar is also described as “a dimly lit rock enclave that feels like foreplay.” Don’t love your drinks unattended, ladies! We are not cleaning that up.

Another convenient option is Midway Bar.

Along with the hooch, Midway Bar is equipped with 22 video poker machines.

Hard Rock Midway Bar

The Midway Bar is located midway between the former Center Bar and Luxe Bar. Hey, naming things is hard.

Described as “the premier upscale sports lounge,” The Ainsworth looks like a comfy spot to grab cocktails and bites. Here’s the menu.

The Ainsworth serves up bottle service, too, which in the Las Vegas vernacular translates as “this Las Vegas blog won’t be going there anytime soon.”

The Ainsworth

We’ll pay $200 for a bottle of Captain Morgan when the SkyVue observation wheel has its grand opening, thank you.

Another watering hole option at Hard Rock is the Side Bet Bar at the hotel’s Race & Sports Book.

Hard Rock Side Bet Bar

The Side Bet Bar has everything you’re looking for in a hotel bar, except the absence of sports.

So, while it’s hard to say “goodbye” to a reliable old friend like Center Bar, there are plenty of places at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas to drown your sorrows.

We should mention one of those places to drink, and be seen drunk, is closing soon, too. Body English, the Hard Rock’s nightclub is closing July 3, 2015. Thanks to our friends at Vegas Chatter, the second-best blog in Las Vegas for the tip.

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10 New Things About SLS Las Vegas, Including a Juicy Rumor

SLS Las Vegas is struggling to find a winning formula in its challenging location. Recent reports say the hotel-casino, formerly the Sahara, lost $35 million in the first quarter of 2015. Or, in the parlance of casino finance, “a metric ass-ton.”

SLS Las Vegas netted a mere $3 million per month from its casino during the first quarter of 2015. Awkward.

But, honestly, whether a new casino is making or losing money has zero effect on whether or not we have a good time there. SLS Las Vegas is one of our favorite places to play and dine on The Strip-ish. Let the bean-counters count beans, we’re there to eat, drink, gamble and possibly drink again.

SLS Las Vegas

Does this puffy, one-eyed astronaut seem concerned about finances? Of course not.

There are lots of interesting things happening at SLS Las Vegas, good and bad, so let’s dive in. We’ll do the rumor first, because we know how you are.

1. Life Nightclub is Closing

According to SLS staffers, Life Nightclub is closing after the July 4 weekend. The rumor we first reported June 23, 2015 (thanks to a very helpful security guard and some folks at the hotel’s loyalty club desk) has been confirmed.

SLS Life Nightclub

Not great news for the hotel, but truly great news for ear drums.

Now that Life Nightclub is shutting down, SLS Las Vegas will shift its nightlife focus to Foxtail.

Life Nightclub was an ambitious effort, comparable to other large nightclubs on The Strip, and it simply wasn’t sustainable. Life is expected to open for one-off and special events.

If the north end of The Strip comes back to life, so to speak, we suspect Life will re-open and take another stab at the potentially lucrative oontz business.

2. Foxtail Has Summer Concerts

Speaking of Foxtail, the venue has a series of concerts in store. A highlight is Sir Mix-a-Lot on July 18, 2015. Tickets are $20. Go here for the full schedule.

SLS Las Vegas Foxtail

Foxtail’s a little bit inside and a little bit outside. Like feelings.

3. Shuttle Service is Coming

SLS Las Vegas is starting a free shuttle service for hotel guests and Legend tier loyalty club members that will run from the airport to Miracle Mile Shops and SLS, and back again. The shuttle service will run 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The new service begins in a week or two.

SLS Las Vegas

We’re thinking the shuttles will drop off at the valet entrance. Actually finding out would’ve involved “research” or “inquiring” and who has time for that?

4. Loyalty Club Revamp

The SLS Las Vegas player loyalty club, The Code, has been revamped as SLS gets serious about its casino. The loyalty program has changed over to the tried-and-true tier system, with players getting more perks the more they play.

The tiers are Select, Premium, Elite and Legend. Apparently, it’s not rough to get Premium status because that’s the card we got and we’re no whale. Find out more about The Code from our friends at Vegas Chatter, the second best blog in Las Vegas.

The Code card

We love players club tiers because it gives us the opportunity to feel better than other people.

5. There’s a New V.P. of Hotel Sales

Not the most glamorous news, but it’s clear SLS Las Vegas is eyeballing its bottom line and making a serious play to get more hotel occupancy. The new V.P. of Hotel Sales is Mike Pramshafer, who we hear nothing but good things about. He formerly worked for Westin Lake Las Vegas, the Stratosphere and Tropicana, among others. Here’s his LinkedIn thingy.

SLS Marilyn Monroe

What, we have to have a relevant photo for every news item?

6. Sayers Club Has a Party Pit

“When all else fails, throw a pretty girl at it,” is the motto of Las Vegas, and SLS has taken that adage to heart by adding a Sayers Club-themed party pit to its casino floor. Nothing too fancy, but there are tables with Sayers-inspired felt and a platform for go-go dancers. The party pit operates Friday and Saturday, 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

Sayers Club Party Pit

The party pit wasn’t open during our visit, or there would’ve been substantially more booty.

7. Sayers Club is Getting Comedy

Didn’t see that one coming. Robin Leach is reporting Bonkerz Comedy Club, formerly at every other Las Vegas hotel (including The Plaza, Palace Station and Rampart Casino in Summerlin), will be setting up shop inside Sayers Club starting July 2, 2015. Odd, but SLS seems serious about providing additional reasons to visit.

Sayers Club Las Vegas

Yes, the Bonkerz Comedy Club. Fingers crossed they don’t change the name to Sayerz Club.

8. The Fred Segal Jewels Shop Has Closed

The hidden sex shop at SLS was a little too hidden, and closed a couple of months ago. (The space served as a pop-up store during Electric Daisy Carnival.) Now, the Fred Segal jewelry shop is following suit. This shop was adjacent to the hotel’s registration desk and will soon be converted into a concierge lounge.

SLS Jewels store

Don’t have a freak-out, shopaholics. There are around six other Segal shops at SLS Las Vegas.

9. Center Bar Lounge is Sticking Around

The casino’s Center Bar grew an appendage in honor of the Rock in Rio USA music festival. The temporary lounge now appears to be permanent, with comfy couches and chairs. It’s an interesting addition to the casino floor, but we’ll have to see if it lasts given the casino’s relatively small footprint. In casinoland, every square foot is evaluated for profitability.

SLS Center Bar Lounge

A perfect spot to watch the giant 3-D duck. Wait for it.

10. Center Bar Has Giant 3-D Duck

We’re big fans of the video screen over the Center Bar at SLS Las Vegas. The hotel has rolled out a number of 3-D video segments, including a very popular 3-D human face and pair of legs. Most recently, a new 3-D duck has dropped in on guests. Check it out.

Despite its financial struggles, SLS Las Vegas is not going to go gently into that good night.

Management is shaking things up with new promotions for gamblers, additional amenities for hotel guests and, some day, they might even consider lowering their drink prices. (Thirteen bucks for a Captain and diet keeps us from visiting more frequently. There’s a $5 happy hour for locals, but the discount doesn’t apply to our beloved call liquor, because WTF.)

Everyone’s hoping SLS can find its mojo to avoid going under, or in a more likely scenario, get sold off like a used treadmill in a garage sale. A treadmill it took $415 million to renovate, that is.

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World’s Biggest Hooters Opens First Phase Poolside at Palms Las Vegas

First, welcome to anyone who discovered this award-winning Las Vegas blog by Googling the phrase “world’s biggest hooters.”

However, those aren’t the hooters we’re talking about. We’re talking about Hooters. The “breastaurant” empire. What will eventually be the world’s largest Hooters has opened its first phase at Palms Las Vegas.

Hooters at Palms

Let the Hooters trivia begin! The Hooters name was inspired by a Steve Martin monologue on “Saturday Night Live.” No, really.

For now, the Hooters at Palms features a good-sized dining area inside, with a focus on a poolside patio and bar.

Hooters at Palms

More Hooters trivia: Hooters girls can’t wear their hair in ponytails.

When the entire restaurant opens, it’ll be a zaftig 15,200-square-feet and will seat 500 people. Below is what’s on view inside the Palms (where our significant other works, by the way).

Hooters Palms

The new restaurant takes over space formerly occupied by Heraea restaurant, a name with far too many vowels for its own good.

We’re happy to report the Hooters uniform has been refined a bit since our last visit to the chain famous for its wings and winsome servers.

Hooters at Palms Vegas

Gone are the silky, shiny shorts. Hooters executives finally caved after our years of whining.

The young women we chatted up, purely for blog research purposes, of course, were friendly and helpful. They emphasized the restaurant is currently in a “soft opening” mode. Which we immediately didn’t make a joke about because we’re mature like that.

Hooters at Palms Las Vegas

The owl in the company’s logo is named Hootie. And, yes, we’re aware we may know far, far too much Hooters trivia.

A news release says Hooters at Palms will have “fresh entree salads, a great lineup of hand-formed burgers, fan-favorite fried pickles and delicious seafood dishes, as well as an impressive raw bar.”

It will also feature “signature sauces and rubs.” We inquired with several servers about the “signature rubs,” and look forward to learning more about these “restraining orders” we learned about during our visit.

Hooters at Palms

Everything is ruined.

When fully decked-out, the new Hooters will also have about 50 televisions. (In Las Vegas, it’s the law.)

Hooters at Palms

Hooters describes itself as “delightfully tacky yet unrefined.” We didn’t see any of that on the day we visited, but it could be part of phase two.

The three biggest Hooters are in Singapore, Tokyo, and São Paulo. Enjoy the distinction while you can, suckers. Everything’s bigger in Vegas, and we’re bringing the title of world’s biggest Hooters back to America!

Hooters at Palms

The biggest challenge of a poolside Hooters has to be deciding which direction your chair should face, oglewise.

One final bit of Hooters trivia. Hooters, Inc. was incorporated on April 1, 1983. The founders of the company picked that date because they assumed their business venture would go bust.

No word yet on when the Hooters at Palms will open in its entirety, but this blog doesn’t have a problem with a little tease. It’s Vegas, after all.

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The New Concert Venue MGM Resorts Isn’t Talking About Would Be a Perfect Fit for a Duran Duran Residency

Recently, the chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts, Jim Murren, did an extensive interview about the company’s plans for the Las Vegas Strip.

Murren talked about all the new restaurants, retail outlets and the $375 million MGM-AEG sports arena (update photos, below) in the works, but chose not to mention a major project nobody at MGM Resorts has talked about publicly. Yet.

AEG-MGM arena

We have a bunch of arena update photos, and we’re sure-as-hell sharing them, so buckle up.

Word has it the company will follow up the splash of hits massive new sports arena with a 5,300-seat theater that could go head-to-head with the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and Axis at Planet Hollywood.

By comparison, The Colosseum at Caesars Palace seats about 4,300. Axis at Planet Hollywood has a capacity of 7,000.

MGM-AEG arena

The MGM-AEG arena will seat 20,000 and is likely to house the first pro sports team in Las Vegas, an NHL franchise.

The as-yet-unannounced venue is expected to open up to a year after the arena does, but it’s Las Vegas and things can move surprisingly quickly.

Details like the cost and exact location of the new venue are elusive at this point, but some have suggested the theater could expand upon the existing Monte Carlo theater where Blue Man Group performs, which currently seats about 1,200.

Update (June 26, 2015): Since our initial report, paperwork has been filed stating the Blue Man Group theater will, in fact, be demolished to make way for the new concert hall. Our friends at Eater Vegas got their hands on the goods, and at the moment the new venue is being called the MCR Concert Hall. Since that appears to stand for “Monte Carlo Resort,” that name is bound to change once the name of the hotel does.

We’ve heard Blue Man Group won’t be at Monte Carlo once the hotel’s rebranding (which we first reported back in February and all but confirmed by Mr. Murren) happens (including a new name), so that could add credence to the theory the Monte Carlo’s theater could play a part in the new concert venue. Update: Following our story about the new theater venue, it’s being confirmed Blue Man Group will move to Luxor in August 2015, displacing Jabbawockeez, who will move to Beacher’s Madhouse at MGM Grand.

Park sculpture

Connecting Las Vegas Boulevard and the stadium will be The Park, a retail and dining district. This new art is part of that.

Which brings us to Duran Duran or as we like to call it, “The Greatest Band in the World.”

The Park at New York-New York

Here’s a better look at The Park, including a new building in the foreground that sprang up virtually overnight.

Duran Duran is playing an upcoming music festival, Life is Beautiful. As part of the promotion of the band’s appearance, bassist John Taylor said the following in an interview.

“I love these residencies, like the show that Elton [John] does. Rod [Stewart] has done it, and one day I really hope we get to do that. The trick is to have them build the room around you. I love the idea of settling down into a venue for an extended stay, where you can really experiment with the performance. We’ll see.”

Duran Duran

A Duran Duran residency in Las Vegas could mean our worlds are colliding in the best way possible.

Here’s the thing. MGM Resorts is going to need a killer act to be its first residency at its new concert venue. Duran Duran is looking for a residency, but would like somebody a build a room around them, a la Celine’s humidity-controlled theater at Caesars.

Making this an even better (and potentially profitable) fit, unlike the Celines and Britneys and Mariahs, Duran Duran is still cranking out great, relevant music. They also put on amazing live shows, as opposed to the lip-syncing used so extensively by the aforementioned “divas.”

The Park New York-New York

This new building is part of The Park between New York-New York and Monte Carlo.

We’d like to formally offer our services in the form of making an introduction between Duran Duran and MGM Resorts to facilitate a long-term residency by the aforementioned Duran Duran in MGM Resorts’ as-yet-unnamed new concert venue.

Because if such a residency happened, this Las Vegas blog would have lived a life worth living.

Since the new theater is some time off, we’ll occupy our time looking at photos of the new arena and Park set to transform this whole area on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Park at Monte Carlo

There’s still a lot to be done, but things can move quite quickly in Las Vegas, the city that invented the phrase “Time is money.” Probably.

It’s an exciting time for Las Vegas, especially if you’re into newness, sports, bars and restaurants or, we hope, Duran Duran.

MGM-AEG arena Vegas

Just one last photo of the arena. You’ll live.

We can’t wait to see (and hear) what’s next!

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